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May 9, 2018

I really don’t know much about Isle Of Wight, even though its one of the most popular English islands around. I only know of it due to the long-standing British music festival that occurs there every year. But I’ve come to learn that I’m in love with this singer songwriter, Swan Levitt, who hails from the island. He recently released a deeply affecting folk song named Alive from his highly anticipated debut EP, and it’s quite the intimately moving piece. Alive’s heartfelt lyrics detail an event involving a close friend, and the fast rising artist’s grainy voice seems ready to crack under the weight of his anguished emotions. The acoustic-folk ballad is beautifully heartbreaking, to say the least.  It builds slowly, swells gently, with lush strings and poignant fervency. Speaking on Alive, Swan said; “Alive is a song about loss. It’s primarily about a close friend who battled with cystic fibrosis. However, it has wider meaning. Family, friends, memories (good and bad). I think most people can relate to some kind of trauma, so ‘Alive’ should resonate with them”. Pre-order Swan Levitt’s self-titled debut EP, here.

January 31, 2018

If there’s anything that makes me feel alive in the world, it’s music, and the crisp burbling, glitchy simmering fusion of sharp disco and cosmic electro-pop that oozes out of Atella’s new single Alive breaths new life into my soul. Slinky smoldering synths and the Norwegian duo’s distinctly icy Scandinavian vocals courses through our ears like a pulsing potion, engulfing our senses in amorous euphoria. Alive arrives ahead of the release of Atella’s debut EP, Beacon One, arriving next month on Eskimo Recordings. Purchase/stream Alive via major outlets, here.

August 27, 2017

Phenomenal true future track by Kavion. I can see why it’s titled ‘Alive’, because dear lord am I peaking?! It has hints of Flume but is distinctively its own flavor and damn well deserves to be the entree. 

July 25, 2017

Sibling duo XYLØ has been an absolute favorite of ours for a long time, always enchanting us with their dusky electro pop concoctions. Last month, they returned to our eager ears with their most vivaciously upbeat, lively prancing song to date, a single named Alive. The atmosphere of the song goes hand in hand with its lyrics about coming alive, and it’s that exact effulgence and ebullience that New Immunity optimizes on with their dulcet lifting remix of the song. The Virginia based production duo saturates the song with warm soothing guitars and exhilarating beats. The beautiful experience they’ve crafted is reminiscent of Gryffin’s winged compositions. We fly, higher than high, on New Immunity’s remix of Alive. The track is a free download, here.

June 20, 2017

I haven’t been able to resist a single XYLØ song since the brother sister duo from LA blew me away with darkly spellbinding debut America. They have the distinct ability to capture melancholic and spunky, sweet and spicy, dark and lifting, all at once with their electronic pop. New song Alive certainly leans towards the more vivacious and upbeat. It’s a dance ready, future pop styled prancer with saccharine vocals. Alive has all the makings of a summer anthem, and it’s already blowing up after one weekend. For the latest info on the duo, including upcoming tour dates, visit their website, here. Alive can be purchased from iTunes, here.

June 8, 2017

I really dig Warbly Jets’ psych rock on their debut single Alive, which we gleefully shared late last year as soon as we heard it. The grimy sweeping, spacey wobbling garage chugger has since been remixed by the SoCal band itself, and boy have they done an umber on Alive. Pulsing rhythms, buzzing synths, and a whole lot of dance rock energy permeates this exhilarating banger. We’re more “alive” than ever as we lose it to this Justice meets Jagwar Ma dizzying dazzler. Warbly Jets leaves me breathless with their surprise remix. They’ll be releasing a second official single soon, and they’ll also be heading out on tour soon. In fact, they’re playing Popscene in San Francisco on June 12th next week!

April 27, 2017

I’m truly jealous that one of my best friend has just returned from exploring the beautiful country of New Zealand, and though I have no idea when I’ll get to make my way down there myself, I find it more than comforting that I at least get to listen to some of the exciting up and coming musicians that call the country home. Gifted 20 year old R&B pop singer songwriter Pelorus welcomes us into the dramatic beauty of his home country with Alive, the lead single from his debut EP. Though he’s now based in Bristol, the windswept majesty and misty ethereal vistas found on this striking debut paints a more than vivid picture of what I’ve always envisioned New Zealand to be like. Alive touches the heart with its tender falsettos and gently billowing atmosphere. It’s all a bit Vancouver Sleep Clinic like, with bits of Dawn Golden, Aquilo, and James Vincent McMorrow. Alive is out now on iTunes.

February 7, 2017

No doubt you’ll feel very alive throughout your jubilant visit with Alive, the latest from Parisian electronic auteur Uppermost. Wavy disco funk and chic French electro spin us in endless cycles of sheer ecstasy as we can’t help but dance to the uplifting cut from Uppermost’s new album “Origins (2011-2016)” out February 10th on his own label imprint, UPPWIND. Uppermost said of the track: “I’m obssessed with the power of these simple loops that can take you to mysterious imaginary places.” For a few minutes, those places feel more than real as we’re tousled and jostled by Alive’s jabbing beats and lavish synths. 

November 9, 2016

Some fabulous bands are arising out of Southern California these days. Take for example, WARBLY JETS, a psych rock crew out of Los Angeles. They arrive with a grimy sweeping, spacey wobbling garage chugger replete with fuzzy guitars, gutsy bass, and sleek vocals. Alive thrills like a potent fusion of Tame Impala, Temples, and The Black Keys. This hyper charged debut is an immediate ear perker. It plops the band front and center on my plate as an exciting new project Ito keep close tabs on. 

October 4, 2016

Singer songwriter Swan Levitt arrives out of the Isle Of Wight in the UK to give us a moving combination of acoustic folk and softly reverberating soul on Alive, his exquisitely heart rending debut ballad. This stripped down beauty tugs hard at the heartstrings with steely guitar and Swan Levitt’s melancholic vocals. Swan Levitt utilizes his own personal struggles and his passion for science to create music that is “acoustic at heart, yet interwoven with subtle electronic atmospheres”. Though Alive is only his first single, Swan Levitt is already in the studio recording his debut album with up and coming production duo Boe Weaver. Alive is out now via Organ Records.