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April 20, 2017

Apparently, we’re in the midst of an Icelandic love affair this afternoon. We follow up on our prior feature Axel Flóvent’s new single with Ásgeir’s latest, a song named Stardust that comes by way of a vibrant and prismatic music video. In case you missed the announcement when we shared Unbound earlier this year, this Icelandic singer-songwriter and musician is preparing to drop the follow up album to 2014′s excellent In the Silence. Get excited for Afterglow, which arrives soon on May 5th. Stardust is a lush lilter and one of Ásgeir’s more luminous treats. It caresses us with its ginger groove and enchants us with an airy aesthetic. In the center of it all is that easy sailing Ásgeir voice, which I can never, ever resist. Pre-order new album Afterglow, here.

April 20, 2017

One of my favorite sets when I hit up SXSW a month ago was Yoke Lore’s performance at my friends’ showcase on the final night of that long, eventful week. As exhausted as I was, and as many distractions around me that there were (it being a huge confluence of music pals in one spot), I found myself transfixed in place by Adrian Galvin and his Brooklyn based project. The singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has one remarkable voice, and his music is irresistibly lifting with its florid art rock meets folktronica flourishes. For more of that exceptional sound, dive into Yoke Lore’s gorgeous new song Only You, a fresh preview off Adrian’s forthcoming Far Shore EP. Tell me this isn’t magical. Only You is a beautiful vessel from which bursts forth glittering rivulets of hope and inspiration.

April 13, 2017

I love the word anemone and how it rolls off your tongue. In fact, I like to goof around and add extra syllables to the word, too. Say it with me, anemonemonemones. Turns out, I also love listening to a song named Anemone, which comes by way of an indie pop duo from right here in California named slenderbodies. anemone, which is lifted from their new EP fabulist, is a slinky puckered, dreamy gleaming indie gem. It’s almost like Glass Animals gone dreamy with a touch of Foals’ art rock, Alt-J’s experimental folk, Hundred Waters’ surreal atmosphere, and The Antlers’ woolly fluidity. Yes, it’s quite the fascinating recipe indeed. You can stream slenderbodies’ new EP in full on Soundcloud. The pair invites us to join them as they float out to the sea for a story of adventure, bewilderment, and lucidity. Purchase fabulist, here.

January 24, 2017

One of my favorite freak folk and experimental music projects of all time, CocoRosie, the brilliant sibling duo of Sierra Casady and Bianca Casady, have united with esteemed UK musician ANOHNI on a profound new single named Smoke ‘Em Out. It’s no surprise that the make the perfect union on this jaunty whimsical work of art, a dark haunting, mischievous darting statement about the current socio-political state of things in America. CocoRosie explains: “Today we share a new song to inspire the weary-disappointed hearts of so many crest-fallen citizens. We just started working on a new album, but “Smoke ‘em Out” begged to be turned loose on the world now, as a means of participation during these turbulent yet invigorating times. Joined on guest vocals by our fellow Future Feminist ANOHNI, “Smoke ‘em Out” welcomes the new character who will be occupying the White House with a mob of women and children armed with forks and knives. In the wake of this unnatural disaster, we feel a call to rise, shout, and burn the house down. The future is female.
peace, Bianca & Sierra Casady”.

December 6, 2016

Sylvan Esso, one of my favorite indie duo’s since 2013 when I stumbled upon their earliest releases and brought them along with me to Burning Man that year, has revealed the B-side to their wildly infectious single Radio, a personal favorite of the year. The North Carolina pair deliver quirky folktronica and fizzy art pop on Kick Jump Twist, a song whose name seems an appropriate description for much of the duo’s fascinating repertoire. Once again, we’re met with a fine balance of sparse minimalism and bubbly magnetism. Kick Jump Twist is as Sylvan Esso as they come, with an extra infusion of analog charm. Radio and Kick Jump Twist are available as a 12″ single from Loma Vista Recordings. Order, here. As it’s been two years since Sylvan Esso’s debut album, I’m hoping these tunes lead up to a sophomore full length soon. 

January 29, 2015

My Brightest Diamond has enchanted me for some time now, driven by Shara Worden’s incredibly brilliant musicianship and exquisite delivery. Last year, Shara released My Brightest Diamond’s fourth full length, This Is My Hand, another bewitching masterpiece of art folk and baroque pop beauty. Now, she’s revealed a new version of the title track. Ceci Est Ma Main is a French rendition of the song that carries a darker edge. If you thought the original English edition was already incredibly spellbinding, wait till you hear this glorious, dramatic new offering.

March 2, 2013

Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah may very well be the most covered song in Western music. Yet, so many talented artists have been able to bring such a different feel and light to the haunting classic. New York singer songwriter Doe Paoro does just that with this immensely beautiful and simple string filled cover. The musician is rumored to have upcoming collaborations with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and Peter Moren (Peter Bjorn & John). Somehow, I’m not surprised. I melted into my chair while listening to this incredible cover. Well done, Doe Paoro. For a couple of original songs by the enchanting, ethereal Doe Paoro, check out the below clips. She’s an interesting artist indeed. There’s a reason she came across my radar awhile back.

June 27, 2012


Joanna Newsom – The Diver’s Wife (new song)

Wow, this is lovely. Here’s a brand new song from Joanna Newsom, which she performed live. I’ve been very partial to this harp and art folk sound lately, and her vocals are fantastic. I wasn’t always a fan of Joanna Newsom’s eccentric sound, but now I find myself falling in love with it. Other similar vocals and instrumentalists in this niche include the freaky dark CocoRosie, Emily Wells, and many others, even the incredibly gifted Kate Bush. All such good stuff. All take you on magical journeys to some other time and world.