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December 12, 2017

I’m pretty sure I’ve found a new French pop obsession now that I’ve stumbled upon the quirky, noire-tinged folk pop of Baptism, which comes from Halo Maud, a Parisian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who just signed to Heavenly Recordings. It’s a strange but addictive world that she welcomes us into in the video for the mysterious and hypnotic, heady and bewitching tune, whose clattering percussion and simmering groove remind me of fellow French artist JAIN, but with an experimental folk meets art pop vibe. As its title might suggest, there’s a dark mythical quality to Baptism, which is lifted from Halo Maud’s Du Pouvoir EP, out now and available from iTunes, here. Watch the music video for the title track below, whose slick dreamy groove and classic French pop aura is a far cry from Baptism, proving Halo Maud’s much alluring versatility. 

January 21, 2015

We Are The City is a Canadian trio with an earthy, endearing indie experimental rock and folktronica sound. Reportedly influenced by a wide variety of artists, including Mew and Bowie, the band also carries a Maps & Atlases like style and some of Band Of Horses emotive flavor, as well as an enchanting Menomena quality. On March 23rd, We Are The City will release their debut album, Violent, via Sinnbus. On it is the delicate, tender Friends Hurt. Watch the video for the song below, then check out another melting album track, Baptism, too.

August 15, 2012

This morning, Crystal Castles announced a new song is on its way soon, titled Sad Eyes. In the meantime, they have a new remix of Baptism for us to enjoy. Baptism is by far one of my favorite CC tracks, so any new versions are always welcome treats! The Indyans edit is pretty interesting and super hiccupy… while I enjoy it, it’s almost like a tease to listen to the original masterpiece. To satisfy that hunger, here’s the album cut and awesome video of Alice Glass jumping around again:

Pictureplane remix of one of my fave Crystal Castles songs

September 10, 2011

Baptism! Remixed by Pictureplane. Epic.