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February 21, 2018

There really isn’t any “doing it better” when it comes to this  new future bass and future R&B anthem from DNMO. The young English wunderkind, who we’ve been following along with ever since the producer gave us his defiant and exhilarating edit of MOONZz’ Wonder over a year ago (when he was only 15!), is back and he’s brought Swedish-Iranian siren Ayelle and smooth swooner Sub Urban with him, too. Dark droning, ominous whirring Do It Better is a phenomenal canvas of guttural stirring, metallic edged sound. I can only imagine hearing the track live on top notch speakers. You’d feel ever bass rumble in your chest, every synth thrust melting away your face. Ayelle and Sub Urban’s vocals intertwine to perfection. They dance their own tumultuous dance around each other within DNMO’s restless and turbulent soundscape. Do It Better is available via all major platforms, here.

February 13, 2018

Like a fragrant perfume, Ayelle’s softly haunting, sensually hovering voice lures us into her new track Young, an electro-R&B and chill electronica ballad produced by Alex Lustig. The Swedish-Iranian siren and her Belgian cohort envelop us in gossamer flickering warmth on the finely textured, yet thickly intoxicating late night serenade. Young is a song drenched in honeyed nostalgia and sighing remorse. We tend to look to the past with rose colored glasses, and to the future with doubt and fear. Those relationships long gone often seem hard to measure up to after time has healed most of our hearts’ wounds. That idea of “what if” will always plague us, but at least we can rack our own minds in the most sublime manner possible, while accompanied by this feathery, milky nocturne.

January 26, 2018

I don’t normally think of sandpaper as anything sublime. After all, it’s rough and course, like a cat’s tongue. But it’s more than apparent that anything can be exquisite when it involves Belgian producer Taska Black, who’s synced up with sultry haunting Swedish-Iranian electro-R&B songbird Ayelle on his new single. With every new release, Taska Black is climbing to meteoric heights of great success as a producer to watch. On Sandpaper, he douses us with melodic and rich future trap, perfectly intertwined with Ayelle’s soulful and husky voice. Stream/download this fine addition to Taska Black’s growing catalog of impressive songs, here.

February 11, 2017

Nebulous haunting, sultry searing electro R&B greets our enthralled ears on Issues, a new single from Swedish-Iranaian songbird Ayelle. This dusky drooping whirlpool of turbulent aching, poignant scorching moodiness is like quicksand. It draws you in ever deeper into a gossamer soundscape where we’re weighed down by heartbroken desolation even while Ayelle’s hovering voice pulls us free. Issues, produced by German duo BLYNE, is downtempo tempestuous. It’s restlessly disconcerting yet so inescapably seductive. As it turns out, Ayelle wrote the song about abusive personalities, and how you can’t live without them, their love, or their approval. “Even after you think you’ve gotten away from them, the abuse continues, and ‘issues’ is about the aftermath that follows.” Well, all I can is wow, because I read that well after my interpretation of the atmosphere on Issues. Talk about an ace in the hole. Issues is out now on iTunes.

May 7, 2016

I know very little about Mi Ka other than the fact that he hails from Germany, though I have a feeling I may learn more about him soon as more people pick op on his scintillating music. He leads me into an enchanting world on Clarity, an ambient electronic beauty that features crystalline vocals by London’s Ayelle. Clarity is like that moment when you’re deep underwater and rays of sunlight dance their way through the liquid darkness, or that walk through a verdant forest when agile slivers of sunshine cut their way through the thick foliage overhead. There’s a word in Japanese for those magical moments for which there is no English word that equals in meaning, and that word is “komorebi”. Clarity is like Komorebi… It is captivating and spellbinding, a moment of great epiphany encased in a rush of weightlessly gliding, tenderly carousing electronica. Download Clarity for free, here.

March 8, 2016

It’s incredible how much new talent arises out of London. A young lady named Ayelle sends me reeling with her bewitching new song Machine, a powerfully gloomy electronic R&B number whose message aligns with her feminist vision. Machine is a jolting experience, its restless discomfort and bleary soundscape headily accompanied by BANKS and Kelela like bold, fiery vocals. Machine is the title track from Ayelle’s Machine EP, due out April 15th. Purchase the Simon losef produced song on iTunes.