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July 25, 2015

With each new Robotaki remix I’ve encountered, the more I’ve come to realize how incredibly fantastic the Montreal based producer’s versatile skills are. Robotaki melted my face with his AWOLNATION remix a few months ago, but he turns away from that track’s skittering future bass ambiance and goes swanky future funk and soul on a mellow house remix of Australian act Tyler Touché’s Act Of God, featuring Jason Gaffner.

Robotaki’s remix broils in mad summer vibes and cascades with cool sensuality. It’s a free download for just a little while more, here.

April 30, 2015

Let’s pick things up a bit and raise our spirits with a nu-disco jam from Australia’s Tyler Touché. The 19 year old producer made his musical debut on the saxophone when younger, but quickly began a devoted love affair with dance music soon after. Act Of God, which features slick vocals by Jason Gaffner, is a polished and crisp dance jam with plenty of smooth retro funk and an irresistible French house vibe.