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May 30, 2018

There’s no faking the bliss that okaywill has brought us with his music. Why the mysterious project chose the name okaywill for his name rather than stupendouswill or spectacularwill evades us, but we’ve fallen heard for his bass warbling, fleecy sauntering, and feathery grooving electronica and pop on ‘pretend’. Though we really don’t know much about okaywill, we do know that okaywill’s last two releases are heavenly, too. Stream R&B inflected ambler ‘love will find a way’ below, as well as airy roaming ‘alone’ below, both of which appeared on okaywill’s soundcloud within the last two months, too. All three are available for downloading on Soundcloud. 

February 6, 2018

Jersey based sibling production duo Synchronice always seem to synchronize with us when it comes to their effervescent melodic bass and their jolting, rippling magnificence. Our hearts flutter and pound to the shifting rhythms and tempos of the pair’s new original, Alone, our first taste of Synchronice’s upcoming EP. They say that there’s a history behind the songs they’ll be releasing over the next few months, and each new track draws from all different genres they’ve been exploring along the way. There does seem to be a roaming, nomadic feel to this grand marching, soul-searching anthem, but it’s also a resolute and empowering listen that leaves me feeling like I’m ready to take on all obstacles in my path. Beautiful keys intermingle with fine strings in the song’s tender interlude before dashing beats and jouncing bass take us for a majestic and epic ride across the cosmos once again. Alone is a free download, here.

September 14, 2017

Just as we guessed, all this new Jessie Ware music has lead up to a new album announcement! Glasshouse arrives on October 20th. The wonderful news also comes with yet another exquisite new tune named Alone. This third Glasshouse single is an airy light and breathy soulful love song with uplifting gospel flourishes. It made its debut on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show last night. You can already pre-order Glassnote, here.

May 1, 2017

REECE surprised us last month with a guest appearance on Robotaki’s future bass track Drunk, a welcome treat indeed, considering how fond we are of this ascending Virginia based star’s milky captivating voice. For an even more bounteous serving of his exquisite falsettos, we turn to new single Alone, an ethereal ballad executed with heartfelt authenticity and riddled with heartbreaking poignancy. The atmospheric R&B soul meets celestial pop single is out now on iTunes.

March 13, 2017

Parisian producer The Last Port pulls at our hearts with a beautiful piece named Alone featuring London’s Ema on vocals. Though the song has been out for awhile, it seems to be making some fresh rounds in the buzz circles these days. We’re grateful it’s placed the atmospheric future bass and chill trap song on our radar. Though celestial, Alone’s stirring soundscape also feels intimate and humbling. Alone is a free download, here.

September 19, 2016

There has certainly been an uptick in remixes of Marshmello’s music lately, which comes as little surprise considering the anonymous producer’s amazing repertoire and the sky high Marshmello hype that has ignited this year. In fact, one of the top clubs of the world located in Singapore even hired a fake Marshmello to headline one of their nights last week, resulting in some wild controversy. Philadelphia’s Speaker Of The House arrives with the latest sensational remix of Alone, a treat that I did not expect considering how different the two acts’ music tends to be. Yet, Speaker Of The House has given Alone a stunning makeover, a deep rippling, melodic bass wobbling transformation that feels profoundly meditative yet powerfully propulsive. This is the moment before the crusade, when you realize how homesick you really are, or how much you really miss a person. It’s the moment of beautiful if poignant epiphany. As you dwell on that anguish, you’re already starting to formulate your next epic course of action. Speaker Of The House will be going on tour with Marshmello, and he’s crafted the remix to celebrate. It’s a free download, here

July 26, 2016

Cryptically veiled producer Marshmello delivered one of the most memorable electronic jams of the year so far in the form of Alone, a Homer’s Odyssey of EDM if you will, wrapped up in whomping bass and bouncy synths. My curiosity as to how the track might develop under the hands of other producers gets satiated by California’s Xan Griffin, who gives Alone an epic remix that pulls together two of my favorite dance subgenres, chill trap and melodic dubstep. This high flying, wildly energetic remix is grand and gripping, a majestic march that will most certainly pump you up for the rest of the day and well into the night, too. Snag the track for free, here.

May 18, 2016

Alone is Marshmello’s debut on Monstercat, and it’s an epic adventure. The super head gear fly producer has made an electrifying Homer’s Odyssey, all wrapped up in whomping bass and bouncy synths. Every twist and turn of the melodic trap opus fills me with eye widening wonder. The roller coaster ride shoots across scenic electro valleys and rockets high on techno styled surges before taking me home, where the heart is, right here with Marshmello. Snag the fantastical song full of ripe with vivid imagination from iTunes, Beatport, or Bandcamp.

January 6, 2016

In 2015, IHM had the great pleasure of premiering several fantastic tracks from a Los Angeles based band named Little Wolves, including a riveting blend of synthpop, indie rock, and alt pop named Alone. On the track, Little Wolves delivers a captivating contrast of bittersweet emotion and breezy, upbeat mirth. The song was but one of several Little Wolves songs, all produced by RAC’s Andre Anjos, that mesmerized me immensely. With the new year, Little Wolves has many great surprises planned for us. While we wait excitedly for their next great song and more collaborative affairs, we get to wax nostalgic to the beauty of a live acoustic version of Alone. Sway to its tender guitar strums and float away to its heavenly vocals as we look forward to a very exciting 2016 for Little Wolves. Don’t forget to hold up a lighter and turn down the lights.

December 10, 2015

French Kiwi Juice, or FKJ, slays on the Parisian producer’s remix of Belgium songbird Selah Sue’s Alone. Even if you’re not a funk and groove type of person, there’s no resisting the lush opulence and booty shaking goodness on this one. FKJ’s remix slides smoothly with sexy future soulfulness even as it struts briskly with a sassy swagger. FKJ’s Selah Sue remix should tide us over for some time as the producer continues working on an album.