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December 22, 2017

Of course, Bruno Major would have the perfect voice and intimate artistry to deliver a sublime holiday canticle. I can’t wait to finally see the UK singer songwriter and producer live when he finally makes his way across the pond to perform as part of Noise Pop Festival next February, and now I get to melt into this cozy snug, satin nuzzling song over Christmas, too! Romance is in the air as we sway to I Think It Must Be Christmas, a mellow strumming, jazzy velutinous song. Even Santa would take a moment away from his busy duties on Christmas morning to drift away to the velveteen lullaby. Find out about Bruno Major’s North American tour in early 2018, here. And if you’ve yet to listen to his outstanding debut album A Song For Every Moon, stream it, here.

October 19, 2017

To be honest, describing Yellow Days music hasn’t come easy. The unique 18 year old wunderkind continues to defy convention and classification with his psychedelic vintage pop and lo-fi soul on new single Holding On. He builds ever so strongly towards the release of his upcoming full length project ‘Is Everything Okay In Your World?’ with yet another forlorn crackling, shabby warped experimental track on which George van den Broeck’s vocals are on showstopping display. This is the sort of music that could haunt you forever. Time doesn’t seem to exist when you listen to Yellow Days. It could be decades prior right now, or years ahead in the future. I feel as if I’m listening to him through an old phonograph sometimes. A movie reel of broken hearted memories play through my mind as I suddenly feel faded and old beyond my years. Yet this anguish is so sublime… it’s as if Yellow Days knows all of the struggles and loss that our hearts have gone through. And all we want to do is “hold on” to that feeling of sad comfort. Yellow Days explains of Holding On: 

‘The track is about living your life in a manner that you’re always holding on, finding day to day life hard. It’s about modern depression’. ‘Is Everything Okay In The World?’ will be out on October 27th via Good Years. 

July 11, 2017

The other day, I ambled upon a mysterious project named Roy Blair, and I know nothing about him, or them. I’m guessing it’s a him, but I can’t be sure. His latest single, Shell, is making quite an impression, having acquired 19K streams on Soundcloud along and I’m sure several times that on Spotify and elsewhere. Its a lo-fi fusion of indie rock and acoustic R&B soul. It feels sincere and gritty, heartfelt and enduring. And this isn’t Roy Blair’s first fine rodeo, either. His Soundcloud features a full year of fine sonic accomplishments, each of them having racked up a lot of listens, too. You can check them out on Soundcloud, here. You can be sure I’ll be looking out for more info regarding this artist in the days ahead. 

Shy Girls – Second Heartbeat

October 23, 2013

Shy Girls, aka Dan Vidmar, released a fantastic new track today named Second Heartbeat. It’s a lush song that showcases his silken R&B vocals. I promptly fell in love with the beautiful track off his Timeshare EP, which comes out next week on limited 12". Along with some of his earlier featured tracks and his collaboration Perfect Form with Cyril Hahn, he’s proving himself to be a formidable artist with a knack for sensual gems.