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March 24, 2018

Jimothy Lacoste is a favorite new find of the day. Just watch the 18 year old British musician’s music video for his latest single, Subway System, and then tell me he isn’t brilliant. Turns out, the young talent is already a viral sensation back at home with the few releases he has out. His bedroom pop is playful and buoyant. He drizzles us with sing-song rap vocals and a dreamy drawl. Combined with the track’s bouncy step, Subway System is like King Krule wedded with the whimsical pop of acts like Kero Kero Bonito and Mallrat. A subway system seems a rather mundane topic to make a song about, but there’s something infinitely charming about Jimothy Lacoste’s laid back music. Jimothy produces all his own beats in his bedroom, and he’s truly mastered the art of creating addictive music. For more of this obvious artist-to-watch’s songs, watch the clips for self produced singles DRUGS and FUTURE BAE below, too. Subway System can be streamed/purchased, here.

March 10, 2018

When it comes to the ultimate summer nostalgia anthems, there’s no denying the hold Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness has on us. But trust me, you’re going to want to make room in for ‘summer depression’, a dreamy glistening bop of a lo-fi indie pop and bedroom guitar pop charmer from 19 year old Norwegian singer songwriter ‘girl in red’. Sweetly melancholic with a gently driving bass line, ‘summer depression’ leaves us twirling in daydreamy circles. We know little else about the captivating songstress, but her other tunes are more than worth a visit, too. Stream ‘i wanna be your girlfriend’ and ‘say anything’ below. Find her music on Bandcamp, here.

March 10, 2018

Shimmering bass lines and ethereal haunting vocals draw us into dreamy Breath and Chime, a gorgeous gem from Freya, or Tamara Westwood, a Melbourne based artist who crafts emo dream-pop, or as she calls it, ‘dreamo’. On May 11th, Freya will be releasing her new album The Fifth on Fox Food Records. Dream pop meets indie rock on her hazy song, which feels like gazey Slowdive mixed into Pinback’s indie rock, with a touch of Porches’ bedroom gloss, a copious dose of American Football’s nostalgia, and a gentle dash of The War On Drugs’ twang. About the song Tamara says; “it is essentially about intimacy. Like that good kind of electricity you get to feel when you’re really happy or excited to be with someone on a physical and emotional level. The title ‘Breath and Chime’ specifically references the sounds people make when they’re close.” I think I’ve found my new favorite sub-genre, and it’s named ‘dreamo’. I dream away to dreamo in inebriated bliss. You can pre-order Freya’s album The Fifth from Bandcamp, here.

February 13, 2018

22 year old Australian singer songwriter and producer Yoste delivers a rush of heady and ethereal euphoria on his latest single, Arc, a beautiful reminder why he’s made many an appearance on IHM over the years. In fact, we’ve even had the pleasure of premiering his music in the past. Arc’s bedroom electronica and ambient pop is a chiffon gliding, dewy-eyed flutter high above the sediments of earth. It’s lightly perfumed with soft tender future beats and gently glazed with Yoste’s pensively ethereal voice. Yoste makes a gorgeous imprint on our 2018 with his first release of the year, but we expect much more sonic bliss to come from the artist as the year progresses, too. An EP is slated to arrive on Akira Records later this year. “The road to ‘Arc’ is littered with almost-good-enough ideas,” says Yoste. “I was like a blocked stream and suddenly I had to get it all out at once. It was tortuous but the result was cathartic, and resulted in ‘Arc’ coming together over the course of just one day.” He folds us into his organic composition, whose components seamlessly seep into one another, like the very emotions restlessly interlacing within our hearts whilst we’re listening to the song. Arc is available, here.

