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May 30, 2018

You might recall Alec Benjamin as the gifted singer songwriter from Arizona who’s collaborated in the past with the likes of Jon Bellion, Matisyahu, Jamie Scott, and more. Or you might remember when we gushed fervently about his stripped down demo The Knife in My Back or ardently extolled the wistful beauty of End Of The Summer. Now we find ourselves sighing away to Alec Benjamin’s new single, Let Me Down Slowly, an R&B pop infused ballad brimming with lovelorn anguish but flush with resilient beats and a bass grooving cadence. That’s right, there’s no forgetting Alec Benjamin once he’s serenaded us with his vibing tunes, whether intimately stripped back or awash with rhythmic instruments. There’s no escaping his remarkable voice, delivered so effortlessly and with heartfelt sentiment. If there’s anyone you need to “let down slowly”, make sure to play them this song; it’ll smooth out the ongoing rough patch. Stream more of Alec Benjamin’s songs and demos on Soundcloud, here. Let Me Down Slowly is available, here.

January 11, 2018

Alec Benjamin, the gifted singer songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona who’s collaborated with the likes of Jon Bellion, Matisyahu, Jamie Scott, and many others in the past, is back with a tenderly stirring demo named The Knife in my Back. This stripped back and intimate ballad is as bittersweet as they come. It’s a gently affecting caress and a poignant lullaby. The acoustic pop demo carries a hint of urban pop in its mellow cadence and aching strums. The Knife in my Back is a heartrending yet cozy endearing companion on these frozen winter days. If you’re craving for more of Alec Benjamin’s melting voice, you can stream more of his recent demos and singles on YouTube, here.

June 14, 2016

Out of Phoenix, Arizona rises a 22 year old singer songwriter named Alec Benjamin, and he has me enthralled with his wistful pop song End Of The Summer. There’s a certain sadness about the end of summer. A chapter must end, its marvelous memories and cherished relationships cut abruptly short. Though we must move on into the growing cold of Autumn, it’s hard not to dwell on the past. The torment of ‘what ifs’ imprison both mind and heart. It’s those emotions that Alec Benjamin captures so well with the R&B influenced electronic pop on the musician’s sleek saccharine tune. End Of The Summer is available now from iTunes.