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September 19, 2017

I’m always down for a slamming dose of Justice, and the legendary French electro house duo just dropped a music video today (warning: NSFW) for Pleasure off of their 2016 album Woman. It’s directed by acclaimed artist/director Alexandre Courtès of Division, and it depicts two lovers intertwined in passion before becoming part of an abstract, cosmic explosion, leading to the birth of new life. In other words, we’re witness to a big bang to go along with banging Pleasure. Justice recently headlined the Glastonbury Festival’s West Holts Stage, where they premiered their new “The Church” live show, featuring groudn breaking and awe-inspiring production. They’ll be taking it on the road this fall with a handful of slots in Europe, the UK, and Los Angeles at Camp Flog Gnaw. I’m really hoping they’ll add some additional dates, like, say… one in San Francisco? Pleasure is available, here.