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November 9, 2017

Something that’s monochrome is usually a little drab and dull from lack of color, but this Monochrome is one scintillating and coruscant electronic beauty. It comes from Los Angeles based producer Daktyl, who’s enlisted singer songwriter MOONZz on gorgeous guest vocals for his song. Monochrome is about self discovery, existentialism, and identity. Explore your own self by delving deep into this twilight glistening, celestial shimmering electronic aria, out now on Counter Records. Stream/download, here.

October 17, 2017

You obviously can’t go wrong with a new Peking Duk original, much less one featuring our Swedish electropop favorites, Icona Pop. The single is named Let You Down, but we know none of these artists will ever let us down. Icona Pop lends their signature propulsive and endearing vocals to Peking Duk’s frisky pouncing anthem. Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde even joins Icona Pop on vocals, next to the song’s dashing razor-like synths and thunderous driving drum beats. 

Peking Duk talk about the inspiration behind the song: “It is loosely based off the story in the movie Candy from Heath Ledger’s perspective. We honestly just felt like the happy melodies would be far more interesting with a sad story through the lyrics. Weirdly, the story in Candy is far more relatable than it seems on first glance. Many people are actually in scenarios or relationships where they know they are bringing the other person down. This is the hard part; trying to tell them to leave so you don’t let them down.” Purchase/stream this epic single, here.

September 26, 2017

Despite the vinyl I’ve managed to accumulate over the years, I only have one turntable at home, and it’s kind of dinky, too. Oh how I wish I had some quality old school turntables, but I should learn how to set them up and properly take care of them first. For now, I’ll pretend I’m jamming out to this new Matt DiMona off of one such apparatus as I sway and spin to the Los Angeles producer’s chill late night vibes. Old School Turntables’ jazzy soul, mellow pop, and twinkling electronica are imbued with a classic hip hop beat, as well as effortlessly smooth, fleecy smooth vocals. Matt DiMona’s buddy Max Rice plays guitar on the track. Old School Turntables certainly proves how much of a production/singer songwriter chameleon Matt DiMona truly is. You can grab the jam from Bandcamp, here.

September 11, 2017

18 year old Sam Breathwick tends to leave us breathlessly melting with his enriching sonic concoctions as Vasser. He takes us to a profoundly meditative space with satin vocals, finespun percussion, and riveting downtempo electronica on new song Falling. If James Blake went more minimalist future soul and fused his music with some orchestral Lido, it might sound similar to this masterful tune. The track is one of five from Vasser’s new EP, A Telling End, available to stream on Soundcloud, here. Support the release, here.

July 25, 2017

Oft Whethan collaborator and fast rising artist himself, Oliver Tree, swoops back out of Los Angeles with a fresh new original named Cheapskate. The singer songwriter and producer unique mixture of slinky hip hop and playful trickling, minimalist burbling future bass is captivating, to say the least. Plus, who can’t relate to its tale of a broke life, told with all the resolute anguish of a brooding blues styled lament? Oliver Tree explains of the song: “Cheapskate was created with the help of Robot Koch who’s an artist I’ve admired since high school. He was the head producer and I helped with arrangement, co-production, wrote, preformed and engineered all the vocals, plus played the outro synths. I’m grateful to finally have the chance to share one of the many experiments we created. We explored a lot of styles and didn’t know if any of it would ever see the light of day.” You can purchase Oliver Tree’s Cheapskate, here.

July 4, 2017

Just when we thought we couldn’t be more excited for Mura Masa’s debut album, the acclaimed producer drops two more gems off the record featuring a fresh wave of star power. Alex Crossan’s self titled debut will be arriving on July 14th, and aside from guests like A$AP Rocky, Charli XCX, Desiigner, and more, it also features Damon Albarn on this dreamy ambling, ethereal flittering treat, Blu. And let’s not forget Second 2 None, which can be streamed below. The nimble sparkling, ginger burbling aria features France’s Christine and the Queens on captivating vocals. It’s no secret Mura Masa’s debut full length is shaping up to be one of the top electronic albums of the year, just as everyone expected. 

June 22, 2017

UK dance troupe Blonde and ever magnetic Norwegian chanteuse Astrid S make for a divine pairing on the producers’ new song Just For One Night. Blonde sheds their deep thumping house beats for fleecy light, iridescent and effervescent future pop jabs on the single, which come perfectly accompanied by Astrid S’ sweet and limber vocals. Just For One Night, which Blonde co-wrote with RAYE’s Rachel Keen and co-produced with Hitimpulse, is a radiant lifting, mellifluous hooking anthem. It seems this new evolution of Blonde’s sound might not be “just for one night” as it marks a fresh direction for the pair. The single is available from iTunes, here.

May 25, 2017

Massive indeed is West Coast Massive’s very first original. The new LA based electronic duo thrilled the scene with their remix of Jack Ü hit Take U There featuring Kiesza over a year ago, a must listen wicked good track you can find, here. Space is their debut original, a melodic future bass banger that recalls the hazy entrancing shimmers of a mirage rising off the hot ground on sweltering day. Phoenix songbird Carly Paige turns in captivating vocals whose brief spouts of raspiness evoke Meiko and JES (whom older trance heads should remember from classic Motorcycle hit As The Rush Comes). Space’s warm guitar licks and lavish chords combine for some blissed out Gryffin meets The Chainsmokers intoxication. West Coast Massive’s fine debut is a free download, here.

April 22, 2017

Miami based production talent Flapo takes us on a sensual flight of fancy as he transforms Max Styler’s Karra featuring Deep Dreams into an elegant flickering, fleecy chopping future bass remix. This official Dim Mak remix is a chill entrancing treat, yet it’s also a voluptuously provocative work of pure sonic seduction. Flapo teases and stimulates with his funky jabbing trap. The track is part of a remix package for standout cuts from Max Styler’s acclaimed debut LP Heartache. The release also features Jameston Thieves and Awoltalk. The remix pack, out today, is available from iTunes.

April 9, 2017

Ever dexterous and versatile electronic prodigy Jai Wolf continues to dazzle and impress as the producer from New York delivers a stunning melodic lullaby named Starlight. Dreamy vocals, turned in by Nashville’s Mr Gabriel, join a flux of warm keys and a surge of effulgent synths on the breathtaking rhapsody. We bathe in this “starlight”, eyes bright with wonder and heart swelling in bliss. Beyond us, a universe stretches into infinity. We float into its oblivion on the wings of Jai Wolf’s gently billowing future bass. Starlight is out now on Mom + Pop music. Alternate streams and downloads available, here. Catch Jai Wolf on his Desert Moon Spring Tour, details can be found here.