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April 18, 2018

If you’re in the mood for some throwback disco pop and lustrous electropop, Make You Happy’s going to do just that. Los Angeles duo Chris Boulous and Ryan George, better known together as BETABLOCK3R, make a ravishing return on their new single. Crisp pumping synths and sleek vocals bring us a welcome dose of nostalgia while inspiring us to get up and dance. The track will be on BETABLOCK3R’s new EP, Monolith. RAC meets Nile Rodgers on the glamorous jam, out now on Apple Music, here.

January 27, 2016

It seems I can never resist getting up and dancing when BETABLOCK3R comes on. It’s something I already noted in previous shares of the Los Angeles production duo’s opulent jams, and What You Wanted is casting the same sort of spell over me. The bright  nu-disco and airy dance pop tune emits endless rays of sunshine alongside a rich 80′s glow. Snag the sexy, summery jam on iTunes

October 28, 2015

There’s no hiding it, I’m dancing gleefully at my desk to Out Of Touch, an 80′s hued groover from Los Angeles’ BETABLOCK3R. The production duo fuse dance pop, electronic pop, and nu-disco into a sublime drape of velveteen heaven. BETABLOCK3R explained that the song “was really inspired by this idea of what we think is happiness but is in fact unhealthy attachment”. I hope there’s nothing unhealthy about Out Of Touch, because it brings me plenty of happiness and I’m very much attached. The single is out now on iTunes.

April 8, 2015

I heart summer, I heart disco, and I heart indie music. I think it’s pretty reasonable that I find BETABLOCK3R’s new single In My Head absolutely delicious and alluring. The electronic jam is a touch 80′s Phil Collins, a dash Daft Punk funky electronic, a dose of St. Lucia summer vibes, and a smidgen Friendly Fires booty shaking friskiness. The Los Angeles based production duo have some red hot remixes in the works, but they’re also focusing more on original music this year. I’m not one to complain. Certainly not after In My Head.