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May 30, 2018

Noah and the Whale is a band I’ll miss for all eternity, having fallen head over heels for the Charlie Fink-lead band circa 2009 when they released their second album The First Days Of Spring. I’m infinitely glad that Charlie Fink is still active in the music scene, but it’s been a year since we shared his last dusty folk pop charmer, I Was Born To Be A Cowboy. Well, all my fretting and wondering about when he’d reappear has been put to rest now that Charlie Fink has suddenly surfaced with a new double-A side single. Stream My Heartbeat Lost Its Rhythm above and Anywhere below. Both are massive stunners. Anywhere is a fresh interpretation of Fink’s solo album track ‘Anywhere You’re Going, Is On My Way’ which was originally a delicate folk offering, but Fink has completely re-invented the track with 80s electronic beats and driving synth lines that remind me of Bleachers. My Heartbeat Lost Its Rhythm is also a resplendent thrummer. The song, which Fink recorded in 2015, perfectly complements Anywhere with its soaring synthpop choruses and new wavy flourishes. Of course, at the center of both tracks is Fink’s ever recognizable voice, which always has a special place in my heart. Both voluminous tunes are available, here.

December 8, 2016

Fresh from a ripe new remix package comes an edit of Dillon Francis’ infectious Anywhere by prolific production auteur Luca Lush, and when new Luca Lush arises, you know you’re in for an adrenaline pumping joyride. The producer infuses Anywhere with vigorous springing future bass, deep rumbling dubstep, and melodic jabbing trap. This smooth polished beauty of a soaring electronic opus injects me with wondrous energy on a long tiring day. I’m ready to take on anything, go “anywhere”, bright eyed and brimming with warm optimism. 

October 25, 2016

If you somehow missed out on Dillon Francis’ collaboration with soulful British artist Will Heard despite it crushing it from the get go and receiving a ton of attention, this cheeky new video for Anywhere is your gateway to dance music heaven. As expected, any video that involves DF isn’t quite “serious”. The producer stars in his own video as an extension of odd and bizarre high fashion outfits. For all the wildly bombastic jams that Dillon Francis has shaken the earth with, Anywhere is one of his most sleekly melodic, calmly entrancing tracks, and its such a silky rapturous, hooking rhapsodic jam at that. Anywhere is available for purchase from iTunes.

February 10, 2015

As a fan of both Van She and Du Tonc, I’m much convinced that Matt Van Schie can do no wrong, regardless from which varying project he’s delivering great music to us from. Tear Council is Matt’s latest project, a collaboration with Touch Sensitive’s Micahel Di Francesco, which is a grand pairing, considering my love of Touch Sensitive, too. In fact, there was always a part of me that figured that Touch Sensitive and acts like Du Tonc or Van She could do some magnificent music magic together. Tear Council’s debut song Anywhere is a slow gliding synthpop song. Balmy, summery beats loaf their languid way through the dreamy yet amply moody electronic gem, laced with an abundance of deeply pleasing nu-disco extravagance.

January 29, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I found Interpol’s fifth full length El Pintor deeply satisfying and darkly delicious. It was definitely one of the top releases of 2014. I mean, how can I resist those post punk guitars and Paul Bank’s brooding vocals? I caught Interpol live twice in support of the album, once at the Fox Oakland and once as part of Live 105’s Not So Silent Night 2014 event, and they were quite glorious both times. One of my favorite tracks off El Pintor is Anywhere, and it just so happens its also their just announced new single.