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February 6, 2016

The glistening synths and slick ambiance on Bad Wave’s new tune, Good Girls, are simply glorious. They take on a spacey psychedelic effect on the chic, electrifying single, out today on 10K Islands. Like on Bad Wave’s prior singles, I can’t help but be reminded of certain other favorite indie electronic acts of mine, such as Outfit, Hot Chip, and MGMT, but with some Weezer styled pop punk hooks. Don’t miss the keytar solo at just past the two minute mark, it’ll send you deep into outer space. Bad Wave is certainly shaping up to be one of the exciting new acts of the year.

January 23, 2016

Electropop band Bad Wave is pretty high up on my emerging California bands to watch list, but much attention needs to be paid to one of its member’s solo projects as well. Patrick Hart, who goes by the name The Golden Peppers for the new project, just released first single Sometimes (One Night), a sticky yet sleek jangler of an alt pop song that mixes glittering modern with dusty retro. Sometimes (One Night) is the latest release from record label 10K Islands for their song a Friday series. Watch the music video for the hooking treat below.

January 5, 2016

Early last year, two best guy friends and members of L.A. surf rock outfit Nicky Blitz created a new electropop band named Bad Wave, whose debut single Look Out was a bubbly, playful shot straight for my RAC and Phoenix loving heart. I’ve been looking out for their follow up since, and Runaway was well worth the wait.  Once again bouncy and light, the slickly popping tune also appeals to the part of me that loves acts like Outfit, Hot Chip, MGMT, and Joywave. It’s going to be a “runaway” year for Bad Wave by the sounds of their first track of the year. Watch Bad Wave’s music video for Runaway below, and lose yourself in the song’s dazzling synths, lively beats, and bewitching pitch changes.

OFFICIAL VID: Bad Wave – Look Out

April 29, 2015

I’m still kind of addicted to Look Out, the debut single from Southern California based electronic pop duo Bad Wave (who formed from members of L.A. surf rock band Nicky Blitz). The song, available now on Ghost Beach’s Crazy Heart label, has received a music video treatment well worthy of a tongue in cheek watch. Bad Wave joins the long list of many bands and acts who seem to be enjoying some sort of Asian, particularly Chinese, pop culture trend. Look Out’s catchy melody and bouncy, playful electropop production blends RAC like dance pop with Phoenix like punchy French house. 

February 19, 2015

Ah, how I love introducing fantastic new bands. Bad Wave is a Los Angeles electronic pop duo formed by members of L.A. surf rock outfit Nicky Blitz, and they bring some of that sun kissed sound to their new project on debut single Look Out. There’s a bubbly playfulness to the bouncy yet light tune. RAC like electro dance pop beats, muggy atmosphere, and Phoenix’s French house like punchiness makes Look Out thoroughly irresistible. The single is avialable now on Ghost Beach’s Crazy Heart Records.