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April 20, 2018

Any day we get to get lost in a new Bearson tune is a fine one in my books. The Norwegian production whiz and co-founder of forward-thinking label Next Wave Records is obviously a dexterous chameleon of sorts when it comes to his musical compositions. We can’t help but love the more indie hued direction he’s gone on new song Get Lost, featuring California chanteuse Ashe on golden luscious vocals. Its a synth thrumming delight that blurs the line between dance pop and electro pop, reminding us at times of RAC and Martin Solveig. If you missed Bearson last single, Go To Sleep, featuring swiftly ascending star Kailee Morgue, peep our feature, here.

April 7, 2018

Norwegian producer Bearson teams up with the fast raising starlet Kailee Morgue for a comatosing spaced-out song ‘Go To Sleep’. Bearson’s production on this song soothes you like a baby rocking to sleep in a bundle of warm blankets. It’s so entrancing when matched with Kailee’s vocal that it becomes a sweet lullaby. 

Kailee will be performing for the first time in the city that never sleeps on May 17th. 

January 18, 2018

Norwegian production talent Bearson teams up with gooey melting New Yorker Josh Pan on their new collaborative track, a dreamy ambling, murky wafting R&B/electro track named Free. Freed we are from the shackles of life, if only for a few minutes, as we drift and sway to this dark simmering gem. The song is a major shift in sound for Bearson, who usually gives us vibrant and uptempo tracks, but we can’t help but love this change in pace from the versatile producer. Dusky synths and a slow waltzing cadence make Free the perfect song to set the mood for a slow dance with that someone special, but its tender melancholy is also fit for some lonesome pining late into the night. Download Bearson and Josh Pan’s Free, here.

September 13, 2017

We’ve been ravenous for new music from Los Angeles based Norwegian electronic whiz Bearson for nearly a year. He’s finally back with a new original named Cold War, and there’s nothing cold about this warm lifting, mellifluous sweeping piece. Bearson enlists London’s Mr Hudson for smooth stirring vocals. Sleek pulsing, luscious rolling Cold War is an emotional whirlwind and a heart melting mid-tempo ballad that showcases Bearson’s tender side. Bearson is about to embark on tour with Whethan. The thought brings back memories of when I caught them both at the Independent a good while back. It’s a combo you won’t want to miss. Cold War is available, here.

November 12, 2016

It’s been seven plus months since Bearson’s last original, a smashing hit that I’m still head over heels for today named Want You. The Norwegian artist and Next Wave Records co-founder is undoubtedly a favorite rising star on my list of producers to watch. As such, I’ve been eagerly awaiting his next song. After the prolonged absence, Bearson makes his return in dashing style with One Step At A Time, a juicy succulent, lithe springing ballad that features soulful alluring vocals by Natalola, an artist we last heard on Exit Friendzone and Two Friends’ Overdose. One Step At A Time is balmy lush and frisky effervescent. The summer sparkling, honey coated enchanter can be purchased or streamed at various channels, here.

May 20, 2016

Any reason to re-share Bearson’s Want You, featuring Cal, is enough to embark on a re-visit of one of my favorite electronic songs this year, much less a reason like this one. The Norwegian producer has unleashed a music video for the electro pumping, pop enamoring gem, and It leaves me unable to resist diving back into Cal’s smoky vocals and Bearson’s lustrously addicting, vibrantly chugging production yet again. As expected from the start, Want You has been madly popular in the month or so it’s been out, racking up near 1 million streams on Soundcloud already. Its infectious brilliance is obvious. Plus, who doesn’t relate to the urgent desire and yearning radiating from the bittersweet beauty? Want You’s video takes us to a laundromat, where some tenacious flirting and coquettish antics occur. If this is what it’s like to do laundry in a laundromat rather than at home, I know where I’m going with my dirty clothes! I’m finding myself a laundromat, where a handsome producer from Norway might be hanging out, so that we can dance the night away together. Are laundromat dance parties even a thing? Because they should be. Want You is available from various outlets via Next Wave Records, here.

April 29, 2016

I literally gasped when I caught wind of a collaborative remix involving Norway’s Bearson and Chicago’s Wheathin. I couldn’t wait to hear how a union of the two’s styles might sound, and I nearly held my breath in eager anticipation. Bearson and Wheathin unleash that stupendous hybridization on their remix of ZAYN’s world dominating Pillowtalk. It’s as grandly epic as I expected it to be, a “pillowtalk” far more gritty and intense. The duo’s re-imagining of the hit song is a two-ton explosion of jolting future trap magnificence, a seamless combination of Bearson’s melodic iridescence and Wheathin’s craggy serrated vigor. Download their colossal remix from Toneden, here.

March 27, 2016

If there’s any one song I’ve been obsessing over for this whole weekend since its reveal last week, it would be Bearson’s Want You, featuring Cal. I was super hyped up in anticipation of the new track, and the Norwegian producer and co-founder of respected label Next Wave has far from disappointed me with the chugging deep tropical confection. Cal’s smoky vocals round out the lushly springing summer ready anthem, its melodic aesthetics and lustrous brilliance insatiably addicting. Bearson leaves me wanting more, filled with the very desire and yearning reverberating throughout the vibrant song. The dexterous producer’s growing repertoire is that much more stacked with the addition of this new original. Want You is both breezy and exhilarating, befitting of dance floor rapture as well as pop friendly radio play. The song serves to amp up my excitement for Bearson’s first US tour this summer. I’ll pray to the music gods that he’ll be making a stop here in San Francisco.

May 12, 2015

Emerging Norwegian electronic act and Next Wave Records signee Bearson teams up with fast buzzing Miami act Mark Johns on a weightless beauty named Imposter. Simply put, it’s a match made in heaven, as Mark Johns’ delicately enchanting vocals complement Bearson’s breezy, tropical style of production in a most divine way. Despite the song’s airiness and feathery serenity, Imposter is a heart rending, soul stirring, and powerful pop ballad, with a very melancholic, aching undercurrent. I find myself reminded of some of Skylar Grey’s earlier songs by Imposter, but with a backdrop of palm trees and nostalgic sunsets.

March 14, 2015

I’m kind of excited I might get to see Swedish artist Tove Styrke again at SXSW next week. She was charismatic and spirited when I saw her performance in San Francisco some months ago. Norwegian producer and Next Wave talent Bearson turns in a shimmering, glowing remix of Tove Styrke’s Ego, giving it a dreamy dance makeover. The mellow and entrancing remix flits and bounces in slick effervescence. It’s a gorgeously smooth way to enjoy some Tove Styrke.