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October 4, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 09.29.2016 – 09.30.2016

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September 30, 2016

Though I’m enjoying sneaking in some blogging and music sharing on this lovely Friday morning in between work tasks, there’s certainly a part of me that wishes I could be outside right now, hiking, exploring a beach, or heck.. even balling at the local park. But I don’t think that’s the sort of “Ballin” Bibi Bourelly is referring to on her sassy new R&B jam. Ballin starts out like a blues song as Bibi Bourelly laments about being fired from Old Navy and being pestered by her landlord. This snazzy tune is simplistic and intimate. We focus in on Bibi Bourelly’s tale, and the emotions that exude from her raconteur expertise create much rapport. She’s that girl next door with the same troubles, the same problems, the same issues. Except she has the ability to sing her heart out about them. Balling is a stripped down gem that evokes some of my favorite Alessia Cara moments. Clean acoustics and an incredible voice alongside a gently subdued soundscape can have such a powerful effect when pieced together flawlessly. Ballin will be on Bibi Bourelly’s forthcoming EP, Free The Real: Part 2.

April 14, 2015

20 year old Bibi Bourelly, as I just learned today, is responsible for a lot of mainstream music many of us have loved and helped propel up the charts of success time and time again. She’s written several smash hits for Rihanna, including Higher and RiRi’s new hit, Bitch Better Have My Money. Bibi, however, is emerging from the hidden shadows of behind the scenes songwriting, and I can’t be more happy about it, considering her adept song crafting ability and powerful, soulful delivery on her compelling new song RIOT. There’s a raw earnest quality to the acoustic meets pop and hip hop ballad, and it’s thoroughly captivating. Bibi Bourelly is working on a debut album, and I can’t wait to hear other songs she’s writing for herself instead of for others.