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November 8, 2017

A fresh remix brings together two inventive and original pop sensations in a way we never imagined would happen on this new rendition of Casanova. Originally a song from Canadian singer songwriter and known artistic visionary Allie X’s album CollXtion II, Casanova gets a buoyant pumping makeover featuring additional vocals by long time NYC pop favorite VÉRITÉ. The two banter and feed off each other’s impassioned fire and immaculate vocals on the dance-ready, mischievous wagging club turn on the song. The original is available, here, and if you haven’t taken CollXtion II for a must spin yet, do so, here.

June 16, 2017

Los Angeles based Canadian pop artist Allie X dropped her debut full length COLLXITION II this week, and it’s only proper that we revel in some of her rapturous pop via the lyric video she also released for album track That’s So Us. We’ve already partaken in so many gems off the record. That’s So Us is a bouncy electropop anthem well worthy of the summer season. The bubbly infectious, candy coated tune and the rest of COLLXTION II can be purchased or streamed via major outlets, here.

June 9, 2017

In just a few short hours, Allie X’s new album COLLXTION II will be out on Twin Music. I hope you didn’t miss the most recent track the enigmatic Canadian songstress revealed off the record. Allie X sheds some of the darker edges of her electropop on  Need You, on which she duets with Michigan’s Valley Girl. The song may be soothing and its harmonies dulcet, but the official lyric video for Need You is still a ghostly treat, just how I like them. Pre-order COLLXTION II from major outlets, here.

May 4, 2017

We’ve been much fond of Canadian singer songwriter Allie X and her edgy innovative pop creations for quite some time. Paper Love, a taste of her forthcoming sophomore album COLLXTION II, is just as fascinating and engaging a listen. Allie X describes the track as illustrating the “kind of love that is too fragile and violent to work but still feels smooth and sexy and sharp and you can’t help going forward with it.”  Paper Love features a deep feisty groove and crystalline enchanting vocals. The dark rhythmic track is a fresh welcome deviation from the usual pop fare of the moment. COLLXTION II arrives June 9th via Twin Music. Pre-order, here. Watch the official lyric video for Paper Love below.

August 31, 2016

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August 30, 2016

Canadian singer songwriter Allie X has established herself as one of the most fascinating artistic pop talents of the moment, a Lady Gaga of indie pop if you will. Her new video and its glamorous outfits and spunky sass only serve as more confirmation of her fierce innovation and wild imagination. In the visuals for her bold jabbing single All The Rage, she dresses up as a fashion minded character named Violet Chachki. It’s fine eye candy to go with the no holds barred pulsating thrills of riotous piquant All The Rage. Allie X has been hard at work on a long awaited debut album. Expect it to push pop boundaries.

May 16, 2016

I’m still rather sad that I missed Allie X when she played San Francisco some time ago, as by all footage I’ve managed to catch on the interwebs, she puts on a stunning, compelling show full of charisma and theatrical style. Perhaps another opportunity will arise shortly, since the Canadian singer songwriter will be unleashing a sophomore EP soon on Universal. One can hope and dream, right? Coincidentally, the first song revealed from Allie X’s CollXtion II Unsolved EP is an electropop number named Too Much To Dream. Too Much To Dream is a sweet swirling song with dark undercurrents, a glittering pulsating jewel that, alongside the forthcoming EP, is sure to propel the artist further into the center spotlight. 

February 4, 2016

Toronto native, LA based starlet Allie X is easily one of the more innovative and intriguing artists in the burgeoning electropop scene. Not only does she provide us with edgy, hooking pop, but her performances take on Lady Gaga like theatrics and stylings. You’ll have a chance to catch that magnificence live this month as Allie X goes on tour with man of the moment, Troye Sivan. In the meantime, she’s made her new song Old Habits Die Hard, a richly pulsing and jittery synthpop jam, a free download for her fans. It’s a very CHVRCHES tune, with some Little Boots glam. Download Old Habits Die Hard for free direct from Allie X’s Soundcloud.

November 13, 2015

I’m still kicking myself for managing to miss Allie X’s Popscene show in San Francisco some time ago. I’ve never seen the Toronto pop starlet live yet, and from all the footage I’ve viewed online, an Allie X show is a stand out experience. Her stage dramatics , costumes, and charisma remind me of Lady Gaga’s theatrical presence. Allie X revealed her new song Never Enough this week, and it’s an 80′s hued pop ballad that takes her into HAIM territory. Never Enough Is miles away from early song Bitch, oozing sweet seductive smoothness instead of edgy spunk. Allie X is on her Doing X tour, hit up her website to see the dates.

October 15, 2014

Out of LA comes new artist Public School and debut single Don’t Wake Me Up. Public School teamed up with Mike Wise and previously featured Toronto artist Allie X to write the track. Don’t Wake Me Up is a minimalist listen, backed solely by a hypnotic bass line and driven strongly by Public School’s emotive, raw vocals. You really don’t need much more, since that voice will make you stop whatever you’re doing to listen attentively. The newcomer is currently in the studio working on his debut, having just wrapped up a session with madly buzzing Norwegian producer Kygo. I can’t wait to hear what these two have created together.