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May 29, 2018

This new Weezer cover that surfaced today is a must share. I love Toto’s epic 80s anthem Africa, cheesy or not, and apparently, fans have been clamoring at Weezer to cover it. And now they have! I was fortunate enough to catch Rivers Cuomo doing a solo show just a few weeks ago at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. He did a flurry of covers, but it would’ve been sweet to hear this Africa cover live, too. You can stream/download Weezer’s rendition, here.

October 29, 2015

British producer P*nut first snagged my attention on an opulent electronic R&B and pop ballad from Blooms named Love, though I’ve probably unknowingly listened to him countless times from his work with other musicians. P*nut co-produced that sultry groover alongside Gil Lewis. He’s back this week on a collaboration with captivating vocalist Leon Jean Marie named Africa. As someone who’s always been rather partial to Afrobeats, I’m enraptured by Africa’s blend of enchanting percussion and atmospheric electronic production. Plucky, funky guitar rounds out the enticing song, which takes us on a magical journey into a muggy jungle world of lush sonic texture. Africa is available now on iTunes.