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May 18, 2018

Betty Who joining Lemaitre on a fresh and funky new tune is a dream come true. We’ve been fans of the Australian pop sensation for a very long time, and we love the new music she’s been releasing now that she’s gone back to an independent career, too. She lends that irresistible voice to Norwegian electronic project Lemaitre’s scintillating new song, Rocket Girl, which was co-written with DagnyWe fly across the universe with them, riding high on Lemaitre’s French house-styled electro, so rife with sumptuous funk guitar and juicy plump synths. Suddenly, I’m imagining Grimes dancing to Rocket Girl alongside Elon Musk as he launches one of his Falcon 9′s. Seems fitting, doesn’t it? Rocket Girl has been tapped as the theme song for X Games Norway, which kicked off yesterday. Lemaitre will be performing at Sasquatch on May 25 and Austin City Limits Festival in October. Stream/download Rocket Girl, here.

March 8, 2018

We’re no expert when it comes to the fine tuning of label contracts and the bureaucracy that’s probably involved in the process, but we are glad that Austalian pop phenom Betty Who seems very content with her new return to independent status, and her first single as an indie artist is easily one of our favorite tracks from her in awhile. While Ignore Me has been picking up a lot of acclaim (check out our feature, here), it seems this new arrangement has also afforded the songbird a chance to make a sweet cameo on Dutch producer Don Diablo’s latest soaring dance anthem. Higher takes us on a swift serotonin ascent with its high energy, luscious pumping house, plus its music video is a barrage of amazing animal footage, including some adorable felines. Aside from music, animals and nature are probably my biggest passions. Combined with Don Diablo’s lifting opus and Betty Who’s sonorous vocals, this audio-visual package is pure sensory heaven. So why the critters and creatures? Higher is the title song for a wildlife feature film named Wild Amsterdam, playing in cinemas across Holland right now. Learn more about the film, here. Higher is taken from Don Diablo’s album, FUTURE, released last month and available, here.

January 26, 2018

Australian pop starlet Betty Who, the tall and charismatic artist who’s dazzled us from the stage plenty of glorious times in the past, has returned with a luscious new song named Ignore Me, and it’s impossible to ignore how the single’s infectious luminosity. Synth florid Ignore Me is Betty’s first new release as an independent artist in a very long time. She wanted to return to putting out music the way she’s always wanted to, straight from her to us. There’s no way we’d ever discount this immense artist and her gorgeous voice, and now we have a new reason to be infatuated with her yet again. Ignore Me is available, here.

July 4, 2017

A three way congregation of talent converges on infectious new electronic ballad If You’re Hearing This. The chill house and balmy pop hybrid unites producer Hook N Sling, Australian starlet Betty Who, and South Carolina soul pop crooner Parson James. If You’re Hearing This melds earthy stomping beats with sun kissed tropical electronica. The heartwarming summer anthem also comes by way of an endearing animated lyric video. If You’re Hearing This is available from iTunes, here.

February 4, 2017

Betty Who, the tall charismatic Australian chanteuse who recently featured on Troye Sivan’s latest hit single, has dropped the perfect pop song for a Friday night. Some Kinda Wonderful is a candy coated bubbler from her second full length, The Valley, due out March 24th on RCA / Sony. Imagine a Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry sonic chimera and you’ll find yourself somewhere in the vicinity of this playful frolicking pop song. There’s nothing “bananas” about its zestful magnetism, we’ve been praising Betty Who as a pop artist to watch for many a year now. And if you’ve ever seen her live, you know how thoroughly charming she can be on stage, a warm beacon of light that you can’t draw your eyes away from. Pre-order new album The Valley from iTunes or Amazon and get Some Kinda Wonderful and two other songs instantly.

June 7, 2016

Past meets present as an omnipresent classic from my younger years, Donna Lewis’ I Love You Always Forever, gets covered by Australia’s ever charismatic and lovable Betty Who. The cover arrives while Betty Who is in the midst of crafting her sophomore album, and it’s a mighty pleasant, very welcome surprise, considering how much I’ve been wondering what Ms. Who has been up to all this time and massively missing her pop allure. She gives the 1996 hit a contemporary re-work, making it a crisp sparkling synthpop jam with sleek futuristic tendencies. I can’t begin to describe how sweet it is to hear Betty Who’s luscious voice once again. We love you always forever, Betty Who. Her cover can be purchased now from iTunes.

June 13, 2015

Though we’ve had a huge stream of amazing new female pop artists this past year, there’s no forgetting how amazing and charismatic Australia’s Betty Who can be. She still sits comfortably at the top of my acts to watch list with her spirited, saccharine pop and genuine, down to earth character. Of course, All Of You is many peoples’ favorite Betty Who song, and New York’s Dave Edwards transforms that infectious tune into an intoxicating, high energy dance jam with plenty of progressive build ups, monstrous melodies, and pumping bass. The irresistible indie dance remix is free to download.

January 13, 2015

In case you’ve forgotten how fabulous Betty Who is, I’ve decided her new video for infectious pop single All Of You is a must share. The Australian songstress has such a charismatic personality, and it shines so incredibly bright on stage. Plus, her songs are such delightful treats, too.  All Of You is one of her most electrifying dance pop tunes, no doubt. 

December 20, 2014

Canadian producer Shèmce returns with a fresh new official remix, and for his latest, he’s edited Australian songstress Betty Who’s insanely infectious pop anthem All Of You. I’m still reeling from seeing Betty Who live earlier this year. Full on charismatic and slinging a long list of top notch pop tunes, the very tall star to be literally spellbound the crowd and melted everyone’s hearts. Shèmce gives All Of You a serenely blissful tropical and melodic house twist, one sure to have you up on your feet and twirling around the room. 

September 17, 2014

Yep, here we are again, with another infectious, vibrant Betty Who pop song. The Australian songstress, whom I’ve heaped endless praise on, is certainly on the way up to huge pop stardom. Not only are all her songs joyously hooking, this girl has mad charisma and charm on stage, and off, too. Anyone who’s been to a Betty Who show can assure you that. As she gears up to release her debut album Take Me When You Go on October 7 on RCA, her multitudes of fans have complained that a certain song has not been included on the full length. That song would be this one, All Of You. Always the down to earth, endearing artist, Betty Who has listened to her fans. The electronic heavy dance pop jam All of You has been added to the album.