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February 19, 2018

In a few short days, Lo Moon’s self titled debut arrives, and we can’t wait to check it out, particularly after the quartet from Los Angeles has given us such deeply introspective beauties like Thorns, Loveless, and This Is It. We can even add new track My Money to the growing list of immense Lo Moon songs. It’s a glazed billowing, chiffon drifting infusion of atmospheric pop and experimental rock, and exactly the kind of profoundly affecting, emotively charged spectacular that has made us such big Lo Moon fans. The band’s debut album, which was produced by Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie), can be pre-ordered here before it’s out this Friday, February 23rd. 

February 15, 2018

Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s 2017 debut album Revival was an intensive emotional experience. Brisbane musician Tim Bettinson pummeled our hearts with his satin smooth vocals and his dulcet melting ambient pop on the record. I was lucky enough to catch him on tour in a very intimate space after the release of Revival; it was an unforgettable experience. In the following months, VSC has stayed reticent with his work, so my breath immediately caught in my throat and my heart fluttered near out of my chest when I came across Closure, Tim’s brand new single featuring Drew Love of alt hip hop/R&B visionaries THEY. I’d never have guessed the two projects could go so well together, but Closure is the perfect juncture between Drew Love’s waxy hip hop vocals and Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s glacial synths, glassy crooning, and cavernous sonic aesthetic. The remarkable song is an atmospheric brooding, glossy swiveling indie electro tour de force, and it marks a new chapter of music to come from Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

February 15, 2018

Come Friday, we get our next full moon. And it’s a very special one, too. Friday’s waxed moon heralds the coming of a brand new lunar new year. And we get to gaze wistfully into its bright glow to the tune of Bad Moon, a beautifully ambling new track from indie electronic duo Ardency. Taken from their forthcoming EP, The Ones That Miss Me, it’s a deeply introspective, atmospheric drifting slice of refined electronica and downtempo pop that’ll make any moon seem more than magical. Bad Moon gusts gently and undulates softly, exuding a soft melancholy within its hypnotic tide of dreamy synths and reflective lyrics. Purchase/stream the single, here. Ardency’s forthcoming EP is described as a sincere representation of the duo’s background and inspiration as artists with its vintage synth-work, heartfelt musicality, and unique sound design. 

February 13, 2018

Let’s make our way back to Sweden as a 21 year old avant-garde pop artist named Thea Gustafsson casts an eclectic spell on us as Becky And The Birds on Holding On, a dynamic shape-shifter of an electronica and pop hybrid. Holding On starts out as a minimalist twinkler, a surreal daydream filled with wonder and beauty, before it suddenly capers skywards and bursts into a breathtaking and opulent prism. We hold on for dear life, infused with life, as we take flight with Becky And The Birds, before she quiets our restless hearts with her lullaby once again. It’s hard to believe Holding On is only this singer songwriter and producer’s first single, and we can’t wait to hear what the rest of her forthcomign debut EP sounds like. 

February 13, 2018

22 year old Australian singer songwriter and producer Yoste delivers a rush of heady and ethereal euphoria on his latest single, Arc, a beautiful reminder why he’s made many an appearance on IHM over the years. In fact, we’ve even had the pleasure of premiering his music in the past. Arc’s bedroom electronica and ambient pop is a chiffon gliding, dewy-eyed flutter high above the sediments of earth. It’s lightly perfumed with soft tender future beats and gently glazed with Yoste’s pensively ethereal voice. Yoste makes a gorgeous imprint on our 2018 with his first release of the year, but we expect much more sonic bliss to come from the artist as the year progresses, too. An EP is slated to arrive on Akira Records later this year. “The road to ‘Arc’ is littered with almost-good-enough ideas,” says Yoste. “I was like a blocked stream and suddenly I had to get it all out at once. It was tortuous but the result was cathartic, and resulted in ‘Arc’ coming together over the course of just one day.” He folds us into his organic composition, whose components seamlessly seep into one another, like the very emotions restlessly interlacing within our hearts whilst we’re listening to the song. Arc is available, here.

February 3, 2018

AMETHYSTS must love precious stones and the color purple very much. Even their new single Be There comes with artwork drenched in a deep violet hue. The pair, who first spellbound us over a year ago with their debut single My Love, make a sublime return on new dulcet glimmering, lissome billowing ballad Be There. It’s a soulful and ambient pop song steeped in liquid synths and dreamy glistening guitars.  Clarice and Simon, the two talents who make up AMETHYSTS, spent the second half of last year hidden away in a rural studio in the idyllic eastern countryside crafting their new music. 

