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November 13, 2017

By pure serendipity, I stumbled upon this suave new jam from an emerging New Orelans band named Pet Fangs. I was immediately taken by their glossy curling, confident swaggering rock and pop on Afterglow. Maybe it’s because I love Arcade Fire and David Bowie, or maybe it’s because this song is just so deliciously spacey and so gooey slick, but there’s no denying the allurement of their music, which they call “garage-pop”. Like Arcade Fire, Pet Fangs’ members are known to swap instruments often. Afterglow comes on the heels of the band’s well received debut single Gold Coast Dreaming, which you can stream below. Keep up with the exciting new band on their website, here.

April 29, 2017

Afterglow is the title of Icelandic singer songwriter Ásgeir’s highly anticipated new album. In the months and weeks leading up to its release early next month, we’ve been bewitched by many gems off the record, like prismatic Stardust, and ambient entrancing Unbound. Let’s now float away to the sounds of the title track, whose gently tinkling keys and cool skimming vocals place me in a deep blissful trance. Afterglow is a tender orchestral hymnal. It lifts us up gingerly into a phosphorescent sky. Our weary souls feel renewed, our tired hearts revived. I’ve never seen the Northern Lights, something I must do before the day I depart from this earth, but I feel I can see them now in my mind, while I’m listening to Ásgeir’s Afterglow. Pre-order new album Afterglow ahead of its May 5th release date on One Little Indian, here.

November 12, 2016

NYC electronic act Modern Machines continues to exhibit his affinity for unbridled, adrenaline pumping sonic exhilaration with Afterglow, a lofty soaring house anthem featuring fierce vocals by Nashville guests Glow Co. There’s no leaving this joint without plenty of afterglow yourself, if not a flushed face from leaping higher than you ever have to Modern Machines’ exuberant throbbing beats. Afterglow’s thrilling builds and booming drops are ripe for some weekend raging. I guess I’m sharing it, just in time. Afterglow can also be streamed on Spotify. Modern Machines also unveiled a stripped down acoustic version of Afterglow on which Glow Co.’s vocals shine divine. You can drink it in via YouTube below. He wanted to highlight the organic and earnest side of his song. Beneath all the bombastic bass and synths lies a lot of soul and heart, if that wasn’t already apparent enough from the get go. 

April 20, 2016

San Francisco’s own Lost Coast invites us into a world of deep house resplendence on his new song Afterglow, a cover of the CHVRCHES song that features guest vocals by a singer named Cata. The two harmonize beautifully on the riveting rendition, its majestic twinkling and dark pulsing forming a perfect symbiosis. Afterglow is a free download, here. For more of this San Francisco producer’s magnificent production talent, check out his original Trust below. 

December 9, 2015

The last time Norwegian based, Los Angeles born artist Flores teamed up with London’s Maths Time Joy, I found myself in music heaven. Half a year ago, Maths Time Joy unleashed a dusky beauty named After Hours. Now, the two join forces once more as Flores releases an equally dusky and sensually draped slow burner named Afterglow, produced by Maths Time Joy. Afterglow, Flores’ debut single, is a moist and steamy R&B ballad steeped in darkly haunting electronica strikingly embossed with futuristic qualities. Despite its meticulous pace and cushioned softness, Afterglow manages to build to heart compressing intensity. Flores’ voice grows ever despairing as the song swells to a level of taut, urgent despair that leaves me feeling like the very air around me is about to burst into flames.

August 25, 2015

LA’s Satchmode bring back plenty of their swirling haziness on new song Afterglow, a glistening, reverie inducing dream pop and synthpop gem. It’s a song that will sending you floating high up into the clouds with its feathery lightness and weightlessly gliding silken vocals. I’m left with a long after glow by the song, which is the title track from Satchmode’s new EP, out tomorrow, August 25th.

May 22, 2015

Dutch producer Nicolay brings chic, swanky heat on an opulent new jam named The Brightest Star. There’s a bossa nova breeziness to the respected electronic, R&B, and hip hop producer’s latest track. It’s simply intoxicating, a snazzy, chic, and resplendent first single from Nicolay’s upcoming solo album, City Lights Vol. 3: Soweto. The Brightest Star comes with B-side Afterglow which starts at the 3:36 mark in the stream, and it’s also a jazzy, opulent treat full of soul. You’ll definitely be aglow for the rest of the day after listening to these gems.