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October 20, 2016

Whenever a new NVDES tune crops up, I prepare myself for a chromatic jolting, whimsically titillating joyride. The Los Angeles based sonic visionary never fails to entertain and enrapture with his gritty dance punk and experimental funk pop. 8am, a new taste from NVDES’ debut EP, Life With Lobsters, is imbued with far more frenetic energy than I normally harbor at such a time of day. The wild and bombastic song spins and chirps, skids and punches, an untamed conflagration whose constitution consists of a medley of genres, including but not limited to R&B, pop, acid house, and hip hop. It’s like a turbulent mixture of Death From Above 1979, LCD Soundsystem, and Azealia Banks, as odd as that combination might sound. 8am darts about rambunctiously, inflated on helium and coursing with adrenaline. NVDES’ debut EP will be out November 18th on B3SCI. Pre-order. here.

September 15, 2016

Friday brings much excitement for someone who has followed along with Swedish artist MIYNT for over a year. Come September 16th, MIYNT will be releasing her debut EP, simply titled “EP NO. 1″, on B3SCI Records. As we count down the final days to its release, MIYNT entices us further with You Were Never Too Much, a supple shimmering, sensual whirling R&B pop song that dances and flits in the air weightlessly. MIYNT’s feathery rippling pop is like a fusion of Rhye with Jessie Ware, a sublime combination as one could imagine. You Were Never Too Much was produced by MIYNT alongside Daniel Nigro. As it turns out, MIYNT is a multi-faced visual and conceptual artist, and she’s fashioned the single artworks for each track off her forthcoming debut EP. EP NO. 1 will be available on limited edition 10″ vinyl with gatefold packaging, and it’ll come with exclusive, individually numbered drawings, too. Pre-order the EP, here.

July 21, 2016

A new music video for San Diego bedroom producer Nick Leng’s Drivers lures us deeply and eagerly back into the gorgeous tune. Drivers’ spongy, wonky pop is as intoxicating as ever on this welcome re-visit. Nick’s milky vocals remind me of The Antlers’ Peter Silberman as well as rising indie act Inspired & The Sleep. He’s surrounded by a wavy grooving, cloudy warped soundscape. This tipsy inebriation now comes with a dreamy visualizer which follows Nick as he falls into a dreamlike state. Viewers are immersed in an unusual parallel universe by the song’s cinematic nature and crackling production. Drivers is the title track from Nick’s new EP, out now on B3SCI.

July 20, 2016

We’ve been following along with MIYNT for over a year now, so it’s much welcome news that the Swedish artist is preparing to release a debut EP on B3SCI. After The Gold Rush is the second offering from the record, which is simply title Ep no. 1. The single immediately hooks me in with rather eerie popping elements before punchy guitar and MIYNT’s smoky sheer voice join in. Rock, pop, jazz, and psychedelia whorl endlessly about each other on this bold, confident number. After The Gold Rush is a song dedicated to the Neil Young album of the same title, which MIYNT listened to for a whole summer in the studio while drinking coffee and painting squares for a sculpture. MIYNT explains that the song plays with some of the titles off that record, but it’s also about time and how things have a timeline. After The Gold Rush is a unique and fresh treat for the ears, if not some thought provoking nourishment for the brain as well. Pre-order Ep no. 1 from B3SCI Records ahead of its September 16th release date.

June 7, 2016

San Diego singer songwriter and bedroom producer Nick Leng is proving himself a prolific artist. Hot on the heels of production duty on Los Angeles newcomer LUEM’s Pull Me Under comes new single Quite Some Time. It’s a tipsy, groggy affair on this woozy clattering indietronica song. Quite Some Time comes from Nick Leng’s EP, Drivers, just released on B3SCI. Lose yourself a fog of nebulous introspection. Head to B3SCI to order the Drivers EP on limited edition 10″ black vinyl.

April 27, 2016

I need to run off to a show, but there’s no way I can go before I share new Elohim, even at risk of running late. The singer songwriter and producer from Los Angeles has been one of my favorite new artists for the past year. She’s also one of my favorite live performers, displaying a very innovative and brilliant form of (anonymously presented) live solo mixing and singing on stage. Elohim makes a rousing return today with new electronic pop song Sensations, alongside much welcome news of a debut EP. Vividly pulsing Sensations comes from that EP, its vibrant twirling and opulently layered production a hard hitting ode to sex, love, and vulnerability. Melancholic yet propulsive, passionate yet lulling Sensations is sensory nirvana, a flood of shiver inducing chills and serotonin releasing melodic pleasure. I’ll be eagerly awaiting Elohim’s self titled debut EP, out May 20th. Pre-order from B3SCI Records.

April 15, 2016

The last we heard from Brooklyn based project Yoke Lore, we were floating away to bewitching and introspective Heavy Love, his first single from an upcoming debut EP. Hold Me Down is the second offering from Far Shore, and with it, Yoke Lore continues to whisk us away on a meditative and lush journey. The intimate honesty of Majical Cloudz meets the soaring reach of M83 alongside some clattering Local Natives rumination on Yoke Lore’s magnificent new indietronica song. There’s an uplifting demeanor to Hold Me Down, and it fills me with cautiously glowing optimism. Yoke Lore’s debut EP Far Shore drops on May 6th. Pre-order now from B3SCI.

October 23, 2014

It’s been a little while since I’ve featured rising Manchester by way of Brussels producer Oceaán, after a flurry of features earlier this year due to his brilliant experimental electronic pop productions. At the midpoint of the year, Oceaán was also selected by BBC Radio 6 and Hype Machine as one of 20 rising acts to watch. Is it any wonder considering his new track Veritas? It’s a mind blowing wall of sound, reminding of James Blake, Caribou, and SBTRKT all at the same time, with a dab of Sophie and Ben Khan on top. The intoxicating and heady sonic treat will be on Oceaán’s The Grip EP, to be released November 17 on Chess Club Records / B3SCI.

June 27, 2014

Los Angeles based Arizona native Zella Day, the new songstress that gave us Sweet Ophelia, has done it again. East Of Eden is a magnetizing new track off her forthcoming self titled debut EP, out later this summer on B3SCI. As before, she captures a sense of such tender delicacy, but delivers with such radiant power. Revisit Sweet Ophelia below with me. Zella Day is most certainly a pop artist to watch as the year progresses.