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April 20, 2018

I had to look up what ‘alprazolam’ is after the utter inebriation artsea brought us on his track. It’s obvious its a pharmaceutical, but I learned from my ‘expert’ google skills that it’s a minor tranquilizer. The name seems fitting for this Brisbane producer’s nebulous future beats dazzler… We find ourselves extensively hypnotized, yet alprazolam is in no way soporific. Instead, it takes us into a murky, dusky wonderland with its watery beats and soft whispers. artsea’s opulent future bass examines the culture of addiction. It delves into a surreal conscience that is in fact, all too real. In this daydream, the world around us seems to move in slow motion above us as we view it from under water, through the lens of rippling tides and reflective waves. You can download artsea’s intoxicating bedrom electronica masterpiece via Toneden, here.