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April 19, 2018

Hometown San Francisco indie hero Geographer joins new wave pop artist So Much Light (aka Damien Verrett) on his luscious new track Waiting For The Moment. Mike Deni of Geographer lends his unique voice and adroit songwriting talent to exultant electronic and R&B pop anthem, rife with soaring synths and Phantogram like slick shifting chords. Verrett describes the process of working with Deni as “fluid” stating, “it wasn’t until we began to write the lyrics that I fully appreciated the harmony of our ideas and lifestyles. I look up to Mike and his achievements as a musician, so it was validating to see some of my own thoughts regarding mindfulness reflected in his personal philosophy..” adding, “To me, this collaboration really exemplified the ‘mind-meld’ you strive for when working with another artist.” The two will be going on tour together to support So Much Light’s 2017 debut album ‘Oh, Yuck’. Waiting For The Moment is on Apple Music, here. Find out more about So Much Light and  Geographer’s tour at

April 19, 2018

Even though winter seems like forever ago, I still recall January 5th like it was but last night, because that’s when I witnessed the magnificence of Los Angeles based singer songwriter Saro live at Popscene. And now, he’s contributed his remarkable voice to a new song from Slaters, the mysterious Brooklyn duo who held us spellbound earlier this year on debut single Danger, featuring TOULOUSE. One is Slaters’ second official single, a satiny sensuous future bass and misty nostalgic R&B pop tessellation. The single is available now via Terrible Records, here.

April 19, 2018

News of a sophomore album from Wet was met with much revelry and joy last month, when the Brooklyn project shared new song There’s A Reason after debuting new material at Air + Style. We were one of many who were elated by the band’s sudden return, and now we get to celebrate the arrival of a second song from their as of now still untitled sophomore album, too. Wet reverts back to their tenderly aching synthpop tonality on Softens. They strike our hearts with their beautifully melancholic, stringy lush track ahead of a headline tour that will bring them to San Francisco in early June. I’m guessing we’ll be hearing more about that new album soon. For now, melt away to Softens, which is available, here.

April 13, 2018

If there really were a “broken hearts club”, it’d probably be really hard to become a member. There are a lot of broken hearts in this world, and we’re all clamoring for some comfort and respite from the anguish and torment that the affliction brings us. Just remember, we’re not alone, and we have gnash to sooth us with his new lullaby now, too. The California producer surprises us with a chill, acoustic alt-R&B route on “the broken hearts club”. Lonesome guitar strums and gnash’s soft, heartfelt vocals tug at our capacity for empathy and commiseration. Heartbreak has never been more exquisite and endearing. For a moment, we’re actually thankful we get to feel every tiny twinge that comes with heartaches. We wouldn’t want to be left out of this club and miss out on wallowing with gnash. Download/stream “the broken hearts club”, here

April 12, 2018


Belgium by way of London singer songwriter ANDRÆ, formerly known as Andre Tajchman, has been working on his new project for the past year. His meticulous dedication to crafting emotionally charged, atmospheric stunning soundscapes is more than apparent on new single Dam, our first taste of his forthcoming EP, Denial. Named after the Kübler-Ross model’s first stage of grief – ‘Denial’ – the EP will be a journey exploring the different emotions that accompany loss. ‘Dam’ is an analogy describing the breaking point when all repressed feelings finally flow out, destroying everything around. It’s a song about not being able to contain the pain that accompanies loss, and watching it come to the surface with force. Like a storm about to break, Dam is tightly wound and starkly striking. It courses with electrifying intensity despite its sparse minimalism and austere constitution. ANDRÆ’s soulful voice resonates with crisp, poignant clarity alongside Dam’s Balearic-styled steel drums. It’s a combination that evokes Nick Murphy and Jamie xx, steeped in gripping Until The Ribbon Breaks and SOHN-like aesthetics. The entrancing troubadour breaks down the walls that surround our hearts with the solemn weight of his grief driven, heartbreak inspired song, offering us the sweet release we need to begin healing from our very own blistering wounds. Watch ANDRÆ’s music video, shot in Hackney Wick, London, below. You can keep up with  ANDRÆ via his website, Facebook, or Instagram

March 28, 2018

I’m a very level headed person who doesn’t startle easily (my friends use me as a “human shield” when we visit haunted houses for Halloween). So it’s very hard to make me jump or act frenetic with sudden noises. You could say my reaction to such a predicament might be reflected in the slinky burning drawl of this new Zanski jam, Reaction To Sudden Noise. The hazy, sooty velour of the song is a must for fans of projects like Opia, Two Feet, slenderbodies, and the such. The Toronto based alt R&B/soul artist seduces us with his torrid funk guitars and his buttery voice on the fine addition to his slowly growing repertoire of chic and sexy tunes. An EP will be arriving on May 18th. For now, you can also spin Reaction To Sudden Noise off Spotify, here.

March 24, 2018

There’s no possible way a new Marian Hill song could surface without us giving it some love here on IHM. We have less than two months to go before the duo release their sophomore album, and we also can’t wait to catch them at Coachella and on tour in San Francisco. The platinum-certified Philadelphia project spellbinds us as they tend to do with new song Differently. Slinky beats and wily bass are interspersed spaciously across the snazzy song, making it a mischievous pouncing, sensual prowling new Marian Hill treat that we can’t put down. Differently was produced by Marian Hill and notable Canadian producer Boi-1da (Drake, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Rey). The duo also recently released a short episode for Differently as part of their ten one-minute visual series which conceptualizes each song off forthcoming album Unsual. Watch the episode for Differently below. Sophomor ealbum Unusual drops on May 11th. Pre-order, here, if you haven’t already done so like we have. Visit their website, here, for spring tour dates. 

March 7, 2018

I know it’s been a moment since we’ve visited with dashing Los Angeles based singer songwriter Lostboycrow, but it’s high time we delve into the melting crooner’s new EP, Traveler: The Third Legend, out now. The release completes his Traveler trilogy, and it’s a potent five track collection of deeply stirring gems. To be honest, we’ve had a very hard time selecting a track to highlight from the EP, but let’s turn our attention to Cindy At The Window, the third track off the release and a molten brooder of an alt/electro R&B meets progressive soul song. The production on the track is on point, scintillating and scalding, while Lostboycrow’s voice and its velvety velour inundates us with the pangs and anguish of lovelorn heartache. You can stream Traveler: The Third Legend in full on Soundcloud, here.

February 28, 2018

Australian alt band Chase Atlantic are known for their dark alternative pop, heavily saturated with both rock and R&B. The trio of brothers and pals more than slay on their latest single, Swim, a much electro-R&B leaning syrupy jam that comes with a nebulous video soaked fittingly in a purple haze. Swim is lifted from their self titled album from last year, which can be streamed and purchased via all major platforms, here.

February 20, 2018

The circumference of the globe spans 24,901 miles. At a million miles, we can circle the globe over 40 times. But such an arduous journey might be well worth our time, if it could bring us to London’s Bakar, the brilliant artist who caught our attention a few months ago with his deep croon and his dynamic and genre bending offerings. His new song is named ‘million miles’, and he gives us a front seat to his rapid fire vocals on the hard-to-classify offering that melds dance rock, alt hip hop, and a billion other things together, kind of like a strangely enthralling amalgamation of Gorillaz, Yellow Days, King Krule, and Kid Cudi. When it comes to creativity and eclectic genius, Bakar is a new king. Stream more of this visionary artist’s music on Soundcloud, here.