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April 20, 2018

I had to look up what ‘alprazolam’ is after the utter inebriation artsea brought us on his track. It’s obvious its a pharmaceutical, but I learned from my ‘expert’ google skills that it’s a minor tranquilizer. The name seems fitting for this Brisbane producer’s nebulous future beats dazzler… We find ourselves extensively hypnotized, yet alprazolam is in no way soporific. Instead, it takes us into a murky, dusky wonderland with its watery beats and soft whispers. artsea’s opulent future bass examines the culture of addiction. It delves into a surreal conscience that is in fact, all too real. In this daydream, the world around us seems to move in slow motion above us as we view it from under water, through the lens of rippling tides and reflective waves. You can download artsea’s intoxicating bedrom electronica masterpiece via Toneden, here.

April 20, 2018

Who else, but fast rising production star Shallou could give Petit Biscuit a truly proper remix treatment? The Chicago songwriting and production talent has given Petit Biscuit’s collaboration with Lido, Problems, a jaw dropping re-imagination. You can even watch some of the process via a music video for the remix above. The original version of the song has surpassed 20 million streams. Shallou’s remix comes just as Petit Biscuit is making his Coachella debut these weekends. Both artists are without a doubt some of the most exciting producers in the scene right now, future music magnates in the making. Problems gets a celestial and ethereal re-working in Shallou’s expert hands. The spry and sprightly Odesza and Slow Magic like remix is pure euphoria, a true celebration of love. Shallou will be releasing his new Souls EP on April 27th. Indulge in a dreamy sparkling taste off the EP by streaming Vignette below. Let is float you high up into a fluorescent sky. Pre-order Souls, here.

April 6, 2018

There are plenty of rad remixes of Lorde songs off her last album Melodrama floating about, but have you heard this recent remix of Green Light by PINES? As much as all the tracks off Melodrama were brilliant, Green Light is without a doubt my favorite. The Australian duo gives the track an atmospheric blustering, coruscant sparkling future bass re-fix that totally bucks the feel of the original. The green glow of this beautifully diaphanous re-imagination, an orchestral lush transformation, reveals a scintillating new side to Green Light. You can listen to PINES on Spotify, here.

February 6, 2018

Late last year, young Dubai based producer Ruchai crushed our heats with his emotive electronica on soaring melodic bass and future bass anthem, Made Of Gold, featuring Deverano on soulful stirring vocals. Their buddy Heuse, a New Delhi based electronic artist, has given Made Of Gold a sprawling future bass and melodic bass remix, one that soars incredibly high with its cinematic synths and grandiose beats. Just as our hearts are ready to burst, Heuse brings us back down to earth with beautifully ambient, dreamy chill sections on his vast and boundless remix. Heuse’s an epic remix of an incredible original, and it’s also a free download, here.

January 31, 2018

It’s been a long road for What So Not fans like us.  From the days when What So Not was a duo that also involved future bass pioneer Flume, to when What So Not collaborated with many other incredible artists, including Marcus Marr and George Maple, to all the times we’ve caught What So Not live (including sets at SXSW and that unforgettable countdown on NYE at SnowGlobe a few years ago), we’ve been die hard fans of the project’s sensational future bass, hip hop, and electronica. And now, this week, it’s finally happened. What So Not, aka Australia’s Emoh Instead, has finally announced a DEBUT FULL LENGTH
ALBUM. Not All The Beautiful Things will arrive on March 9th via Counter Records. The immense news comes accompanied by a transcendental new track involving Sydney’s BUOY, too. Stuck In Orbit all but shoots us into orbit with its atmospheric makeup and BUOY’s exceptionally captivating vocal prowess. It’s certainly one of What So Not’s more minimalist and ambient offerings, a restrained and more subtle, yet powerful and dramatic sprawler that strips away the very pull of gravity. We float among What So Not’s dark synths and cinematic drops, dissolving in pure bliss into its rolling waves. What So Not’s album is going to be a star studded affair, as you probably already expect. You can already pre-save and pre-order, here.

December 21, 2017

I’ve only ever visited Sweden briefly, during a several hour layover in Stockholm on my way to France in autumn, but that brief foray into the beautiful country took my breath away. I can only imagine how magical Sweden is during winter, when ice and snow covers its islands and coasts, fjords and cobblestone alleys. We get a vibrant taste of that magic via Snow In Gothenburg, a new original from Swedish producer Kasbo. Though sculpted out of melancholic house and nostalgic future bass, this silky gliding, atmospheric soaring song instills in us comforting hope for the future. That snow will melt, that ice will thaw, and spring will surely arrive. In the meantime, winter is stunningly gorgeous, and from its fantastical scenery wafts the familiarity of long cherished memories. A peaceful solitude overtakes us. Watch the music video for Kasbo’s Snow In Gothenburg below. Download the song, here.

November 9, 2017

I’ve been listening to this one countless times since it first surfaced late last week. Yes, Beam is another track off Petit Biscuit’s highly anticipated debut album Presence, and it’s as beautiful as electronic music comes. The French producer’s ambient aria and textured future beats reflects the ethereal flickers and chill trap complexity of fellow electronic projects like Odesza and Flume. Petit Biscuit beams up straight up to heaven with his song. Watch the music video for Beam below, and partake in a truly magical audio-visual experience. Pre-order Presence, which drops tomorrow, here.

September 14, 2017

I rarely have trouble falling asleep at night, yet I’m a night owl who’s usually still “sleepless” in the wee hours of the morning. In other words, I’m sleepless by choice. Who could choose to go to sleep when sweet music like this song is wafting through our ears and seeping through our souls? Chicago’s much revered and ever versatile electronic trio Autograf places us in a blissful trance with Sleepless In NYC, a weightless wafting, dreamy meditative, yet pellucid throbbing and acute percolating ambient house meets thorny trap piece. Smooth lissome vocals by a mysterious vocalist add to the song’s plush and fleecy effect. We float high above NYC’s concrete jungle underneath a phosphorescent moon as we feel the sharp tugs of a wistful yearning on our hearts. Autograf’s Sleepless In NYC is available via major platforms, here.

August 31, 2017

Enigmatic producer ‘i dont do crowds’ hails from Florida, and he must have a penchant for his fellow Floridian musicians, because he’s transformed one of my favorite art rock and folktronica bands from the Sunshine State a beautiful chill electronic makeover on Somewhere In Between. Some of Jai Wolf’s panoramic future trap permeates the atmospheric and ambient, summery and surreal track. Somewhere In Between is prime for summer chilling and epic daydreaming. Nicole Miglis’ haunting vocals are embedded in a wondrous soundscape consisting of organic swelling future bass and ethereal chopping chill trap. The starry eyed track is a free download, here.

March 5, 2017

Andrew Luce’s latest remix has been a favorite of mine since it surfaced on Friday. I’ve treated my ears to its atmospheric billowing, fine speckled trap many times over since. The Los Angeles based production wizard has given everyone’s favorite LANY song, ILYSB, a breathtaking makeover. It surges regally while also mesmerizing with a motley array of intricate beats and rhythms. Andrew Luce reports that he’d been slaving away on the track for the past four months. He’s glad to finally get it out, as are we. Download his ILYSB remix for free, here.