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May 11, 2018

Life is more than beautiful when you have someone like French production phenom Kidswaste to soundtrack your days. The producer sends tingles down our spines with a stunning new future pop/future bass twinkler named Beautiful Life, featuring none other than fast ascending pop artist Sophie Simmons, who just gave us a dark scorcher of a pop dazzler named Burn Me Down a few weeks ago. She lends soft, honeyed vocals to Kidswaste’s new song, enchanting us to the utmost alongside a phosphorescent pleat of ornately trickling beats and gently plinking keys. Stream/download life-affirming Beautiful Life, here.

May 20, 2017

The return of Swedish electronic duo The Sound Of Arrows is like a blast from the past, it’s been that long since they’ve graced us with their music. Fans are beaming with joy now that they’ve unleashed Beautiful Life, their first song since 2011 album Voyage. And a voyage it is that we embark upon as The Sound of Arrows sweeps us off our feet with their new song’s slick synthpop and orchestral grandeur. Beautiful Life washes over us like a refreshing spring rain, leaving us cleansed and rejuvenated. The single, which comes with a vibrant dazzling music video, is out now via The Sound Of Arrows’ own label Skies Above. 

OFFICIAL VID: jj – Beautiful Life

April 16, 2012

Fresh today, Swedish pop duo jj’s single Beautiful Life has an accompanying ethereal video with gorgeous scenery and clips. The lovely dream pop track will be on an upcoming new EP. That islandy Balearic sound sure has gained popularity these days.