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August 2, 2016

Seattle native and founding member of the band Barcelona Brian Fennell is responsible for another astonishing project that I’ve just encountered today. SYML, which translates to “simple” in Welsh, takes my breath away with Where’s My Love, a gorgeously moving ambient pop song that, though serene and hushed, is by far not simple. Its lonesome piano, melancholic strings, and SYML’s gently aching voice pierce through the atmospheric song’s textured soundscape, at times evoking RY X’s moving music. Where’s My Love is exquisite, and it tugs hard at the heart strings. Learn more about SYML from the project’s website.

April 8, 2015

What is it about those British crooners? Not only do they have such splendid speaking accents, but they seem to nearly always win me over with their crooning, too. Young Bristol based artist Henry Green returns with the lead single from his debut EP, Slow, out June 1st via Akira Records. Barcelona is a fine-grained, subtle beauty, with the simmering elegance of London Grammar and a overwhelmingly wispy sense of wistfulness. The song swirls along slowly, with endless allure and sensuality.

GRIMES – En El Laberinto

July 9, 2012

Thank you, Pitchfork for putting together this awesome 10+ minute documentary called En El Laberinto. The focus of the doc? The all too hot at the moment experimental indie pop star GRIMES, aka Claire Boucher. Mesmerizing stuff. The footage includes snippets of her set at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound Festival where she played possibly her biggest crowds yet. Don’t fret, Claire, that’s nothing compared to what’s coming up on the rest of your summer fest circuit and at your other huge gigs! She’s definitely one of the most intriguing figures right now in the burgeoning indie pop scene. 

Back to acoustic folksy

June 27, 2012

There’s the rare music I need to be in the mood for, then there’s acoustic, folksy, raw, earnest stuff that I’ll always be down for no matter what’s going on. Call me sensitive. Or call me emo. So, we return to that kind of music with this gorgeous, acoustic performance of Old Statues by Stillwater folk band Other Lives. The session was recorded during the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelno back in June.