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May 19, 2018

It was a year ago that we first discovered Soft Corporate, right around the time they made their debut with Boats. We were immediately taken in by the band’s ruminative music. The four piece Melbourne outfit returns today with a leisurely brooding new chamber pop meets ambient rock single named Full Of Nothing. A haunting string section, courtesy of violinist Kelly Lane, joins pensive keys and melancholic vocals to create a quiet sense of unease. Our own hearts begin to ache rather blissfully as we ride the gentle tide of this beautifully mournful canticle. The band will be launching the single on June 2nd at The Toff In Town in Melbourne. Tickets are on sale now. Soft Corporate’s Full of Nothing is out now.

May 14, 2018

If you haven’t listened to the new Beach House album yet, I highly suggest you get on it, quick! The Baltimore dream pop duo have put out an exceptional new full length, and my current favorite off the record is this gazey purling, dreamy purling song, Lemon Glow, though that could swiftly change within the next few days since there are so many amazing songs on 7. Hit up their webstore, here, for some cool merchandise and purchase links. 

February 19, 2018

In a few short days, Lo Moon’s self titled debut arrives, and we can’t wait to check it out, particularly after the quartet from Los Angeles has given us such deeply introspective beauties like Thorns, Loveless, and This Is It. We can even add new track My Money to the growing list of immense Lo Moon songs. It’s a glazed billowing, chiffon drifting infusion of atmospheric pop and experimental rock, and exactly the kind of profoundly affecting, emotively charged spectacular that has made us such big Lo Moon fans. The band’s debut album, which was produced by Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie), can be pre-ordered here before it’s out this Friday, February 23rd. 

February 2, 2018

Not only is a new song from Girlpool an unexpected and welcome delight, but this fine gem also features Dev Hynes, or Blood Orange, on backing vocals, guitars, keyboards, and mixing. Picturesong is a gauzy skating, languid hovering song that certainly kicks off very differently from most of the Los Angeles bands’ prior scuzzy lo-fi punk and disarming guitar pop offerings. But it builds ever so slowly and achingly towards a fuzzy roiling finish. Girlpool explores loneliness and perception on their new single, which is out now on Anti-. Catch them on tour this month in the U.S. They’ll be stopping by the Great American Music Hall in SF on February 21st. 

February 2, 2018

SYML, the Seattle based musician also known for his role as founder and frontman of Barcelona, has carved out a little niche of his own with his solo music this past year, and that niche has resonated with so many people that his music has now become mainstream radio fodder, too. Last month, Brian Fennell released SYML’s latest EP, In My Body, a six track exposé and a transcendental invitation to join Brian on a journey of introspection and connection. SYML’s music is always beautifully pensive and introspectively haunting. This week, a new music video has been released for EP track The War, a diaphanous sweeping dose of his deeply moving combination of ambient pop, atmospheric rock, and dream folk. It’s a rather devastating ballad, with mournful keys and afflicted vocals. The War’s video tells a rather dark tale of judgement, condemnation, and devastation. You can stream/purchase SYML’s In My Body EP, here. I look forward to catching him at SXSW, but you can also catch him on tour at a wide expanse of locations over the next few months. For more details, visit SYML’s website, here.

January 24, 2018

British singer songwriter Allman Brown has announced a new EP, set to be released on March 16th while he’s in the U.S. for SXSW. Alongside the announcement comes our first taste of the release, a gently gliding but dynamically progressing indie ballad named Bury My Heart, whose finely layered guitars and soulful vocals are deeply affecting and atmospherically enthralling, like a cross between Ben Howard and James Vincent McMorrow. Bury My Heart was produced by Allman Brown’s frequent collaborator Liz Lawrence. Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to hear Allman Brown’s new music in Austin this March. In the meantime, you can also stream/download the track, here.

January 16, 2018

It might be two months away from now, but SXSW is on every obsessive music fan’s mind right now and I already have a growing list of must see artists and bands lingering in my mind. One such act is SYML, the musician from Seattle who’s also much loved as a founding member and the frontman of the band Barcelona. I imagine myself melting straight into the floor when I finally get to listen to his ambient pop and dream folk live, and though I’m still much absorbed by his breakout single Where’s My Love, I can’t help but fully surrender myself to his sophomore EP, In My Body, too. The EP, which just dropped last Friday, opens with this stunning song, Body, a somberly pensive yet eloquently billowing composition, saturated with lush instrumentals and SYML’s fluid and emotive vocals. Body is beautifully haunting and but another example of SYML’s exceptional ability to take us on a transcendental sojourn with his deeply moving, ever devastating music. Stream In My Body in full on Soundcloud, here. Download from iTunes, here.

November 17, 2017

My heart literally skipped more than a beat earlier this afternoon when I happened to come across news of a new song from Patrick Watson. The Montreal based singer songwriter has been a respected member of the music scene since the early 2000′s, but it was around 2011, just before the release of his full length Adventures In Your Own Backyard, that I happened upon his music and fell ever deeply in love with his exquisite orchestral and folk steeped sound. Broken seems to be Patrick’s first song since 2015 album Love Songs For Robots. It arrives by way of music video, and it’s an exquisitely moving ballad that sees Patrick Watson bridging the halcyon beauty of early James Vincent McMorrow and the dynamic ambiance of Ben Howard, with perhaps a bit of BANNERS, Aquilo, and Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s effusive, expansive sentimentality mixed in, too. Broken near leaves me broken with its beauty. Patrick Watson calls it a one off he wanted to share before his next record, and he dedicates the song to the storms we went through. You can get the single, here.

September 16, 2017

“Heat (It covers everything)” wraps around us with its synthwave ripples and lavish dreamscape from the start. I guess you can say it covers us from head to toe with its luxuriant opulence. The track comes from Japan’s ever intoxicating The fin., who spent their summer in the UK releasing tracks made perfectly for the summer sun. “Heat (It covers everything)” is the end of summer and the start of autumn. I can almost feel the a fall breeze tickling my skin while a brilliant sun peaks through the rustling leaves of tree all around us. That cool wind fights with the remains of a late summer heat wave. We shiver, at once cold and warm, as The fin.’s atmospheric dream pop and ambient rock winds its shimmering way through our hearts. Those in the UK can catch The fin. on tour this fall with KOYO and LITE.

September 16, 2017

New The Killers song Some Kind Of Love is said to be inspired by Brian Eno, who’s even credited as a songwriter on the track. Some Kind Of Love draws heavily from Brian Eno’s 1983 song An Ending (Ascent). It’s a serenely meandering, ambient roaming beauty, topped off with Brandon Flowers’ signature vocals and the Vegas heartthrobs’ trademark heartland twang. Some Kind Of Love drips with optimism and hope. It’s the heartening and inspiring anthem we all need. New The Killers album Wonderful Wonderful arrives September 22nd on Island Records, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people are wild with excitement for the release. If you haven’t pre-ordered the album yet, you can do so, here.