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June 18, 2016

Today, Toronto’s Keys N Krates, one of my favorite electronic and trap acts, released a music video for their massive banger, Nothing But Space, featuring vocals by Aqui. The song is just such a magnificent anthem. There’s no avoiding it, this is a requisite re-share. Keys N Krates have been giving us some dark whomping tunes for several years now, but they’ve never been more mellifluous cinematic than on this jam. It’s all very What So Not and Flume, and I’m not one to complain as I get caught in this web of sharp snares, whirring synths, and rambunctious bass. Nothing But Space comes from Keys N Krates’ Midnight Mass EP, out now on iTunes. You can also stream the inferno of a fierce song off Soundcloud, below.

January 8, 2016

Toronto’s Keys N Krates is still one of my favorite trap acts, as they’ve been for over two years now. Every time I catch them live, they murder their set, resulting in the most lit and exuberant crowds I’ve witnessed at shows. Keys N Krates sure made my day extra spectacular when they dropped new song Nothing But Space this morning, a slow builder of a majestic anthem featuring stirring vocals by Aqui. Nothing But Space is perhaps one of Keys N Krates most melodically cinematic offerings. The trio doesn’t go as hard as they do on some of my other favorite tracks, but Nothing But Space’s fine nuances and restrained beauty gives us ample room to breath and bountiful time to brood. Nothing But Space comes from Keys N Krates’ Midnite Mass EP, due out January 15th and available to pre-order on iTunes.