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May 2, 2018

DC-based duo CUTTS was a more than fortuitous find from my daily music discovery adventures. It only took a few seconds for me to know the pair’s new single The Way Out is not only phenomenal, but it’s just the kind of atmospheric indietronica and alt pop that renders my heart total mush. Take a listen and tell me this somberly stirring, beautifully windswept single isn’t deeply affecting. Perhaps that’s why the band’s name is CUTTS, they cut through our heart like a knife through butter with their push and pull of this exquisitely poignant song. Slivers of R I T U A L’s dark evocative, mournful haunting songs and some of Daughter’s ethereal grandeur course through The Way Out. The truth is, we never want to find our way out of this stunning world that CUTTS has drawn us into. With my curiosity piqued and my affection sparked, I made sure to delve into CUTTS’ previous releases. Stream Entertain Me below, a potent and cinematic extension of the stately eloquence found on The Way Out, but more urgent and intense. The Way Out is available via Toneden, here.

April 19, 2018

Let’s stick around Norway for a moment and bask in the glacial beauty of Ina Wroldsen’s Sea, a taste from the singer songwriter’s new four track EP HEX, to be released on June 15th. The EP is described as deeply personal, and it features collaborations with some of today’s most forward-thinking producers, too, including Jesse Shatkin (Sia, Charli XCX), Edvard Erfjord (Little Mix), newcomer Olav Tronsmoen and George Reid (of AlunaGeorge). Her willowy, lithesome voice is utterly enchanting on the dark atmospheric, snowy ethereal song, which re-envisions The Nøkken, a Norwegian folklore tale about a lethal immortal water spirit who makes deadly contact with unsuspecting humans who can cross its path. If I were sailing the seas and heard Ina Wroldsen, I’d be drawn to her like sailors drawn to a siren. I might even face lethal immortal water spirits to get there, after all, the reward would be well worth the danger. Ina Wroldsen is also responsible for some of the biggest pop songs of the past two decades, including smash hits from Calvin Harris and Clean Bandit, as well as recent chart topping track Breathe, with Jax Jones. She’s already a huge star back home in Norway, and she’s poised to conquer the world with her exquisite voice and mystical pop. The video for Sea is a riveting visual treat that complements the song’s frosty grace and elegance. You can find the single on all major platforms, here.

April 12, 2018

UK trio LOWES took my breath away when they debuted last year with Awake At Night. The exquisite grace and gliding elegance of that ambient pop song reminded us of the spotless purity of London Grammar’s music, as well as Hannah Reid’s immaculately angelic vocals. It’s taken a full year for LOWES to follow up that first release, but they’ve finally re-emerged with Here We Are, a cathartic soaring beauty that vindicates our conviction that LOWES is a magnificent band. 

Speaking on the track, the band state: “’Here We Are’ is about those times when you force yourself to stop for a moment, and recognise just where you are in a certain time and place. It felt like the perfect song for us to introduce ourselves, and our first EP, to the world. It’s about the calm and the wildness you feel when immersed in nature.” What’s that? A first EP? We’ll be looking forward to it with much eagerness! Get a taste of all four tracks from debut EP Elements in LOWES’ film, Norway, below. 

February 2, 2018

SYML, the Seattle based musician also known for his role as founder and frontman of Barcelona, has carved out a little niche of his own with his solo music this past year, and that niche has resonated with so many people that his music has now become mainstream radio fodder, too. Last month, Brian Fennell released SYML’s latest EP, In My Body, a six track exposé and a transcendental invitation to join Brian on a journey of introspection and connection. SYML’s music is always beautifully pensive and introspectively haunting. This week, a new music video has been released for EP track The War, a diaphanous sweeping dose of his deeply moving combination of ambient pop, atmospheric rock, and dream folk. It’s a rather devastating ballad, with mournful keys and afflicted vocals. The War’s video tells a rather dark tale of judgement, condemnation, and devastation. You can stream/purchase SYML’s In My Body EP, here. I look forward to catching him at SXSW, but you can also catch him on tour at a wide expanse of locations over the next few months. For more details, visit SYML’s website, here.

