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June 22, 2017

Our excitement for RAC’s star studded new album EGO continues to grow at an exponential rate as André Allen Anjos unleashes this lush dazzler named The Beautiful Game, which features everyone’s favorite tropical synthpop project from Brooklyn, St. Lucia! The Beautiful Game is the perfect balance between RAC’s exuberant dance vitality and St. Lucia’s 80′s inspired leafy luxuriance. The Beautiful Game is all palm trees and linen shirts, shades and fruity cocktails. EGO is going to be one spectacular record, bursting with jaw dropping cameos. The Grammy award winning producer’s last single off of EGO, I Still Wanna Know, features Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. We now know that The Beautiful Game will also feature the likes of MNDR, Joywave, Scavenger Hunt, Pink Feathers, Karl Kling, K.Flay, and so much more. EGO arrives on July 14th via Counter Records, pre-order what will surely be one of the must have albums of summer, here. Catch RAC on tour for EGO this fall, or at Outside Lands Music Festival in August, which is where you can find me.

February 13, 2016

I had to scoop my jaw off the floor after seeing this one surface earlier today. One of the most prolific producers and remixers of our time, RAC, has reworked one of the best electronic tracks of 2015 (off one of the best electronic albums of that year), Bob Moses’ Tearing Me Up. RAC has such mind blowing aptitude in all his remix projects, in this case, pun intended, tearing it up on a shuffling edit of the slinking tune. He stays true to the original’s smoldering richness, suffusing it thickly with a heavy bounce and purring bass, complimented by frisky synths. This is one sexy cat of a remix. Purchase the track from iTunes.

January 14, 2016

Danish producer MORTEN recently joined forces with Swedish songstress Frida Sundemo on Beautiful Heartbeat, which now goes on a mesmerizing indie dance journey on a remix by ever prominent producer RAC. Though lusciously driving, the edit is by far one of RAC’s darker turns, a stronghold of abyssal beats and deep seated introspection. This Beautiful Heartbeat palpates in an ocean of wired tension, a submersion of emotionally charged beauty. RAC’s hypnotic remix will be out on January 15th.

January 6, 2016

In 2015, IHM had the great pleasure of premiering several fantastic tracks from a Los Angeles based band named Little Wolves, including a riveting blend of synthpop, indie rock, and alt pop named Alone. On the track, Little Wolves delivers a captivating contrast of bittersweet emotion and breezy, upbeat mirth. The song was but one of several Little Wolves songs, all produced by RAC’s Andre Anjos, that mesmerized me immensely. With the new year, Little Wolves has many great surprises planned for us. While we wait excitedly for their next great song and more collaborative affairs, we get to wax nostalgic to the beauty of a live acoustic version of Alone. Sway to its tender guitar strums and float away to its heavenly vocals as we look forward to a very exciting 2016 for Little Wolves. Don’t forget to hold up a lighter and turn down the lights.

September 26, 2015

Seriously, is RAC just constantly creating new music, never taking a break? He adds to his constant stream of productions, remixes, and songs with a polished, bright gem named 3AM, which features vocals by Katie Herzig once again. Katie’s crystalline vocals are achingly sensational on 3AM, which tenderly simmers and enchantingly sparkles in a surprisingly poignant manner for RAC. As someone who, despite all the frenetic dance songs I love, still falls hardest for the sweetly stirring, heart string tugging ballads, this is easily a favorite RAC song out of the sea of incredible music he’s given us over the years. 3AM is part of RAC’s monthly singles series, but honestly, I have a hard time keeping track of what schedule he’s set on for different sorts of releases. All that matters is he continues to give us stunning, moving music, like 3AM. 3AM is out now via Battlestation Records. Excuse me as I go sigh in the corner now…

September 17, 2015

Several weeks ago, IHM had the pleasure of premiering Little Wolves’ Alone, one of several bittersweet but upbeat and wildly infectious songs produced by RAC from the blooming Los Angeles band. Alone gets a splendorous indie electronic remix, courtesy of Don Patrick from LA synthpop band DWNTWN. Don Patrick gives Alone a wonderfully lush and buoyant makeover that reminds me of some of Diplo or Major Lazer’s summery jams. The remix’s energy is irresistibly contagious as is its bright, glowing warmth. Stripped of the original’s melancholic undercurrents, this new version of Alone radiates a dreamier, optimistic aura. Hit up Little Wolves’ Soundcloud to hear the original.

September 11, 2015

It’s near unbelievable and rather dizzying how RAC is able to craft so much incredible music with such consistency, and demonstrate a strong grip on a full spectrum of sound with those releases, too. Andre Anjos’ latest brilliant reconstruction is a chic and classy remix of Doe Paoro’s pulsing and dark ingle Nostalgia. RAC takes the Brooklyn artist’s crisply thumping pop gem and gives it a banging disco groove saturated with a subtle gloom. The terrific original is on Doe Paoro’s new album After, out September 25th on Anti-. 

August 30, 2015

RAC is all geared up for a slew of festival dates soon, and in between that, all the remixes he thrills our ears with, and the production work he does on other acts’ music, Andre Anjos is unleashing a fabulous new original on us, too. Revel in the rich synthpop opulence of Can’t Forget You, which features guest vocals by Los Angeles based pop starlet Chelsea Lankes, also a much IHM praised talent. Chelsea Lankes and RAC is a heavenly union, delivering a weightless and slick blend of dance rock and electropop to soundtrack the memories left behind from summer’s glorious run. Snag the tune now, on iTunes.

August 25, 2015


It’s with great pleasure that IHM gets to premiere another fabulous Little Wolves song. The Los Angeles based band, formed by long time collaborators Samuel Jacob and Ronnie Watson, have been teaming up with RAC on some wonderfully catchy indie pop gems this summer, each one as endearing and resounding as the last. Latest song Alone is another fine composite of Little Wolves’ synth pop, indie rock, and alt pop . Dripping in bittersweet emotion and steeped in lovelorn sentiment despite its lightly skipping step and lusciously breezy synths, Alone explores the pangs of heartbreak and a fear of solitude. Like Little Wolves’ other absorbing songs, Alone ambles and skates through the air with a seeming nonchalance, but underneath that sparkling ease is much angst and rue. Once again, RAC, or Andre Anjos, executive produces Alone, and his limber indie dance pop trademark is unmistakable on the song. Alone was also mixed by Andrew Maury, as well as engineered by Karl Kling. Re-visit Little Wolves’ other songs and some terrific remixes on their Soundcloud.

July 30, 2015

We can always count on RAC to keep busy and offer us endless great music, whether it’s remixes, originals, or production duties on other acts’ stuning tunes, ie. Little Wolves’ recent tracks. For his latest, Mr. Anjos reveals a brand new song named Falling Hard. The electronic pop song is surprisingly dark, glitchy, and moody, plus it features Los Angeles electro pop chanteuse Madi Diaz on enthralling vocal duties. It’s a stark contrast to RAC’s peppy, bright tunes like previous original Back Of The Car. Bewitching, dusky Falling Hard is part of RAC’s single series project, where the solo songwriter releases a collection of tracks monthly. The riveting single will be out July 31st. RAC will be touring across the US this fall.