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May 16, 2018

Galvanizing indeed is this 18 year old producer’s music, who’s been making waves in the EDM community back home in Wisconsin for awhile now, having built a mass of followers all across major music platforms with his prior releases. The young talent, who goes by the name of Galvanic, has more than caught our ears with an inky dark, gritty snarling new release named Ghost that melds together future bass, trap, electro-rock, and darkwave. It’s the producer’s first release in well over a year, and hopefully it won’t be his only single in 2018 considering how much we’re hooked on the spectral blaze that is Ghost. You can find the single on Apple Music, here.

February 10, 2018

Jordan Benjamin, the man behind fascinating project grandson, first landed on our radar several months ago when he released his single BLOOD//WATER to widespread acclaim. We were immediately blown away by his fresh fusion of rock, electronica, hip hop, and trap, so intensely and passionately delivered by his scratchy, raspy vocals and the hard hitting track’s vociferous energy. To our delight, many others noticed the genius behind the track, too, and grandson’s buzz has since flourished, growing exponentially by the day. Re-visit our BLOOD//WATER feature, here. grandson’s new song, OVERDOSE, arrives today. We’ve been waiting on pins and needles for a new song from grandson, and we’re absolutely thrilled with the quality of this emotive prowling, grainy drawling track, a dark and foreboding, bitter and feral torrent of grandson’s electro heaving, trap needling rock and hip hop. We can’t wait for a chance to experience grandson’s music live. I’d imagine it to be a visceral gripping and intensively consuming excursion. Keep up with this must watch artist via his website, here.

February 6, 2018

The Chainsmokers defied expectations with their latest single Sick Boy, going for a more Twenty One Pilots meets Transviolet like alt sound on the beast of a tune rather than their usual buoyant prancing future bass and pop on hits like Roses and Closer. xo sad, a mysterious and enigmatic project who seems to have appeared out of nowhere less than a month ago, has begun to forge a namesake with their post-EDM styled covers. xo sad melds gritty alt styled vocals with lush emotive electronic soundscapes. Their latest cover, a raw gripping, rough brooding trap cover of Sick Boy, is a prime example of that mesmeric sound, dripping with emotion and anguish. You can also stream xo sad’s covers of Post Malone’s I Fall Apart and Lil Peep & Marshmello’s Spotlight on Soundcloud, here. Their take on Sick Boy is a free download, here.