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March 5, 2017

I’m sure plenty of you have had Lana Del Rey’s Love on repeat this past week, but let’s turn back the hands of time and take a trip down memory lane with this new rendition of Born To Die by Germany’s Alex Schulz. To be honest, I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed listening to Born To Die until I dove into his remix. The sunset house transformation achieved on the addictive edit is nothing less than perfect. Alex Schulz’s summery deep house and balmy chill house are immaculate matches, if not enriching accompaniments, to Lana Del Rey’s smoky simmering voice. The remix is a free download, here.

November 15, 2016

I harbor an unwavering, deeply rooted love for Canadian sibling duo Love Thy Brother’s melodic enchanting single Love Me Better, which features Ariel Beesley on guest vocals. The pop and house hybrid is just too catchy and endearing, and I can’t help but fall for Ariel Beesley’s operatic pop vocals which evoke both Marina and the Diamonds and The Good Natured. Perhaps as a result of that, I’ve also gravitated towards the remixes that have surfaced for Love Me Better these past weeks. Regardless of that fact, it’s blatantly obvious how summery sublime German producer Alex Schulz’s interpretation of Love Me Better really is… The remix is so balmy tranquil and cozy comforting, it leaves me with warm fuzzy feels on a dark cool night. Alex Schulz’s chill tropical remix will be out soon. 

April 13, 2016

It’s a trifecta of deep tropical delight on Middle, a melodic house collaboration between German producer Alex Schulz and Chitown’s Kiso which features lovely vocals by Toronto singer songwriter Kayla Diamond.  Middle is actually a complete re-work of DJ Snake’s smash hit Middle, originally featuring Bipolar Sunshine. This new Middle glides soothingly, aglow with chill beach vibes. The balmy gem is a free download, here.

February 12, 2016

Tom Rosenthal’s melting folk music is proving itself quite handy when it comes to inspiring some gorgeous dance tracks. Going To Be Wonderful serves as the foundation for Alex Schulz’s new deep house jewel of the same name. The German producer takes us to flawless beaches and sparkling blue shores with the honey serene song. Head over to Soundcloud to download the soothing, melodic track.

August 28, 2015

Thomas Jack’s soulful tropical house original Rivers is seeing a myraid of transformations on plentiful remixes these days. From last week’s nu-disco and French house edit by HUGEL, we move on to a heavenly melodic house remix by German producer Alex Schulz. This one’s meant to soundtrack those perfect moments when the most beautiful sunset adorns the sky. Alex Schulz’s remix is a heart melter, a sigh inducer, a soul uplifter to the utmost. Has the world ever seemed more lovely?