November 14, 2017

We wade into the gently roiling waves and bottomless chasm of Stay Here, a soft and supple work of sonic art from Bristol based electronic artist Henry Green. Its slow introspection and gentle current, interwoven with a gossamer & pristine voice, are both eerily haunting and beautifully evocative. Henry Green creates an arresting tapestry out of light and shadows on the profoundly atmospheric, hushed yet powerful song. Henry Green says of the stunner:  ’"Stay Here’ was created out of frustration from a loss of direction. I wanted to create a feeling of isolation and fragility in the production but gently move in to a warmer, more uplifting space as the track developed. The foundations of the song were built alone in Bristol, but the instrumentation was built up in Berlin with producer Nico Rebscher. It was really special to share such a delicate track with Nico and to see it evolve and gain confidence.“ Stream/purchase the ghostly floating, sorrowfully aching single, here.

October 31, 2017

All of the covers on Tegan and Sara’s new album are amazing. Plus, The Con X: Covers, a celebration of the Canadian twins’ beloved 2007 album The Con, features an endless array of star talent we adore. Let’s take our time to dive into this beautiful cover of Dark Come Soon by who else, but our favorite Canadian pop artist Grimes and her friend and fellow edgy pop talent, HANA. Dark Come Soon gets a wispy fragile, dark emotive metamorphosis on the lissome haunting cover. The Con X: Covers is available, here, and it also features tracks by MUNA, Shura, Mykki Blanco, PVRIS, Ryan Adams, Bleachers, CHVRCHES, and many, many more. All proceeds from The Con X: Covers benefit The Tegan and Sara Foundation, which fights for health, economic justice, and representation for LGBTQ girls and women.

October 31, 2017

Allie McDonald and Mike Derenzo have been busy music bees these past couple of weeks. As EXES, they’ve released two more ravishing singles, including this one, a supple pop jewel named Memorize that walks the fine line between the soft wistfulness of WET and the ethereal electronic pop of Vallis Alps. Allie says of the charming new single: “I’m a long distance lover. I’m all too familiar with the longing that comes with loving from afar. I wrote memorize with one of my favorite writers, Jome, about a boy I wanted to be next to all the time. I would memorize every moment- the sound of his voice, the way his fingers intertwined with mine. And I would keep those memories close when the distance felt especially heavy.” Aside from Memorize, EXES also recently revealed a dulcet whirring, coruscant glimmering alt/electro pop song named Better Better, which you can stream below. Memorize is out now via Moving Castle. Stream/purchase, here.

October 19, 2017

Let’s switch gears and immerse ourselves for a few blissful minutes in the chiffon glazed, diaphanous billowing beauty of San Scout’s transcendental new song, You Instead. It’s a windswept and misty gem with the bucolic scenery of Bon Iver and the ambient tenderness of Aquilo and SYML, as well as a Japanese House like indietronica lushness. The London duo haunts our hearts with this gorgeous alt hymnal. You can re-visit San Scout’s fine collection of songs on Soundcloud, here.

October 13, 2017

Lo Moon is preparing to head out on tour in support of Phoenix and London Grammar, as well as playing select headlining shows, but before the fast rising Los Angeles based quartet does so, they want to remind us how incredibly brilliant they can be with new song Thorns. There are no barbs to avoid here, Thorns is a sleek dreamy glider. We drift weightlessly to its atmospheric synths, languorous horns, and lush aesthetic. Thorns is the perfect dose of romantic alt pop on this hazy Friday afternoon. Find out where you can catch Lo Moon live on their website, here. Grab their gorgeous new song, here.

October 11, 2017

Trevor James Tillery’s latest single might be named In Your Atmosphere, but it’s clear that we’re the ones caught up in his atmosphere. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter brings us gossamer pop and weightless drifting electronica on the mesmeric song. His feathery vocals take us to a whole new level of entrancement while the song’s progressive production wraps us in its foggy, misty drapes. Trevor James Tillery says of In Your Atmosphere: “Lyrically, this song about the desire to be in someone else’s world, hoping that it will bring color to a seemingly colorless one. It also alludes to a story that my co-writer Nick Duplessis and I created about someone dying in a car crash and having an out of body experience, yearning for the attention of the living again. Sonically, it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve written, and it’s one of those ah-ha moments when the music and lyrics marry together perfectly.” Flawless indeed is this icy hovering, ethereal haunting beauty. Stream/download the song, here.