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January 18, 2018

There’s no need to second guess the stirring beauty and sheer strength of this new song. After all, Second Guess comes from established Parisian producer Khamsin, a gifted musician also known for his role in supergroup Super Hours alongside the likes of Kulture, Kidswaste, and more. Khamsin links up with Scandipop artist Anuka on the dynamic future bass anthem, stitching together burning guitar riffs and bold synths to create a powerfully moving, genre blurring opus. Anuka proves herself a spectacular vocalist on the track, alternating between the fiercely resonant and the pensive aching with her dexterous voice. Alternate streaming and downloading options for Second Guess are available, here.

August 5, 2017

The name of this next one sounds sort of like something that could easily describe me when I have my vacuous brained moments, which I assure you, happen more frequently then you’d think. But Stuck On Stupid is actually a wicked mind jogger of an electronic track far removed from dull or listless attributes. The song is a relentlessly grandiose trap anthem from Argentina’s Dabow and Scandipop chanteuse Anuka. Its dark jarring, sharp sawing nature is reminiscent of Flume, tense and exhilarating, gripping and provocative. Stuck On Stupid is an edge of the seat thriller… a fierce thrumming, suspenseful brooding pièce de résistance which you can download for free, here.

November 15, 2016

It’s easy to forget how young some of these brilliant producers are in the face of their sonic sophistication. I find myself surprised once again that Xan Griffin is only 16 after listening to the California producer’s debut original, a cinematic soaring anthem that features Scandipop songbird Anuka on guest vocals. U Remind Me is an aerial dazzler, a prismatic painted trap and melodic bass tour de force that evokes the likes of Adventure Club and Illenium with a sprinkling of Jai Wolf. It won’t be long before Xan Griffin becomes a widely recognized, well loved production name in the scene at this rate. U Remind Me is a free download, here

November 4, 2015

Luscious beats and soulful vocals sublimely swarm my ears on Finnish producer Smok’s first release on Youth Control Records. Walking Through Fire is a heated deep house anthem featuring vocals by Scandinavian chanteuse Anuka. The club banger is lavish and lush, an exhilarating lead single and classically gilded title track from Smok’s debut EP, out November 10th. It even gets some bonus points because the lyrics delivered smoothly by Anuka remind me of cult television series Twin Peaks, with words like “walk” and “fire”. 

June 11, 2015

I can’t say I’m too famliar with this mysterious producer named BADFLITE, but the moment I heard his latest track Falling Down, which features sensual vocals by Netherlands based chanteuse Anuka, I was sold. His sultry, flushed production, heavily drenched in garage and future beats, is the perfect pairing for Anuka’s captivating voice. While the song starts off slow and deliberate, it eventually explodes into a Flume evoking rhythm, urgent and contagiously passionate.