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May 15, 2018

After a long hiatus, English experimental folktronica band Tunng are back! They’re preparing to release a new album on August 24th, and they’ve shared a killer new coruscant shimmering tune named ABOP via a vividly colored psychotropic music video. It’s a lavish psych folk and electro song with rhythmic hooking beats. I’ve already watched the video for ABOP several times since I encountered it earlier today. It’s easily one of my favorite pieces of new music this month. I can only imagine what else Tunng has in store for us on their new album Songs You Make At Night, which can be pre-ordered, here. Tunng will head out on a limited UK/EU tour this fall. Dates can be found, here.

May 9, 2018

A band like Freedom Fry releasing a song named Cold Blooded Heart almost seems ironic, considering how sweetly affable and genuinely down to earth the French-American duo from Los Angeles has proven to be in all our encounters with the pair. But that’s exactly what Bruce Driscoll and Marie Seyrat have named their new single, a dusty rolling gem from their long awaited debut full length, arriving this summer. With it, Freedom Fry takes us to the ruthless Wild West, known for its stoic shootouts and its heart wringing escapades. But we feel cozy and safe, swaddled by the LA-based duo’s twangy strumming, bucolic stirring song. They’ve given us a heartfelt reminder to look to the future after surviving the past. Cold Blooded Heart is that welcome hearth, that dependable log cabin we return to after a long day out in the barren wilderness under a brutal sun. Our hearts may be beaten and mangled, but we’re lifted by Freedom Fry’s harmonious vocals, their beautifully lush strings, and an overwhelming sense of weathered contentment. “Make a fire, put it in your heart, I won’t let you go, I’ll make you whole again,” they coo. Freedom Fry’s debut album Classic drops on June 1st. Re-visit the title track via our feature, here.

March 6, 2018

I must confess, I don’t have the patience to sit through those classic silent films from back in the day. But my tune might be very different if they still had silent movie theaters where the films were accompanied by a live orchestra or band. In fact, I’ve experienced that once before, when Oakland’s own tUnE-yArDs soundtracked a vintage film, and it was a unique and delightful treat. I’m also sure that I could sit through anything if it’s accompanied by Aquilo’s music. I can’t even begin to count how many times the British duo has tenderized my heart and melted me to the core with their emotionally pummeling, willowy gusting music. Their latest single is named Silent Movies, and it’s a real heartrending experience, too. The Damien Rice evoking single is lifted from their forthcoming sophomore album, ‘ii’, due out May 4th. Bittersweet anguish is more than tangible on the dreamy pastoral strummer. “Silent movies always make me cry,” they coo on the song. I could almost say the same about Aquilo. Their latest single is available from iTunes, here.

February 27, 2018

Welcome news from Freedom Fry regarding their long awaited debut album Classic is

as good as any other reason to rejoice on this fine afternoon. The record arrives on July 1st, and the Los Angeles based French-American alt-folk duo, whom we’ve been long enamored with, has already shared a first taste off it. Parisian-born Marie Syrat and Michigan-born Bruce Driscoll bring us a warm infectious burst of sun-soaked indie rock and Pacific Coast Highway vibes on the album’s title track, which fuses uptempo rhythms with feel-good melodies. An earthy lush array of brass and strings accompany their endearing song, which comes on the heels of last month’s stellar “#girlpower” cover of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ Man On Fire, featured in a new animated film from Intuit that’s already racked up over 20 million views to date. As always, Freedom Fry is heartwarming and disarming on their verdant and euphonious new offering. We look forward to hearing Freedom Fry’s new song live when we make our way back to Austin for SXSW in a few short weeks. Classic is out now via all major platforms. Keep up with our favorite California indie duo by way of their website, here.

