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June 28, 2017

I know this one’s been making the rounds for a large part of the month already, garnering support all across the board, but we’re still super excited to drop on some Amelia Airhorn, in case you haven’t caught wind of this buzzing new project from New York just yet. So, who exactly is Amelia Airhorn? A new production auteur? A surprise starlet here to shake things up? Not quite. Amelia Airhorn is in fact a mega collaboration between The Knocks and Skylar Spence, and they’ve already released a buzz worthy mixtape, or album, named ‘The Knocks & Skylar Spence Present… Amelia Airhorn’. The trio of talented musicians take us right to the heart of New York on a hot steamy night with this disco spectacular, which you can stream in full, here. NY is Red Hot is one of the highlights of the album, a 70′s roller rink ready, neon twirling, churning bop of a classic banger. You can download Amelia Airhorn’s album in full, here, and trust me, you’re going to want to take this one for many a spin this summer.