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May 11, 2018

StéLouse has been a long favorite on IHM. And we just learned that the Denver based producer has chosen to change his name, or rather, the way he spells his name, to StayLoose (perhaps to avoid any pronunciation confusion?). With the nom du plume transformation comes a new song that marks a fresh direction for the esteemed artist, too. Fight Back, which features ever pervasive guest vocalist Nevve on spirited vocals, ventures deep into high voltage melodic pop with its rhythmic marching beats, high flying melody, and rollicking percussion. It’s a vigorous and mighty anthem, a tenaciously encouraging rallying cry. StayLoose explains: 

“With so much happening in the world and everyone with a different opinion and belief system, we must remember that its through a unified front, through taking a stand together, that we have the ability to make the changes we wish to see in the world”. Fight Back, out on Dim Mak, can be found on Apple Music, here.

April 13, 2018

French producer Clément Bazin first lit up our radar as a guest on Fakear’s Lost In Time, alongside Noraa and Polo & Pan. Now he’s enthralled us with his own animated dance single, Catch Me, featuring Aaricia on arresting vocals. The opulent R&B and crisp rippling electro on Catch Me invites us into a magical world, taking us on a roseate bouncing flight of fancy. A fresh island breeze driven by steel pans courses

through the vivacious track. As Bazin himself says, “put your dancing shoes on!” Catch Me will be on Clément Bazin’s forthcoming album Everything Matters, out April 27th. 

March 28, 2018

Chi-town electronic whiz Mielo’s The Wayfarer, featuring ethereal vocals by Pauline Herr, gets a truly heavenly remix treatment from a mysterious Ohio based producer who goes by the name Dreweybear. To say his future bass edit is exquisite is an understatement. This is the sort of transcendental yet tender, atmospheric and gentle sojourn that draws out endless deep sighs. Dreweybear’s remix is a balm, an elixir, and a reminder of how beautiful the world is even in its most melancholic moments, when we’ve lost hope and don’t know which way to turn. Follow the light that is Dreweybear’s track as it eventually lifts us high above the clouds with an electro-charged finish reminiscent of the cathartic soundscapes that k?d and Porter oft drop. And if you’re craving for more from Dreweybear, stream his original The Rise, featuring Ashley Apollodor below, and marvel at its seamlessly rendered, bold and dramatic chill trap. 

March 13, 2018

“Take your time” isn’t common advice when it comes to the hurried freneticism of most electronic tracks that we come across. Dance music is usually an urgent and demanding experience, with pounding beats and booming bass. But LA by way of Chicago producer Madnap slows things down for us on his new track, Take Your Time!, and we couldn’t be more than grateful. As they say, we need to stop and smell the flowers, and this is an aromatic and melodic saunter well worthy all the time in the world. Breath in Madnap’s slick synths, rumbling bass, and whimsical texture off his chill future beats composition. Take Your Time! is a meditative late night dalliance that leaves us soothed, refreshed, and relaxed. Stream/purchase the single, here.

February 13, 2018

We’ve said it countless times previously, but let’s all say it together again: Nevve is everywhere! The much-in-demand vocal talent lends her immaculate voice to yet another fine electronic tune, soaking 3LAU’s On My Own with her sweet and agile cooing. The Las Vegas producer has crafted a crisp and iridescent dance track to lift our spirits and enamor our hearts. We dance… whether on our own or with someone special is irrelevant. What matters is the warm contentment radiating throughout our heart thanks to this smooth pumping, honeyed soaring house gem. On My Own will be on 3LAU’s new album Ultraviolet, arriving this Friday February 16th. 3LAU is generously and kindly donating all profits from On My Own to F Cancer, too. Download/stream the track, here.

January 26, 2018

Before we call it a night after this long and arduous day, we’d like to turn your attention to the latest from Chicago based songwriting and production prodigy Shallou. The artist has already sold out his tour stop in San Francisco on February 22nd at the Rickshaw Stop, which is part of Noise Pop’s annual festival. This comes as no surprise considering the success of his prior singles, including You and Me, which has been topping charts and racking up millions upon millions of streams. And he’s about to support Big Gigantic on tour next month, too, so we can expect his star to shine even brighter as the year progresses. Shallou enlists RIAH on saccharine vocals to round out sublime new single Lie, on which he deftly demonstrates why he’s become such a hotly buzzing electronic attraction. The supple and lissome, graceful and fluid cascade is adorned with lush orchestral strings and a misty, wistful beauty. Despite the melancholia running in its undercurrents, Lie is a buoyant pumping infusion of luxuriant house, mellifluous electropop, and limber future bass. Lie arrives with a breathtaking music video whose snow capped mountains, exquisite auroras, and cloud shrouded peaks build upon the song’s wondrously panoramic scope. Lie is available via major platforms, here.

January 9, 2018

To be honest, I’m not sure what exactly “foxy boxing” is, even though I grew up watching a moderate amount of the sport due to my dad’s love of watching boxing matches on television. It’s a rather brutal sport, yet strategically mesmeric at the same time. I guess boxing can be crafty and shrewd, as demonstrated by Mayweather during his infamous win over Pacquiao a few years ago. UK producer Hudson Mohawke shows his cunning skills on Foxy Boxing, the esteemed artist’s new single, which he previously dropped during a Boiler Room set years prior. It’s impossible to find fault when it comes to HudMo and his intricate compositions. Riveting drum pad work and twisting, swiveling beats intertwine effusively on the hypnotic hip hop and electronic track, which arrives as part of LuckyMe’s Advent Calendar series. I may not be a boxer, but HudMo momentarily makes me feel like I might have the footwork of a boxer with his rapid fire limberness and athletic sonic agility. Download the track from LuckyMe, here, and check out the rest of releases from the series.

December 24, 2017

There’s nothing like some chill melodic house to tenderize the heart on a frigid winter night. Norwegian and Swedish duo The Union comforts the soul and thaws our icy evening with Forgetting Yesterday, an electronic song that builds from mellow strumming Broken Back-like earthiness and summer balmy Kygo-evoking tranquility to great apexes of ebullient lunging Gryffin-esque euphoria. The soaring, lifting dazzler features 

Petter Hedström on heartfelt vocals. Purchase/stream, here.

November 15, 2017

It was a long wait, but London Grammar’s sophomore album Truth Is A Beautiful Thing finally arrived this year, and the English trio once again took our collective breaths away with their operatic dream pop and orchestral trip hop, lead by Hannah Reid’s pure and flawless voice. Standout album cut Hell To The Liars gets turned a completely different direction as North London house and garage duo Gorgon City transforms it into a deep pounding, dark pumping club jam. It’s a glorious remix whose rumbling bass and propulsive booming beats are a stark thrilling contrast to Hannah’s high flying, aerial diving voice. 

November 9, 2017

If you haven’t heard BAYNK’s recent single Want 2 yet, you’re going to really “want to” get into the thick of it, now. The New Zealander has crafted and produced a beautifully textured, weightless dallying future beats aria to take your breath away. Twinkling keys, spry beats, and a dreamy atmospheric soundscape engulfs us on Want 2. Within its diaphanous drapes are airy gliding Sampha-like vocals and enchanting pitch shifted vocals. Want 2 is a fantastical journey, a soothing lullaby, and an elegantly entrancing experience. You can stream more of the producer’s fine concoctions on Soundcloud, here.