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April 30, 2018

Ah, Zanski and that slinky burning drawl… It melts me to the core every time I listen to one of his tunes. I guess you could say I’m a “fool’ for Fool, but in a good way. The electro-soul and R&B funk swooner is the Canadian artist’s latest exhibition of fine musicality and expert delivery, a Jai Paul meets Opia and RKCB sort of gooey, moody sonic courter. It’s a new taste from Zanski’s forthcoming EP, Derivative Emotion, arriving next month. You can also jam out to Fool on Spotify, here.

March 28, 2018

We might have missed out on this newcomer from the Midwest up till now, but it’s better late than never. And I’m sure you’ll agree once you’ve taken in the majesty and beauty of 1010 Benja SL’s R&B soul on recent single Wind Up Space. Tell me this isn’t a phenomenally moving piece, embellished with grand orchestral strings and brass. The electronic production on the song is immaculate, too, and 1010 Benja SL’s clarion voice emits such powerful anguish and regret. Wind Up Space is both cosmic and austere. Watch the starkly moving video for the song above, and stream his song Boofiness below, too. 

March 28, 2018

I’m a very level headed person who doesn’t startle easily (my friends use me as a “human shield” when we visit haunted houses for Halloween). So it’s very hard to make me jump or act frenetic with sudden noises. You could say my reaction to such a predicament might be reflected in the slinky burning drawl of this new Zanski jam, Reaction To Sudden Noise. The hazy, sooty velour of the song is a must for fans of projects like Opia, Two Feet, slenderbodies, and the such. The Toronto based alt R&B/soul artist seduces us with his torrid funk guitars and his buttery voice on the fine addition to his slowly growing repertoire of chic and sexy tunes. An EP will be arriving on May 18th. For now, you can also spin Reaction To Sudden Noise off Spotify, here.

March 7, 2018

I know it’s been a moment since we’ve visited with dashing Los Angeles based singer songwriter Lostboycrow, but it’s high time we delve into the melting crooner’s new EP, Traveler: The Third Legend, out now. The release completes his Traveler trilogy, and it’s a potent five track collection of deeply stirring gems. To be honest, we’ve had a very hard time selecting a track to highlight from the EP, but let’s turn our attention to Cindy At The Window, the third track off the release and a molten brooder of an alt/electro R&B meets progressive soul song. The production on the track is on point, scintillating and scalding, while Lostboycrow’s voice and its velvety velour inundates us with the pangs and anguish of lovelorn heartache. You can stream Traveler: The Third Legend in full on Soundcloud, here.

February 28, 2018

Australian alt band Chase Atlantic are known for their dark alternative pop, heavily saturated with both rock and R&B. The trio of brothers and pals more than slay on their latest single, Swim, a much electro-R&B leaning syrupy jam that comes with a nebulous video soaked fittingly in a purple haze. Swim is lifted from their self titled album from last year, which can be streamed and purchased via all major platforms, here.

February 20, 2018

The circumference of the globe spans 24,901 miles. At a million miles, we can circle the globe over 40 times. But such an arduous journey might be well worth our time, if it could bring us to London’s Bakar, the brilliant artist who caught our attention a few months ago with his deep croon and his dynamic and genre bending offerings. His new song is named ‘million miles’, and he gives us a front seat to his rapid fire vocals on the hard-to-classify offering that melds dance rock, alt hip hop, and a billion other things together, kind of like a strangely enthralling amalgamation of Gorillaz, Yellow Days, King Krule, and Kid Cudi. When it comes to creativity and eclectic genius, Bakar is a new king. Stream more of this visionary artist’s music on Soundcloud, here.

February 2, 2018

We’ve been sounding the alarm on Sevdaliza for several years now, that’s how much we’ve been taken by the Dutch-Iranian artist’s sinuous twisting, eerie haunting music, a shiver inducing experimental blend of sensual R&B, dark pop, and trip hop inflected electronica. Her music is always gut wrenching and visceral, and the one time I was fortunate enough to catch Sevdaliza live at SXSW in Austin a few years ago, she blew me away with her stage presence and seductive performance. There was no taking your eyes off of the magnetic artist as she belted out her dusky, shadowy songs. Come this year’s Noise Pop Fest in February, Sevdaliza will finally make her San Francisco debut at the Swedish American (February 24th). I highly recommend you join us in adoring and idolizing the artist & her mesmeric appeal. Until then, entangle yourselves in her voluptuous snaking and murky haunting new song, Soul Syncable. It winds around us and bores into us. Like a snake under the spell of a snake charmer, we can’t help but writhe and bend in hedonistic exultation. Soul Syncable is available from iTunes, here.

January 26, 2018

On Call is an exhilarating track we shared previously half a year ago, but now that it’s been re-released on Foreign Family Collective, its psychedelic spiraling electro-soul and saucy slinking electronica are ripe for a re-share. The song comes from NYC based songwriter and producer White Cliffs, and it’s quite the dashing, swaggering funk imbued, bass profuse jam. It’s near impossible not to shuffle your feet and swing your hips to the plucky, stylish tune. Stream/download the single, here.

January 20, 2018

We’ve found a new band to pledge our “loyalty” to, and their name just so happens to be LOYALS, too. The project, consisting of Nashville natives, released a new song and video today, quickly capturing our ears and wooing our hearts with their sultry flushed alt/R&B pop and gooey vocals. Hold On is the latest single LOYALS has revealed off their forthcoming debut album, out February 2nd on Tooth & Nail Records. Pre-ordering information can be found on the band’s website, here

The upcoming record will be permeated with buoyant melodies and standout hooks, and it’s described as a playful demonstration of everything pop. “This record is a byproduct of our daily lives,” explains vocalist/guitarist Dane Allen. “It’s therapeutic to write what you feel in the moment, whether you’re sad, or you’re in love, or you just don’t care. We aren’t curated, we just write what we feel.”

January 11, 2018

We had our first Always Never experience when we shared Tilka’s lush future beats single Missing Home, on which the Toronto R&B singer/production duo transfixed us with smoldering vocals. The pair have since released a bevy of swooning singles, out of which the latest is an R&B soul track named Hopeless which they wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered themselves. It’s glaringly apparent that the gifted duo are an act to watch in 2018 as they enthrall and seduce us with their ethereal brooding, dark yearning serenade, reminiscent of The Weeknd and Majid Jordan. Download the single, here, and visit Always Never’s other singles on Soundcloud, here.