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April 20, 2018

Strap yourself in for a cosmic ride, because we’re about to dive into new k?d, the young wunderkind who’s taken us clear across the universe with his epic tracks in the past. New single Zero One fires on all pistons, quite literally, too. It’s a pneumatic rocket ship of a hard hitting, bass pounding vehicle, whose G-force acceleration will leave your pulse racing and your hands sweaty from the sheer exhilaration and seismic intensity of the spine-tingling expedition. Stream/download k?d’s heart-stopping bass house track, here.

April 18, 2017

Be careful not to trip over yourself in dizzied excitement like I did when I first caught wind of this astronomic collaboration. It’s a legendary Southern California affair as NGHTMRE and Ghastly come together for staggering thrills on walloping new Mad Decent track, End Of The Night. Carnal jolting drops, laser cut synths, and dirty whomping bass make End Of The Night a true decent into exhilarating madness. It’s a spine tingling, adrenaline pumping smorgasbord of trap and bass, dubstep and house. NGHTMRE and Ghastly’s jam may be named End Of The Night, but there’s no way you can call it a night after this high octane joy ride. Purchase the hard hitting banger from major outlets, here.

June 8, 2016

What do you get when you combine a ghost and a shark? Monumental electronic dance music, of course! But don’t go running out to the ocean to snag yourself a sharp toothed predator, and please don’t head over to the closest haunted house to catch you a ghoul. The ghost in this particular case, can only be Ghastly, while the shark in question is fellow Los Angeles resident, JAUZ. As a team, they’ve forged an epic banger named, what else, but “Ghosts N’ Sharks”. Strap yourselves in for an adventure, kids, because these producers are taking us on a wild ride with this one, a genre defying melding of dubstep, electro, progressive, and everything in between. We’re the sidekicks to these superheros as we kick, chop, and stomp our way through a world of thrilling build ups, spectacular drops, and dramatic chords. Crank this one high up and let’s conquer these levels and bosses together, then zip away as legends on our super cool spaceships. JAUZ and Ghastly’s Ghosts N’ Sharks is a free download, here.

April 15, 2016

I feel as if dubstep has made a bit of a come back lately, so I suppose it’s quite fitting that we dive into this next one right away, considering the track’s title. Austria’s Dabin and London’s Koven team up on colossal dubstep anthem Revenant. The song’s soaring melody, powerful bass, and impassioned vocals take me back to my dubstep obsessed days, but this one glistens and pulses, blooms and bursts with with mammoth atmospheric heat, its sultry guitar and electro richness driving us to new vivacious heights of cinematic grandeur. The epic track is available now from iTunes.

April 2, 2016

Drive, the elegantly rippling, expansively swelling new single from Australian alt pop trio GLADES, gets a full bodied remix by New Zealand dubstep pioneers Mt Eden. That’s right, GLADES just went melodic dubstep and trap, and oddly enough, GLADES’ Drive now reminds me very much of Poliça after this grand and expansive remix. This drive is a profound tour of magnificent vistas and spectacular panoramas.

March 30, 2016

Earlier today, I belatedly stumbled upon Los Angeles based producer Getter’s recent EP, Radical Dude! and I found myself stuck in the moment, unable to tear myself away from the exhilarating six track release, out on OWSLA. While much of the compendium of electronic tracks is much jarring and frenetic, Forget It, featuring Southern California collaborative collective Tree, woos dreamily with its downtempo hip hop and chill electronic ambiance. I find myself transfixed and floating away to its rhythmic pace and sonorous bass. Stream the rest of the wicked high energy trap and dubstep filled Radical Dude! EP on Soundcloud, and purchase from various outlets, here.

March 24, 2016

Usually, the wise thing to do is to avoid wet paint, but there’s no escaping the draw of East Coast production duo Wet Paint. The duo draws much influence from live acts such as Odesza and Keys N Krates, two acts that have been pivotal in the development of my current electronic music taste. On the sure to be illustrious duo’s new single Setting The Stage, they build a wall of Flume like oscillating shimmers alongside its magnetic, ravishing R&B styled vocals. Despite its slow building atmosphere, Setting The Stage is a blistering, rhapsodic future bass anthem, its urgency radiating exponentially as the track boils over. The “stage” isn’t just “set”, the action is in full motion. Wet Paint is about to have a massive year as they prepare for an east coast tour. Setting The Stage is the first of many singles to be revealed off a forthcoming full length. Download the track for free, here.

March 23, 2016

Just A Gent’s Heavy As A Heartbreak, featuring Lanks, is such a spectacular song, we’ve heard an abundance of remixes of the track already. But I promise that you’ll want to set aside some time to check out this new one by California’s Xan Griffin. The producer’s rendition of Heavy As A Heartbreak starts out light and airy, as if propelling us into a world of bright and hopeful fantasy quite disparate from the very heartache Just A Gent addresses on the original. The track slowly builds upon itself before erupting with dubstep and melodic bass power, but there’s still a wistful weightlessness to this version of the song that, though emotionally charged, gives off an uplifting and optimistic radiance. Xan Griffin’s official remix is majestic and grand, an ILLENIUM and Adventure Club evoking spectacular. It’s also free to download, here.

March 13, 2016

Ever busy and always talented progressive soul artist Brandyn Burnette put out a powerful song named Down late last year, a ballad whose rumbling ferocity and scalding heat are a dark and potent taste of the young artist’s immense talent. Down takes a blood pumping future bass and spine tingling chill trap turn on this remix by Floridia based producers Ricky Mears and shindō. The sharply oscillating, intensely roiling remix is an inebriating free download, here.

March 2, 2016

It’s been a long moment since I’ve shared some truly earth shaking, brain rattling trap with you, and this one’s an immediate must to scratch that dirty trap itch you might be harboring. Red hot, meteorically rising SoCal producer NGHTMRE’s massive anthem Street gets a whomping, stomping remix, courtesy of New Orleans based producer CRWNS. CRWNS captures my full attention with this shifty, jittery display of future bass and trap magnificence. The heaving, blistering beast is a free download, here.