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October 5, 2012

Keeping it electric, folks. On December 3, Domino Records plans to release a two CD compilation titled Motion Sickness featuring remixes of songs by their artists. The formidable release will include on its roster the likes of Austra, Four Tet, Hot Chip, Wild Beasts, Twin Sister, Franz Ferdinand, Animal Collective, Balam Acab, Justice, Daphni, and so on. Crazy. Stream one of the tracks above. Carl Craig’s sick 10+ minute remix of Junior Boys’ Like A Child is hypnotic. 

July 25, 2012

Holy cow. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you put a genius glitchy, shimmery, atmospheric, dark, experimental producer together with, umm, N’Sync… here’s the answer to your wonderment. Balam Acab took his brilliance and applied it to the classic boy band anthem Bye Bye Bye. This thing is crazy. It’s nothing close to the old pre-pubescent Justin Timberlake showcase it once was (not to say I didn’t enjoy some N’Sync, BSB, and 98 degrees in my much younger days… lalala…). The resulting spacey bleepy wonkiness is mesmerizing. 

Charli XCX Heartbreaks and Earthquakes – The Mixtape

June 12, 2012

Yea, buddy! It’s a good day for Charli XCX fans, particularly ones in San Francisco (me me me me me me me)! First of all, she released a new EP today! It’s her DEBUT EP in the US. ‘Bout time, eh? I mentioned it in my posts yesterday. It features You’re the One and a remix of the track by Blood Orange, as well as Nuclear Seasons and Balam Acab’s remix of it. If you missed my share of the talented Balam Acab’s reworking of Nuclear Seasons, please do check it out here. Next, Charli XCX released her very first mixtape today, titled Heartbreaks and Earthquakes! Stream the goodness below and check out the wonderful track list! LAST, I’m seeing Charli XCX, FINALLY, on August 16! It’s another Popscene show at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco (loooove). SO THERE! I’ve been waiting! YES! So the Charli XCX news doesn’t get much better than this today. All we need now is a debut album. OK, now it’s time for some Heartbreaks and Earthquakes…


“Beyond the Black Rainbow”
Champagne Coast – Charli XCX / Blood Orange
How can I – Charli XCX
Grins – Charli XCX / Blood Diamonds
“The Craft”
So Far Away – Charli XCX /Paul White
“Kill Bill”
Dreams Money Can Buy – Charli XCX / Drake / Jai Paul
“Cruel Intentions”
Lock You Up – Charli XCX
Spoons – Charli XCX
“American Beauty”
You’re The One (remix) – Odd Future’s The Internet feat. Mike G

April 3, 2012

Yeaaaaaaaaa, buddy. I didn’t expect less than getting mind blown when I clicked play on this. Balam Acab, aka Alex Koone, remixed Lushlife’s new song Still I Hear The Word Progress (which features Styles P on rap vocals). He touched it. He made it even more special. It’s so thick, so trippy, so choppy screwy seductive syrupy. Get ready to wade through it. It’s effing incredible. Weeeee.

I shared the original track from Lushlife before, and it’s already an awesome track before Balam Acab worked his extra layers of magic on it. Check it again below. The approaches on the remix and original are soooo different. Though the same melodies are there, the feel is completely different. 

March 13, 2012

Sticking with the instrumental, here’s the genius Balam Acab with a new song titled Come True. As always, Alec Koone’s music is a thick, lush, haunting, foggy soundscape. The droning bass and distorted, other worldly vocals are captivating. 

Is it getting chilly in here?

January 11, 2012

One last change of genre before I end the music chugging for now. Ear Milk composed this nice little column titled Tarot Chords, and Vol. 1 focuses on the chilling, dark sounds of witch house and other related sounds within that arena. It’s a nice intro to all the different sorts of sounds within that proximity and again shows how much this kind of music has become very much a part of the lasting and influential music landscape. Go to their website to check out the short intro and listen to a long list of gems, some of which I’ve shared before from the likes of Balam Acab, Crim3s, Clams Casino, oOoOO, White Ring, Pictureplane, Salem, cult (and personal) favorites Crystal Castles, Cr33p, GuMMyBeAR (whom I just heard spinning live a few nights ago… local pride!), and more. Great job, Ear Milk. Great list.

Quote from Tarot Chords Vol. 1:

Welcome – You might hear a punky harsh synth of Crim3s (previously known as Story of Isaac)the peaceful yet haunting vocal from Holy Other, or the icy chill of Toronto’s ownB∆SSCULT. That’s what makes this post unique – there are no boundaries and we’re not liking to see any given the stage of this new “genre”. With dubstep singing it’s swan song on mtv, witch house and the paranormal passions it brings are picking up the slack. 

December 9, 2011

Holy. Crap. Balam Acab remixed Charlie XCX’s Nuclear Seasons! Whoa, buddy! The genius slows the track down to a crawl and adds his signature, witchy, super hazy and weighty atmosphere to the dance track. Listening to it feels like wading through very thick, textured liquid. It’s an experience. This is amazing. Balam Acab, folks…. give it up. I’ll reshare the original track again below from rising artist Charlie XCX, both for comparison and because it’s a great industrial dance song in itself.

Balam Acab does it again

November 7, 2011

balam twin

While we’re on remixes, let’s listen to the amazing Balam Acab remix Twin Sister’s Kimmi in the Rice Field. Can the track get any more haunting and dreamy?
Twin Sister – Kimmi in a Rice Field (Balam Acab Remix) by DominoRecordCo

I remember sharing the original before, but here it is again in all its synthy glory:

So… are you sick of Lana yet? ;)

October 18, 2011

Here’s today’s requisite Lana post. Ermmm just kidding, she’s just EVERYWHERE lately, I’m not going to drown y’all with her stuff, at least not on purpose. There’s been how many remixes and live versions and collabs on this stuff already? Backlash, humph, lol. Here’s a live version she did with WoodKid at the NYC Highline Ballroom. It’s nice with the male vocal. 

OK, squeezing in one more, this time BALAMB ACAB’S remix! Somewhat similar to the Jamie Woon one I shared previously, but also very different from any of the many versions out so far. At times, it’s shimmery, at other brief times, bloopy and almost glitchy (that’s where Acab’s witch house attributes kick in woo). Pretty interesting. I like it. So who else is going to remix this in the coming weeks? Sheesh! This might become the most remixed, covered, and collaborated track in 2011 at this rate!

Balam Acab for the win again!

September 30, 2011

balam acab

Balam Acab does it again with this one… the classic Boo remixed! Wow. Just wow. Love it. Works perfectly. It brings back memories of the past, but via such a weird, dreamy, strange and hazy journey.