Discussing the single, the duo stated: “Be There explores and conveys the passion and ambition in us both, lyrically and musically. After an evening of jamming, its 6/8 time signature and catchy vocal line just fell into place within a few hours. It’s the first song we’ve written in 6/8. Clarice took to writing the lyrics from an optimistic yet emotional place hoping it would help to self heal during a personal family affair”. Be There will be available on all major digital platforms on February 5th, and an EP is expected to arrive later this year. 

February 2, 2018

SYML, the Seattle based musician also known for his role as founder and frontman of Barcelona, has carved out a little niche of his own with his solo music this past year, and that niche has resonated with so many people that his music has now become mainstream radio fodder, too. Last month, Brian Fennell released SYML’s latest EP, In My Body, a six track exposé and a transcendental invitation to join Brian on a journey of introspection and connection. SYML’s music is always beautifully pensive and introspectively haunting. This week, a new music video has been released for EP track The War, a diaphanous sweeping dose of his deeply moving combination of ambient pop, atmospheric rock, and dream folk. It’s a rather devastating ballad, with mournful keys and afflicted vocals. The War’s video tells a rather dark tale of judgement, condemnation, and devastation. You can stream/purchase SYML’s In My Body EP, here. I look forward to catching him at SXSW, but you can also catch him on tour at a wide expanse of locations over the next few months. For more details, visit SYML’s website, here.

January 20, 2018

Heads up, fans of New Zealand indie pop siblings BROODS! Though the pair haven’t released anything new since their magnificent sophomore album Conscious last summer, Georgia Nott of BROODS has launched a new solo endeavor named The Venus Project, whose music is created completely by women. A full album has already been readied for release on March 8th, or International Women’s Day, and we now get to partake in its first single Won’t Hurt, a delicately trickling, dusky ethereal electro-pop and alt pop gem that takes us back to BROODS’ earlier, more subtle and understated days. It’s a gorgeous tune, and it’s available, here.

January 16, 2018

It might be two months away from now, but SXSW is on every obsessive music fan’s mind right now and I already have a growing list of must see artists and bands lingering in my mind. One such act is SYML, the musician from Seattle who’s also much loved as a founding member and the frontman of the band Barcelona. I imagine myself melting straight into the floor when I finally get to listen to his ambient pop and dream folk live, and though I’m still much absorbed by his breakout single Where’s My Love, I can’t help but fully surrender myself to his sophomore EP, In My Body, too. The EP, which just dropped last Friday, opens with this stunning song, Body, a somberly pensive yet eloquently billowing composition, saturated with lush instrumentals and SYML’s fluid and emotive vocals. Body is beautifully haunting and but another example of SYML’s exceptional ability to take us on a transcendental sojourn with his deeply moving, ever devastating music. Stream In My Body in full on Soundcloud, here. Download from iTunes, here.

January 16, 2018

There’s no denying how deeply Haux’s music connects with our hearts, nor any refuting of how hauntingly beautiful the elusive artist’s folktronica and ambient electronica can be. Woodson Black, who had a pivotal 2017 with the release of his magnificent debut EP All We’ve Known, seems to know the hidden chambers of our hearts on Heartbeats, his new song and video from a forthcoming sophomore EP. Though an icy chilling, atmospheric hovering track, Heartbeats is as emotively poignant and ghostly stirring as ever. It leaves me with chills rippling through my body, and goosebumps rising on my skin. The Berkshires based artist’s striking new ballad is a tender humming sigh and a soft trembling murmur, drawn gently across our ears, repossessing our souls with a lonesome sadness. The video that accompanies this introspective journey was filmed in the Cape Cod seaside town of Truro, Massachusetts, and it features Sam Laiz and model Chloe Nørgaard. The clip previews a forthcoming companion film, giving us a glimpse of the characters and a narrative which tracks a young carpenter whose life takes an unexpected turn when he falls for a girl with pink hair and a dour secret. At the end of a whirlwind three days romance, the young man is left with a difficult choice that explores the depths of love, loss, and  atonement. Haux’s sophomore EP and companion short film Something To Remember arrives March 30th. Pre-order, here.