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November 25, 2017

I just can’t resist dark glacial electronic pop, especially when it’s as intensely cinematic and grandly rousing as this song, Gone, from Sweden’s ionnalee. The artist is also known for her role in iamamiwhoami. As ionnalee, she bewitches us with an avant-garde form of electropop that evokes the likes of Kill J, Fever Ray, and The Knife. A clattering array of percussive elements keep us on our toes as we march alongside the song’s regal drum beats and ride on the plumed beauty of ionnalee’s pneumatic voice. The single comes with news of ionnalee’s first full length album, expected to arrive early next year. The release will explore our generation’s fear of oblivion. You can pre-order Afraid To Be Forgotten ahead of its release on February 16th, here.

November 1, 2017

K Á R Y Y N, a Los Angeles based artist who originally hails from Aleppo, Syria, brings us into a mysterious world with her song EVER, an utterly ethereal and other worldly hymnal that verges into operatic realms, particularly as driven by her exceptional voice. This multi-disciplinary artist, producer, composer, and vocalist reminds us of FKA Twigs, Sevdaliza, Lydia Ainsworth, and Banks on her dark labyrinthian, arcanely mesmeric aria. EVER comes off of her new Quanta 1:11 project, a two song continuation of her ongoing Quanta series. You can stream the hauntingly gossamer second song, Un-c2-See below. Prepare to drift to its ghostly aura and reel under its melancholic yet angelic effect. 

October 13, 2017

The moment we heard Pixx’s quirky dark debut A Way To Say Goodbye a few years ago, we were fans of the British talent. She went on to release a phenomenal debut album named The Age Of Anxiety on 4AD, and it was one of our favorite albums of summer as well as one of more critically lauded records of the year. Her whimsical art pop and avant-garde experimentalism is on full display on bustling album cut Romance, which received a music video treatment today. Join Hannah Rodgers at her local football club as we dance to the swiveling, whirring song. The Age Of Anxiety is available, here.

October 11, 2017

I’ve already listened to this gorgeous new Sufjan Stevens treat countless times since it first surfaced this morning. The revered multi-dimensional musician will be releasing a new mixtape entitled The Greatest Gift entailing a collection of outtakes, demos, and remixes from his Carrie & Lowell days in 2015. Wallowa Lake Monster is one of four unreleased songs to be included with the mixtape. It’s a breathtaking stroll close to seven minutes long that harkens back to his chamber pop and folktronica infused sound. The Greatest Gift will be out on November 24th on Asthmatic Kitty. Pre-order, here.

October 3, 2017

With a name like Chaos Chaos, you might expect this NYC sister duo to present us with some turbulent and raucous music. But their single Dripping With Fire is a rather austere and enchanting minimalist pop offering. Its avant-garde approach reminds me of a cross between Dirty Projectors’ baroque experimentalism and Rae Morris’ jazzy pop. The new music video accompanying the clarion song is also simplistically mesmerizing, with its fluid movements, abstract shots, and foggy atmosphere. Dripping With Fire comes from the duo’s forthcoming debut full length, due out in early 2018. Chaos Chaos embarks on a West Coast tour at the end of November with a stop in Oakland at the Starline Social Club on December 5th. Dripping With Fire is available from iTunes, here.

September 26, 2017

A band who repeats the word Alaska twice in their name must love Alaska a lot, but there’s nothing frigid or cool about this London based art-pop collective’s dynamic music. ALASKAALASKA has been busy cultivating their groove-laden sound since 2016, blending jazz, disco, funk and R&B into something imaginative and unique. As they prepare to release their self titled debut EP, ALASKAALASKA shares a video for their whimsical single Patience, loaded with live drums, shimmering guitars, hypnotic twisting vocals, and luscious saxophone. The video, inspired by classic 90s film Sliding Doors (which I was quite fond of when I was little), was directed by Ozzie Pullin and conceptualized by singer Lucinda. ALASKAALASKA’s debut EP will be out on September 29th via Marathon Artists’ imprint House Anxiety, the very same label that introduced the world to King Krule and Courtney Barnett. Pre-order, here.

September 21, 2017

A complex and sophisticated composition greets our ears as we dive curiously into the music of one Bad Bones, a newcomer from Dublin, Ireland who creates a sense of intrigue and mystery with her breathy vocals and a glitchy skittering, dark climactic soundscape. For the next four minutes, be prepared for an electrifying and dizzying foray into restless experimentalism and avant-garde electro pop. The artist and producer injects us with turbulent winding, unpredictably shuddering elements on debut single You. It’s a never ending undulation, a song that takes on vigorous bustling life of its own. She says of the song: “It’s about the nourishment – physical, emotional – we get from other humans. It’s a love song.” I’m not sure I need any other human beings when I can get this amount of vibrant nourishment from Bad Bones’ song. You will be released  this Friday, September 22nd, on Bad Bones’ own label DIAxDEM label, which she’ll follow up with her debut You EP on September 27th. We’ll be waiting for it.

September 19, 2017

Esteemed and esoteric Icelandic artist Björk released a new music video and song yesterday. The Gate is both visually stunning and aurally astonishing, a lush wonderland and fantastical trip that’s far too striking not to give it a requisite share. The Gate’s video, directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, takes us into a world surreal and magical, psychedelic and other worldly. The song itself does the same. Its a mystical experimental piece that leaves us feeling like we’re privy to a glimpse into something mysterious and arcane. It flows and flitters, a strange and wonderful work of art. Learn more about The Gate on Nowness, here.

September 16, 2017

It’s been a year since SALES gave us their stellar self titled album, and we could really use some of their quirky left field pop right now. Fortunately for us, the Floridian duo are back to bathe us with a warm dreamy, jazzy lush serving of their fuzzy bedroom pop in new single Talk a Lot. The breathy curling, woozy winding guitar pop confection reminds me why I’d much rather “listen a lot” than “talk a lot”. SALES guarantees us no “bullshit”, only endless sonic elation. Talk a Lot is available from iTunes, here.

September 14, 2017

English singer songwriter, rapper, musician, and producer King Krule (what doesn’t he do?) is widely considered a musical genius, so it was to great fanfare that he returned to when he made his long awaited return to the scene recently. Archy’s new single Dum Surfer is our latest taste from his next album The OOZ, arriving October 13th via True Panther Sounds/XL. King Krule ventures into no-wave like territory with this new dark prowling, taut snaking tune. Dum Surfer’s avant-garde rock and jazzy punk experimentalism carries a ghoulish quality that makes it perfect for Halloween, which really isn’t that far away. Even its music video has its copious helping of creepy characters and zombie like mannerism. I made it a point to purchase my tickets for King Krule’s forthcoming show at the Fillmore in San Francisco the other day despite being on my way to camping. Thank goodness I still had reception at the time, because as expected, the show sold out in an instant. Dum Surfer is available, here. Pre-order The OOZ, here.