January 16, 2018

I know I’m truly digging a band when I can’t seem to stop sharing each and every one of their new singles as they appear. Helsinki’s Lake Jons has quickly becoming one of our most regular guests on IHM with their blissful blend of space pop and psych folk. Lake Family is as euphoric a track as the buzzing band has put out, a driving progression of dreamy synths and meditative vocals, embellished with a rambunctious pattern of percussion. It arrives ahead of Lake Jons’ self titled debut album this Friday on AntiFragile Music, which will explore themes of introspection, existentialism, and human relationships, with lyrics detailing a quieter existence. Lake Family can be streamed or purchased from various outlets, here. You can re-visit Lake Jons’ prior releases on Soundcloud, here, as we count down the days to that debut album on Friday.

January 13, 2018

Melina Duterte has become an undeniable source of sonic enlightenment and a cherished darling in the Bay Area indie scene under the name of Jay Som. I still recall encountering her music for the first time a few years ago. An elation washed over me, having found out that such immense talent inhabited the fine town of Oakland. Her debut album Everybody Works was a critics’ paradise, as well as fuel for every fan’s heart and soul. Jay Som returns this week with the announcement of a new 7-inch entailing two unreleased tracks that she recorded during her debut album sessions. First off, we get to listen to Pirouette, a truly pirouetting indie rock twirler, rife with scuzzy curling guitars and Jay Som’s dreamy lilting voice. Pirouette is like a softer, less ostentatious version of some of Torres’ earlier albums, which is a straight shot for my enamored heart. Pirouette will be joined by “O.K., Meet Me Underwater” on the 7 inch release, which can be pre-ordered, here.

January 11, 2018

If you’re a fan of Warpaint’s dreamy whirling art rock, or Beach House’s languidly entrancing dream pop, or Daughter’s ambient rock, you won’t want to sleep on sleepclub, a new trio out of Brisbane, Australia, whose first single Cut You is utterly inebriating. Equally soothing and stirring, Cut You is an intricate slow burner, a mesmeric multi-dimensional beauty and a stunning introduction to the three piece. It drapes over us, warm and inviting. Before we know it, we’re stuck in its lush folds and woolly pleats, with no urge to extricate ourselves from this seraphic dreamscape. Keep up with the exciting new band on Facebook, here.

January 11, 2018

We were over the moon last year when was traipsed upon a bedroom project from Canada named Tropic Harbour, created by Mark Berg. I couldn’t help but fall for the languorous swirling synthgaze he offered up in his radiantly glistening songs. Berg takes a more downtempo and futuristic electronic route on luxurious new single Can’t Pretend, giving us an intoxicating fusion of hazy churning, muggy curling art rock, indietronica, and guitar pop on his slow building track. According to Tropic Harbour, Can’t Pretend is about “letting go of a past relationship and finding myself in the process.” You can stream/download the single via major outlets, here.

January 11, 2018

Sophie Allison, the hotly tipped bedroom pop musician from Nashville known as Soccer Mommy, has announced her first full length, and I’m sure a whole lot of fans are celebrating that news right now. After all the acclaim Sophie received for her past recordings and EPs, the artist transitioned from the bedroom into a studio with a full band to record her debut album, Clean, which will be released on March 2nd via Fat Possum Records. The album announcement arrives with a video for its first single, too. Your Dog is a chunky chugging, angst ridden track, with gnarled indie rock guitars and restless churning bass. Its video, directed by Weird Life, captures the song’s “soft anger”. The single is a wonderfully addicting taste of Soccer Mommy’s raw yet contagious sound, which on Your Dog is both somber and heavy footed, as well as introspectively meandering. Soccer Mommy will be celebrating the release of Clean this March with a string of shows in the UK. Pre-order Clean from Bandcamp, here.

January 4, 2018

HUSBANDS took time to release a Christmas album last month, but there’s no dilly dallying when it comes to these two musicians from Oklahoma. They kick off the new year strong by breaking out of the gates with a dreamy whirring, wavy swirling effusion of shoegaze, synthpop, and indietronica on No One’s Dreaming. It’s a sweetly inebriating gem with slivers of Yoke Lore and some early lo-fi Youth Lagoon wafting through its beautifully glimmering soundscape. You can snag the song from Bandcamp, here. No One’s Dreaming was recorded for a cassette release in collaboration with OBNEAC of Norman, Oklahoma.