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Calexico song off Algiers in Algiers

July 31, 2012

Time for some alt country. Awesome Tucson band Calexico has an album titled Algiers coming out in September. I previously shared the first preview Para off the album which was stupendously good. Today, they allow us to listen to another track, Splitters. This one’s definitely very alt country. Along with the official preview, there’s a video of them performing the tune in Algiers, the place that inspired the name of the album. Algiers is a place right outside of New Orleans, and the time I visited New Orleans (which I loooooooooooooove), I took the time to cross the river to Algiers myself. It was a unique place with an interesting feel. And I do believe this song and the feel of this music expresses what I felt well. It’s old, gorgeous in its own way, a little broken down and melancholic, but yet there’s so much character and some sense of raw honesty. And yes, I meant to be ambiguous about whether I was describing the music or the place. 😉 Wonderful tune.