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March 12, 2018

We’re incredibly excited at the prospect of catching Dermot Kennedy at SXSW in but a few days. He knocked us off our feet with his sensational vocals and raw storytelling on Moments Passed earlier this year, and he’s become a prominent leader on our artists to watch lists. We know for a fact that we’ll be transfixed by his performance at We Found New Music’s official SXSW showcase at the Palm Door on Sixth come March 15th, but we’re hoping it won’t be the only time we’ll be seeing him in Austin. In the meantime, the Irish singer songwriter is back with his grainy stirring voice and another tour de force, atmospheric soaring hymnal named Young & Free. The sheer weight of the emotion exuding through his aching vocals and the song’s rumbling production leaves us blissfully trembling and sublimely shattered. I can’t even begin to imagine how Young & Free is going to sound live later this week. Young & Free is the second track to be released from Dermot Kennedy’s upcoming mixtape with esteemed producer Mike Dean (Kanye West, Jay Z, Travis Scott, Desiigner), who also turned in a phenomenal remix of Moments Passed recently. Dermot Kennedy already sold out his 60+ date headlining tour across the U.K., Ireland, North America, and Australia. So I count myself fortunate that I’m going to be experiencing the power of his music up close and personal at SXSW soon. Stream Dermot Kennedy on Spotify, here.

December 7, 2017

Sound the ‘alarm’, it’s time for an epic collaboration! Miami electronic producer Lookas partners up with Chi-Town dance legends Krewella on Alarm. Organic guitars and a halcyon, euphonious melody lead us towards an edgy trap drop on the beautifully captivating future bass track. No doubt this is going to be a massive hit, it’s that catching and cosmic an anthem, with major remix potential oozing from every part of the song. Alarm is out on Monstercat. Find it via all major platforms, here.

November 21, 2017

From a song about the early stages of fevered love (in our last post), we turn to Sara Diamond for a ballad inspired by the more frustrating moments in a relationship, when love becomes an illusion and honesty eludes us. The magnetic chanteuse began her career as a successful child star back home in Canada before she became disenchanted with her trajectory and relaunched herself at the age of 22 with a conviction to never compromise. She’s already dazzled us both as a guest vocalist and a solo artist, and now she’s bewitched us with incendiary, impassioned Three Words, produced by Noah Barer & Austin Tecks. Three Words is a dramatic gripping, grand soaring powerhouse of an anthem. You can follow Sara Diamond’s releases on Spotify, here, where she already has a major following. 

November 11, 2017

New Swedish collective HUMAN is fronted by Grammy Award winning Swedish artist Daniel Adams-Ray.

According to Daniel, HUMAN is not a person or a band, instead, it’s a collective: “It is me and whoever is involved, including you!’

He embarks on his new adventure, or should I say, OUR collective adventure, with the debut of HUMAN’s first single, Higher, an explosive, propulsive anthem influenced by Daniel’s multi-cultural musical background. He expertly fuses vintage blues, conscious rap, and contemporary pop on this larger than life spectacular. The high voltage battle-cry of an invigorating song utilizes a wide array of sound, including a South-African gospel choir, reverb drenched keys, and sophisticated brass sections. Higher is like soulful Rag’N’Bone Man gone groovy Jungle. It’s a massive tune, in more ways than one. 

June 15, 2017

Los Angeles based alt pop project The Federal Empire made major waves in the scene when they released their debut EP The American Dream last fall, a record whose sweeping songs we had zealously shared, one after another, prior to the EP’s arrival. After touring extensively across North America, the band is back with a fresh new tune to cement the impression they’ve made. Lead singer Chad Wolf, well known as platinum selling Carolina Liar, and Grammy award nominated songwriter McKay Stevens, reunite to serve up a folksy stomping rallying cry of an anthem in What Are We Fighting For.  Its widescreen magnificence is fit for stadiums and arenas, but the song also relays a message that many might find personal, particularly in this day and age. 

What Are We Fighting For poses some possible answers to its title that are more than relevant, including money, religion, and power. The Federal Empire explores the negative impact of war with lyrics like “an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind”, but they also tell a story of those affected by war. “There have been so many terror attacks and wars around the world and we are fighting for peace and hope through music that can bring Unity and Love. The One Love Manchester concert on Sunday was a perfect example.

Chad and McKay sing with gang vocals in the chorus of the song to express unity and the belief that music can break down barriers and bring people together better than anything else. The goal is to share the anthem and have thousands singing along with them at live festivals this summer.“ Grab your copy of What Are We Fighting For from iTunes, here, and join in on its unifying chorus, as I have.

May 13, 2017

Young Stunners, pun intended, is absolutely stunning. It’s probably the catchiest synthrock meets alt pop anthem I’ve encountered lately. Junior Prom, the project lead by Brooklyn musician Mark Solomich, really knocks this one out of the ballpark and beyond. Young Stunners is the title track from Junior Prom’s long awaited debut album, for which he still hasn’t offered any concrete detail and release date. The synth whirling carousel ride leaves us hoping the full length arrives sooner than later this year. 

March 3, 2017

Some fabulous albums are arriving this spring. You can count The Maine’s sixth full length, “Lovely, Little, Lonely” one of those records. The alt rock veterans from Arizona are sure to lay on their anthems strong with the release. Just listen to the band’s vibrant sweeping new song, “black butterflies & déjà vu”. Their melodic rock truly flutters and takes flight like a winged creature, but this evocative ‘butterfly’ is colorful and bright. The Maine’s frontman John O’Callaghan explains: “This song is for the moments, places, or persons that somehow turn your tongue to stone. Those times when words truly do not possess the power to adequately paint the subject.” Hey John, you mean like how I can’t sufficiently describe the soaring grandeur of your new tune with my verbosity? Pre-order new album “Lovely, Little, Lonely”, here, ahead of its release on April 7th.

August 16, 2016

Nary a few days have passed since we shared Heartracer’s nostalgia suffused synthpop via their last song Dream Girl, but the sibling duo from Richmond, Virginia are here to regale us all over again with a new tune named Hollow. Like Dream Girl, Hollow is another ode to the 80′s. It’s a swelling surge of cinematic synths, yearning guitar, and epic sweeping melody. The neon anthem is another glamorous taste from Heartracer’s forthcoming EP, Eat Your Heart Out, due out this September.

August 15, 2016

Broken is an epic alliance that brings together so many amazing artists. The stirring electronic anthem comes by way of Austin duo Tritonal and NYC’s Jenaux, but it also features vocally gifted American Idol superstar Adam Lambert. Broken was also written by New York R&B pop talent Lauv and his buddy Madison Emiko. As I said, this melodically endearing, honeyed glowing summer dance hit is the result of some phenomenal teamwork. It’s also a smorgasbord of electronica, its glimmering pieces formed from a prismatic palette ranging from electro to progressive house, all stippled copiously with with buoyant future vibes and effervescent pop. Broken will be on Tritonal’s Painting With Dreams album, out September 9th on Enhanced Music. Pre-order from iTunes.

August 5, 2016

Anevo again proves himself a brilliant architect of dramatic and intense sonic epics on Don’t Shoot Me Down, which features indomitably soulful vocals by Jae-Mi. The Swedish producer built an astonishing skyscraper of a cinematic and melodic house opus. Don’t Shoot Me Down’s lush guitar and twinkling chimes add to the expanse of this vastly atmospheric summer anthem. The majestic dance track is out now on Monstercat. Purchase from iTunes.