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April 10, 2018

Unknown Mortal Orchestra dropped their new album Sex & Food on Jagujaguwar last Friday. In case you haven’t listened to the album yet, let latest single Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays act as your impetus to dive into the New Zealand project’s new compendium of brilliant psych soul and rock. Not only is Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays a fabulous dose of UMO’s snazzy grooving aplomb, but it comes with an eye-popping music video, too, rife with vibrant colors and extravagant animations. It’s truly a treat for both the eyes and the ears. New album Sex & Food is available, here.

February 2, 2018

Dodie Clark, the English singer songwriter and YouTube star better known mononymously as Dodie, is an all around talent who’s even writing a book right now, named Secrets for the Mad: Obsessions, Confessions, and Life Lessons. It’s obviously related to her song Secret For The Mad, for which she’s also just released a new animated video. It’s a fine chance to dwell in its silvery, clarion beauty and its hopeful message about mental illness. The sparse and austere pop song is as genuine and earnest as they come. It’s beautifully comforting and just what the soothing lullaby we need when the world around us seems to grow more dismal by the day. Keep up with Dodie on her website, here.

January 16, 2018

Minnesota quartet Hippo Campus released their debut album ‘landmark’ last year, and now they’ve revealed an animated video to go with ace album cut Buttercup, a carefree strumming, ebullient springing indie rock/guitar pop charmer.  The visualizer comes hand in hand with news of a partnership with Planned Parenthood. Hippo Campus will have staff members and volunteers with them on some of their new tour stops. They’ll be available to answer questions, and they’ll be handing out merchandise, too. Find out more about Hippo Campus’ latest tour, here. Debut album landmark is available, here.

November 1, 2017

We’ve been wanting to share EZI’s vibrant new tune DaNcing in a RoOm for quite some time, and the spiffy animated music video she dropped last Friday for the track affords us an excellent opportunity to dance our hearts out to the song together. The up and coming 21 year old NYC chanteuse offers up a slick groove and snazzy pop on the infectious single, which is lifted from her upcoming debut EP arriving early next year. 

“The song is essentially about finding freedom and empowerment from within yourself,” EZI explains. “My goal [for the video] was to use dancers from different genres, ages, backgrounds and showcase them dancing in a way that reflected what made them feel free and empowered. I had them send me clips of them dancing (in a room by themselves) and I later compiled the clips and sent them to Sydney to animate. Some of them are my friends, some are actors, and some are friends of friends who reached out about wanting to get involved. Even though they were all so different, they ultimately all embodied the overall meaning of the song through their dancing.” You know how Robyn’s Dancing On My Own is the quintessential aching yet inspiring, poignant yet lifting soundtrack to lonesome nights? Now you can escape to EZI’s DaNcing in a RoOm, too. Stream/download the single, here.

October 31, 2017

Today’s a very special day. Not only is it one of my favorite ghoulish holidays, Halloween, but a surprise new Gorillaz track has surfaced, too! Garage Palace features hip hop sensation Little Simz on guest vocals, and it comes with an awesome animated music video in which she fights zombies alongside the band. The track comes off of the deluxe vinyl release of Humanz, due out as a “Super Deluxe Vinyl Boxset” on November 3rd. Pre-order, here. Garage Palace is available, here.

October 24, 2017

Hundred Waters’ new album Communicating might be out digitally, but its physical release won’t be arriving until this Friday. This means, I won’t be able to receive my CD copy of the album for a few more days. The wait is tormenting. After all, I’ve loved this Floridian art rock and indietronica band for awhile now, and I can never resist Nicole Miglis’ gossamer and ethereal voice. The stunning video for album single Firelight will more than tide me over in the meantime. Artist and director James R. Eads has created a beautiful animated film utilizing big-brush drawings. It’s a fine accompaniment for Hundred Waters’ shadowy yet fantastical, entrancing and soothing lullaby, a gorgeous minimalist composition that oozes such twilight magic. Order your copy of Communicating from major retailers, here.

October 12, 2017

There seems to be a handful of bands who go by the name of Fjords, or in this case, The Fjords, and they hail from many different locales. But there’s no mistaking or forgetting the appeal of this project, lead by singer songwriter Petter Vågan, who comes from Norway (a place quite famous for their fjords). The Trondheim based outfit shared an illustrated music video today for their vibrant thrumming alt and synthpop single Lost, giving us quite an entrancing treat to go along with the propulsive song’s throbbing synths, driving electronics, and sparkly veneer. 

“Lost is about the long and hazardous way out of an abusive relationship. It’s about finding your way out of a fantasy world that’s been pulled over your eyes,” Petter Vagån explains. Purchase/stream Lost, here.

August 15, 2017

Besides being mighty fine vessels for ice cream, cones, as we’ve already learned earlier this year, are also a great source of spiffy music. Cones, a Los Angeles based brother duo originally from San Francisco, last charmed us with their breezy debut, Echoes On. Now, Jonathan and Michael Rosen are back with a groovalicious synthpop gem named Back In The Brain, which comes with an animated music video which Jonathan directed himself. As a fan of Toro Y Moi and Electric Guest, I can’t help but succumb to this gooey warm delight. As it turns out, Jonathan had previously collaborated with Toro Y Moi, Eleanor Friedberger, and Delicate Steve, creating music videos for them. He says of Cones’ sleek new jam: “A friend of mine once described living alone as a sensation of being constantly inside of your own brain – your house is your head. After a while I realized I would often think the phrase ‘back in the brain’ upon returning home from being out, so we turned it into a song. It’s my ode to solitude. The animation, drawn and colored by hand, brings this idea to life. Through the eyes of Bob the Hippie – an extremely groovy dude who lives inside of a lava lamp – we witness the magical confusion of seclusion.” Cones will be playing Echo Park Rising in LA later this month before heading out on an East Coast tour this September. Learn more on their website, here. Back In The Brain is out on all streaming services via Canvasclub. 

August 8, 2017

An enigmatic musician and actor who goes by the name of Boy Epic had us thoroughly captivated with his incendiary sound earlier this year when he released his genre defying single Kanye’s In My Head then followed it up with an EP entitled Everything’s Strange. The Dallas based talent, who’s known for his seamlessly merging film and music, continues to prove himself a noir-pop sensation with new single and video Up Down. Boy Epic, who’s inspired by the likes of Christopher Nolan and Depeche Mode, certainly bring both the director’s cinematic magnificence and the band’s dark vibrancy to his new song and its uniquely entrancing visuals. To say tense ticking, orchestral lush Up Down is grandiose is an understatement. Its video, which Boy Epic animated himself, was crafted frame-by-frame to give it that old-school, stop motion animation feel. 

“The video tells a story of a young boy stuck in time trying to be with the love of his life, while the lyrics play the narrative, the devil is in the details,“ he comments. Up Down is an electrifying and gripping alt package that brings rock, electronica, and pop altogether at once, evoking bands like Missio, Linkin Park, and AWOLNATION in the process. The single is available, here.

May 24, 2017

We’re kicking off this new set of shares with something beautiful yet hushed. Crazy, Stoned, & Gone is the latest song from Los Angeles based lo-fi folk singer songwriter Angelo De Augustine. The pensively soothing lullaby comes with a lovely animated music video, directed by illustrious musician Sufjan Stevens. Crazy, Stoned, & Gone is an understated treat for both the eyes and ears. The song is lifted off of Angelo De Augustine’s new album Swim Inside The Moon, arriving on August 25th via Asthmatic Kitty. Pre-order, here.