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December 5, 2017

We’re huge, massive, die hard fans of the UK ranconteurs Alt-J and their incredibly brilliant art rock, folktronica, and experimental rock. For all the brilliant songs they’ve put out, there’s no denying the fact that early single Tessellate is a timeless masterpiece. It’s that stupendous song that a producer from NYC who goes by the pseudonym soupandreas has covered to great results. This intricately textured, percussively finespun electronic rendition of Tessellate reminds us how much we love the original, as well as sheds a fresh new light on the track’s eccentric cadence. Syncopated drum pads and swelling synths take us on a fanatstically tactile journey through our ears. soupandreas’ Tessellate is available from iTunes, here. As this was our first encounter with the producer, we just had to check out the rest of his tracks on Soundcloud. Stream his heady house original Sprite below, which is out on Monstercat.

August 1, 2017

I bet this one’s as much a surprise for you as it was for me. Really, how often would you even consider the possibility of these two forces coming together on a remix? But it’s really happened. Alt-J has been remixed by Baauer! In Cold Blood, one of many stand out tracks from the experimental indie rock and folktronica band’s recent album RELAXER, has received a tense gripping, grand marching trap and bass treatment, courtesy of the NYC producer. It’s a larger than life re-work. You can snag the glorious track from iTunes, here.

July 16, 2017

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July 13, 2017

Alt-J proved themselves brilliant raconteurs and song crafters yet again when they released their third album Relaxer earlier this year. The three piece from Leeds brought me to such magical places and I experienced such heartwrenching tales through each of the album’s versatile songs. One of the most upbeat tracks off of Relaxer is Deadcrush, for which Alt-J has released an interesting and fittingly eccentric music video today. The clip was directed by visual artist Young Replicant and choreographed by Darcy Wallace, and it’s quite the eye candy to go with the heady churning song. Deadcrush is probably the closest in sound Alt-J gets to their debut album An Awesome Wave on diverse Relaxer. You can download and stream Relaxer, here.

May 26, 2017

We’ve already heard two incredible songs from Alt-J’s forthcoming album RELAXER. In Cold Blood and 3WW quickly became two of my favorite tracks of the year. Our RELAXER journey continues to unfold as the British art rock and experimental folk band unveils another brilliant song named Adeline which tells a story steeped in sorrowful romance. Master raconteurs Alt-J, who always layer their music with so much fine nuance and detail, captivates us with a tale about a Tasmanian devil who falls in love with a woman as he watches her swim. Slow blooming Adeline is atmospheric and haunting. New album RELAXER drops soon on June 2nd. If you haven’t pre-ordered the record yet as I did ages ago, you can do so, here.

April 21, 2017

Not only has this Salzinger fellow won me over with his latest remix, a riveting flip of Boston project Sleeping Lion’s Generous, but the enigmatic producer confirms his firm hold with the bevy of edits he released prior, too. I find myself totally entranced and falling into a profoundly meditative state as Salzinger’s fine texture and electrifying shimmers flick their way through my ears. His “sleeping lion” must be caught up in one surreal dream. This future bass remix is nothing short of breathtaking. If it is a dream, I’d be happy to be trapped within its confines for all time to come. Upon further inspection after such an impressive introduction, I’ve discovered that Salzinger must love some of the same bands and artists that I do. Check out his remixes of Portugal. The Man’s funkadelic single Feel It Still below. Then stream Salzinger’s take on Alt-J classic Breezeblocks, too. His remix of Sleeping Lion can be downloaded for free, here.

March 29, 2017

Today’s suddenly infinitely better now that another new Alt-J track has dropped from their forthcoming album RELAXER. While early preview 3WW, possibly my favorite song of the year so far, was more of a mellow lullaby that builds to dreamy layers of catharsis, this one is far more vivacious. Alt-J takes us on an thrilling ride with this booming, stomping, brassy flaring tune that features massive hooks and irresistible la la la la la la’s (trust me, you’ll want to sing along). In Cold Blood is a vehement anthem, exultant and triumphant. It’s RELAXER’s official first single and it’s an instant grat when you pre-order their album, something I did as soon as news of RELAXER first surfaced. 

March 6, 2017

Big Alt-J news for big Alt-J fans like me has surfaced tonight, and I just had to hop on immediately to share. The band’s third album, Relaxer, will be arriving on June 9th. Alt-J has also revealed a first taste from the album. Gently strolling 3WW is a poetic ambling experimental folk piece that feels like we’re taking in José González from a medieval cloister before it crests with a supple stratification that evokes Alt-J’s prior music. 3WW is an enriching experience that offers more with every renewed listen, particularly when done so with the same fastidious attention to detail that is always rewarding when it comes to these English raconteurs. The song also features the addition of female vocals. They sound familiar, but I’ve yet to find any information regarding who it might be. As it turns out, it’s Wolf Alice’s Ellie Roswell! 3WW can also be streamed via Spotify or Apple Music, here. You can already pre-order RELAXER, here. Keep in mind this is Alt-J, so most of us will likely be unraveling the song bit by bit for some time to come. I’m sure there’s plenty to be discovered in 3WW’s esoteric lyrics and meticulous consistency. For the moment, I find 3WW to be beautiful. Is there anything more romantic than “I just want to love you in my own language”? But then, there’s also a lustful sense of desire to be felt in other portions of the song, too. One thing’s for sure, 3WW is an escapade, and we are tourists in Alt-J’s world, one immensely vivid and melodious. This is a song you can smell and taste.

October 16, 2015

‘Dissolve’ into a spacious ambience with Wennink’s new track. He’s a London songwriter who excels at crafting delicate piano-synth electronica. This track’s melancholy nature is captured beautifully by the rich vocals. 

February 4, 2015

Jumping on early for a killer tune that I just can’t wait to get a word out on. British trio Portico (once a four piece named Portico Quartet) have already been flooring me with their haunting electronic music lately. They have a new album, Living Fields, due for release April 6 on Ninja Tune. Today, they’ve revealed a new track named 101, and it features none other than Joe Newman of ever brilliant band Alt-J. 101 is a spectacular melting pot of both Portico and Alt-J’s styles. Atmospheric, introspective electronic production meets at the midpoint with Joe Newman’s signature entrancing vocals and poetic lyricism. 101 gave me endless chills this morning, and I’ve already listened to it numerous times, despite my always loaded plate of new music to check out.