February 15, 2018

Lake Jons released their marvelous self titled debut album last month. In the days leading up to its arrival, we shared many of the Finnish lo-fi pop and psych folk band’s songs. Just as we expected, their debut album doesn’t contain a single banal track. Give Away is but one of many splendid songs from the record, and today we partake in its spacey warbling, jaunty stirring rock together. I’d encountered it on Soundcloud during my musical discovery adventures, and I just couldn’t resist popping it up for a share since it’s such a wonderfully intoxicating, heady shimmering delight. For more on Lake Jons’ debut album, visit their website, here.

February 6, 2018

Our week couldn’t have kicked off in any better way than with some more than welcome news from French-American indie troubadours Freedom Fry. The Los Angeles based alt-folk duo just announced their long awaited debut album Classic, which will arrive this summer. In celebration of the significant event, one that we’re monumentally excited over, Parisian-born Marie Seyrat and Michigan native Bruce Driscoll have shared a new cover version of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ Girl On Fire. Dubbed a “#girlpower” adaptation of the song, Freedom Fry’s dusty strumming, gently windblown folk rock rendition is warm and euphonious, with dulcet harmonies and a bucolic charm that evokes both Lucius and First Aid Kit. You can also stream the track via Spotify, here.

January 25, 2018

My list of 2018 album pre-orders keeps growing longer and longer, but there’s one debut from a new American project that I simply can’t wait to check out, and it comes from Loma, a trio whose gifted ranks include Texas’ Cross Project and Shearwater’s Jonathan Meiburg. You might recall the exquisite spell they cast on us previously with songs like Black Willow and Relay Runner. They now amplify the power of their hold on us with new song Joy, a willowy alt-folk hymnal both glacial and sylvan in its windswept and meditative beauty. Loma’s self titled album arrives February 16th on Sub Pop. Pre-order, here.

December 22, 2017

Lake Jons’ music just seems to get better and better with every new release from the Helsinki band’s forthcoming self titled debut album. My heart swells with love as the three piece enraptures us with their eccentric psych pop and folktronica on warped new single, Call Me. I find my mind drifting away joyously to the meditative twirling, spacey warbling lo-fi gem. Call Me’s pastoral beauty and kaleidoscopic distortion are like Ry X or Ásgeir Trausti fused with some Animal Collective and Tame Impala. Lake Jons’ debut album arrives January 19th via AntiFragile Music. 

December 22, 2017

It’s been well over two years since Australian artist Tanya Batt first blew us away with her amazing voice on her solo work, after which she began to debut music under the pseudonym BATTS. The singer songwriter recently released a debut EP entitled 62 Moons, and she’s totally moved us with haunting lead single Somedays, an alt-folk leaning song brimming with heartrending emotion and a gorgeously layered spacey modular array of synths & guitar. Somedays is a song that reminds us of the enormity of life and the everlasting power of heartbreak. BATTS’ five track EP is named after the 62 moons of Saturn, and that obsession with space is an underlying theme throughout her record. 62 Moons is out via THAA Records, find out more about it on BATTS’ website, here.

December 16, 2017

It’s hard to believe that my excitement for Typhoon’s next album Offerings could grow even more after the Oregon collective revealed Rorschach earlier this month, but that’s exactly what’s happened now that Kyle Morton and the rest of his merry band of gifted multi-instrumentalist and musicians have done by revealing Darker. The lush meditative, stringy dynamic indie rock song is the second official single from Offerings, and it’s just as much of a magnificent masterpiece.  Kyle Morton says of the track: “‘Darker’ is a song from the third movement of our new record, Offerings, detailing the final stages of our character’s memory crisis, in which he loses those distinctions separating self from other. Naturally, chaos ensues.” Visit the band’s store, here, to pre-order Offerings in CD, MP3, or vinyl format ahead of its arrival on January 12th. Catch the band on tour in 2018, you won’t regret it. Seriously. Typhoon is a life changing band to see live, and I’m lucky to have experienced them at Bottom of the Hill many years ago, where it befuddled me how all their members fit on the little stage. They filled the venue with their resounding, emotive sound in a way that I’ll never, ever forget. Typhoon returns to SF on February 13th with a show at the Independent, tickets are available, here.