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February 10, 2018

New on our music map is Hymner, a production duo who hails from Stockholm, Sweden. They describe their own music as “sad danceable pop music”, yet I find myself dancing in bliss to their new single Bicycle, featuring smoky vocals by Swedish songstress Alessandra. We ride along with Hymner and Alessandra on a romantic and idyllic journey to Mexico, swaying dreamily to the chill house and mellifluous pop song’s breezy strums and warm cascading beats. With our curiosity piqued and our ears much enthralled, we delved into the only other song that Hymner has offered up on their Soundcloud page. Continue your halcyon summer holiday below with Apart, a buoyant yet relaxed chill house jam featuring Bast

January 26, 2018

A flurry of phenomenal EPs dropped last Friday, including a can’t miss five track release from Los Angeles producer Robokid. Apart is in no way “robotic” despite Robokid’s chosen musical pseudonym. EP track Worth It showcases Robokid’s grasp on the sentimental, finely balanced with the thrilling and vibrant in terms of the song’s elastic jouncing rhythm and crisp production. It’s a song well worth your time, a fresh and unique approach on future beats and house. You can stream his Apart EP in full on Soundcloud, here. Support via other platforms, here.

Drifting away

September 15, 2011

Calling it a night with Balam Acab remixing Sleep ∞ Over:

Previously shared Apart already, but here it is again with an actual video (is it official?):

And I’ll end with something not new, but great, Burial’s Night Bus:

Can I creep you out?

August 26, 2011


As mentioned in my last post, it’s time for some witch house/grave wave/drag! I don’t actually find the music that “creepy”. But I’m known for being the “shield” in haunted house tours and for not hiding my face during horror films. *shrug* Anyway, the same artists known for falling under the witch house umbrella make tracks that sound insanely different from each other. Some could be very upbeat ethereal songs, others are uptempo hiphop-y distorted glitchy trax, and yet others are indeed VERY dark.

Without further ado, let’s take a little trip down some ghoulish soundscapes. 

First off, some Balam Acab.. “Apart” is VERY glitchy (as some people call the type of music, Glitch).

While that sample might fall a little outside of the witch house I promised you and is in the large grey areas between all these related genres, this won’t disappoint:

Aww yea, enough witchiness in that track?

Alright, let’s move on to oOoOO, and I’ll share a couple that I don’t think I shared in my previous post of oOoOO trax a week ago or so.

I may have shared oOoOO’s hearts before, or maybe not.. but it’s an awesome track, a lil more similar to Crystal Castles (<3 CC)

OK, ok, the beginning is a bit creepy I must agree, and perhaps the video too, but just listen….. here’s Salem with some good ish

OK, I’ll end the witch house review for now, I can keep going… until next time! Maybe more Pictureplane next time.. some more Salem.. hmm.. we’ll see. 😉