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May 19, 2018

The name American Nightmare sounds like a horror film or television series that I would gladly watch. But I’m far from disappointed that it’s the title of a new track from JØUR. True to form, the song’s billowing synths are dark and warped, giving the alt pop song a rather haunting undertone. Yet American Nightmare also boasts snappy beats and funky guitar curls, as well as sweet, honeyed vocals. JØUR enthralls us with the shadowplay on her new song, even reminding us of music from Twin Peaks in the process, as well as Men I Trust’s plush grooving music and LA band Breakfast’s contorted electronic pop (they’ve been MIA for quite some time). American Nightmare’s binary constitution evokes a common trope from many of my favorite shows and movies. Everything might seem perfect on the surface, but buried below is much growing decay. American Dream is the first track from JØUR’s upcoming record, Chiaroscuro. Stay tuned as she continues to release more music throughout 2018.

December 15, 2016

Controversy and drama aside, it’s undeniable that California’s Hippie Sabotage is well versed in the electronic arts. After all, these are the fellows who gave us Habits, that tantalizing Tove Lo flip which I’ll love till the day I die. The duo make their return to IHM with a fresh new re-work, turning their attention to pop purveyor JØUR’s cottony floating pop gem, American Nightmare. They sample the track and forge Lights Out from its components, serving up an electrifying future beats cut full of restless, fidgeting energy. Stuttering drums and rolling snares jab at us mercilessly, delivering a sensory explosion of ambient sonic magnificence. Listen to the original, here. The difference is night and day.