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Atomic Tom on the road

October 25, 2011

atomic tom

Atomic Tom has been stopping and recording songs live in random spots while on the road on tour. Here’s the latest, Collide, from some location in Texas. I think they’re at their best in these raw, live videos, just like how they gained sudden popularity with their amazing subway performance of Take Me Out. 

OFFICIAL VID: Atomic Tom – Break My Heart Around You

October 5, 2011

atomic tom

Atomic Tom recorded this video live from a NYC rooftop. If by now you haven’t heard of Atomic Tom after their surge in popularity some time back, you must check out the video that propelled them to being wider known. They recorded one of their songs in a subway utilizing only an iphone and some other peripherals (super apple promotion?). I guess I’ll tack that video on again at the bottom of this post in case you haven’t seen it. I do have their recent album at home, and it was a very enjoyable album. I was just a tad disappointed after waiting for it that it wasn’t a little more complex, but it was a fun album. I look forward to seeing how they develop over the next while. They also did a great cover of  The Human League’s Don’t You Want Me along with a really entertaining video utilizing a bunch of 80’s throwbacks/references. The track was produced for the film Take Me Home Tonight, which I still hafta watch sometime. I’ll tack on the cover and wacky video below too, and you can try to pick out your favorite 80’s moments. 

Here’s the new video:

Here’s the subway video:

80’s video and cover of Don’t You Want Me: