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May 18, 2018

One of my most epic evenings at SXSW this past March involved Cut Copy. It was the last night of my annual migration to Austin, and I had no idea what to do since most of my music buddies had already left. Serendipity brought me to the band’s headlining set on Rainey Street. I didn’t think I’d be able to get in to the show, since I expected a stupendously long line, but thanks to my music badge, I made it right in and danced to my heart’s content. And now, Cut Copy’s bassist Ben Browning has made a splendorous return with new solo music to keep me moving. We last heard from him two years ago when he dropped exuberant Friends Of Mine. Now he charms us aplenty with a new song appropriately named Sunshine Baby. It’s a golden luscious, sweetly candied, & kaleidoscopic twirling track that melds chromatic italo-wave with glamorous disco funk. Sunshine Baby will be on Ben Browning’s forthcoming sophomore album named Even Though. He says of his next  album, which arrives on June 22nd: “After listening to this record I hope people feel like they’ve gone on a smooth psychedelic journey through a colorful musical world. I wanted to create an album that people would want to play in their homes whilst cooking dinner or getting high and imagine what they’re hearing comes from a land created by Jim Henson – or perhaps they’re listening a lost George Harrison album recorded in the Caribbean and discovered on a VHS tape 30 years later."​​​​​​​

May 22, 2015

Some of you might have missed the memo, but Ben Browning, a long time member of Australian synthpop band Cut Copy, is releasing a solo album. earlier this month, he revealed first single Make It Easy, and he’s followed it up with this spectacularly exuberant treat, Friends Of Mine, which I’m digging even more than the debut. Friends Of Mine is a radiant disco dance pop song with some of the qualities I love very much about Cut Copy, but more shimmery dreamy and summery warm. It’s an irresistible jam from Ben’s Turns LP, out next month on June 15th. 

OFFICIAL VID: Ben Browning – I Can’t Say

February 10, 2012

Ben Browning is the bassist from Cut Copy. Before Zonoscope (a very great album) was even released, Mr. Browning was already on the road to making a solo EP. Here’s the first single off the EP, I Can’t Say. It’s a nice indie dance pop track very much similar to some of Cut Copy’s tone. Many other artists contributed to the EP, including Cut Copy lead Dan Whitford, who worked on synth. Architecture in Helsinki members Gus Franklin and Haima Marriott contributed to production. Pretty good stuff. I’ll definitely want to hear the rest of the EP. Is it just me or does Ben Browning look like a cross between actor Guy Pearce and Mark Foster of Foster the People? Hey there, good looking!

Ben Browning “I Can’t Stay” from Cutters Records on Vimeo.