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May 19, 2018

Camille Trust’s voice is ridiculously good on her new single Move On, which made its premiere on Billboard earlier this week. It’s beautifully captivating yet smoky raw, encapsulated in the sparse soundscape of the bluesy soulful ballad. The artist from NYC sings about heartbreak and loss on the single from her debut EP, No Other Way, which will be released on May 25th. She’ll be celebrating its release with a sure to be stunning album release show on May 26th at National Sawdust in Brooklyn. 
Move On was written following the separation of an extremely influential person in her life, the song reflects the feelings that were unfamiliar to Trust. “I’m the type of person that would rather have a raw and real relationship than waste time with quick satisfactions,” she reflects on the breakup. “Making the smart decision isn’t always easy and I didn’t know if I could see out to the other side. It’s important to feel and breathe through that pain. During that time, it was difficult for me to speak my mind out loud in conversation, but when this song was created I tapped into a new wave inside of me.” Camille gained a loyal following with her first two singles, No Matter and Lose You earlier this year. Her stage presence and her soulful ambiance have been compared to both Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse. Move On can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

May 9, 2018

I know I’ve already gushed over how amazing FINNEAS was in a church at SXSW, so let’s just move on to his hauntingly beautiful new single, shall we? The Los Angeles based singer songwriter and actor transfixes us with a transcendental new hymnal named Life Moves On as he exudes exquisite vulnerability and heartfelt ardency. The esteemed rising artist, who’s also the genius behind his sister Billie Eilish’s debut EP “don’t smile at me” (he co-wrote and produced hit songs like “ocean eyes”, “bellyache”, and “watch”) just finished up a run of shows playing with Billie on her sold out world tour. Finneas O’Connell has more than stepped out in the spotlight on his own with his string of heart-wringing ballads. Life Moves On is a melancholic love song, a poignantly moving, earnestly affecting serenade by a gifted artist to watch. Re-visit our previous FINNEAS features, here.

April 18, 2018

We were invited out to an event last week hosted by Jack Daniels named Rise From The Fire, and I’m very much crestfallen that we couldn’t make it, largely due to the fact that it conflicted with day job responsibilities that cropped up that very same evening. Not only was the event part of a 12-city benefit concert series supporting and celebrating brave firefighters and their communities, but the artist performing that night was none other than Irish singer songwriter Gavin James. It would’ve been amazing to take in the artist’s melting voice and affecting music, but at least our misfortune seems to end there. The award winning musician will be releasing a new album this summer, and he’s shared a beautiful new lovestruck ballad named Always. The song arrives just in time for Gavin James’ Coachella performances these two weekends, too. Word is, he’s the only Irish performer at the festival. The gently melodious new single is available, here.

March 10, 2018

Young Blood, along with Punching In A Dream, were some of the very first songs that made us fall head over heels for New Zealand’s The Naked and Famous. It’s hard to believe how long ago that was, and how much that time period feels like a whole lifetime ago. The Naked and Famous have been growing and changing over those years, too. They’ve just released their new acoustic album. Two of the founding members of the band, Aaron Short and Jesse Wood, have made the decision to leave. And The Naked and Famous have just embarked on a new tour for their new album, A Still Heart. Today, we get to watch a music video for their gorgeously stripped back, tenderly strumming rendition of Young Blood. We melt into its exquisite melancholy and Alisa’s delicate voice. Our hearts flutter in joy at the prospect of hearing the song live tomorrow night, when The Naked and Famous plays to a sold out crowd at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco, with IHM favorite Luna Shadows on keys. It’s going to be a magically heartrending night as we come full circle with The Naked and Famous. Young Blood (Stripped) is available, here. Find out about their new album A Still Heart and their forthcoming tour dates on their website, here.

February 20, 2018

You might recall the many times we’ve shared Alex Vargas’ music in the past. Every time was as enthralling as the other, captioned by the sheer power of his passionately stirring, intensely rousing fusion of soul and electronica, which some have come to coin “electronic noise-soul”. But we’ve never heard Alex Vargas in quite this way, as immensely captivating as he is in this live session for new song, Slowly. The Danish singer songwriter’s immaculate voice near breaks under the weight of the tormented emotions it encapsulates. Slowly was written just a few weeks ago, live on a Danish radio show named Sangskriver/Songwriter, by the request of a young fan who had his heart brutally broken by who he thought was the love of his life. It’s incredible that Alex Vargas can write such a poignant and heartfelt ballad on the fly, much less deliver it with such sincere sentiment and impassioned verve. It’s a gripping acoustic tease of what’s to come this year from Alex Vargas, who will also be headlining Roskilde Festival later this year. Vargas’ 2017 album Cohere is available from iTunes, here.

February 5, 2018

[PREMIERE] La Bouquet – Loveless (Sunshine Sessions)

Leonardo Da Vinci once famously said, “a life without love, is no life at all.”  Even if some of our hearts have tucked themselves away to avoid getting crushed for the umpteenth time, we can live vicariously through the stripped back beauty and intimate charm of this finely rendered new acoustic video from La Bouquet. We join Bryan Sammis (The Neighbourhood, Olivver the Kid) and Jake Lopez as they melt us to no end with their poignantly heartfelt rendition of Loveless. La Bouquet made a huge imprint on the new music scene over a year ago with the debut single, a sleek stirring, infectious driving torrent of earthy alt rock and rambunctious alt pop. You can watch La Bouquet’s music video for Loveless, here.

The band’s performance of Loveless in their new “Sunshine Sessions” video is immaculate. Every strum, each twang, and even the raspy drawl of La Bouquet’s vocals on this gentle lullaby are deeply affecting, as if rising and reverberating from secret chambers within our own hearts. “Maybe I’m just hopeless enough to feel alone, but selfish enough to write this song,” they coo. Ah, but that’s there they get it wrong. It’s selfless of them to gift us such an earnestly moving ballad. It’s a heart-on-the-sleeve confessional, a piercingly sad and strikingly sincere meditation that feels particularly vulnerable and exposed on their cozy and pastoral new arrangement. 

Loveless can be found on La Bouquet’s four track debut EP, Heavy Sunshine, which is available from iTunesAmazonGoogle Play, and Spotify. Keep up with La Bouquet via FacebookTwitterInstagram, or their website, here.

February 3, 2018

Ben E King’s 1960s hit Stand By Me is always going to be a timeless classic. It’s so sweetly melting, and tenderly swaying. Skylar Grey, the prolific artist who’s been amazing both as a solo artist and as a writer/collaborator with the biggest music stars in the world, offers up a gorgeous cover of the song, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Apparently, the cover was done for a Super Bowl commercial. It’s not often we get to see this side of Skylar Grey, stripped back and raw, acoustic and vulnerable. It’s a flawless cover. You can grab the single, here.

February 2, 2018

Every new song from Sam Fischer only serves to reel me in deeper under this Australian-born, Los Angeles-based crooner’s spell. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter breaks our hearts with acoustic R&B pop on This City, a heartfelt and rousing serenade from his debut EP, Not A Hobby. The bittersweet melting aches with sadness and anguish, thoroughly accentuated by Sam Fischer’s ardent cooing, which has never been more spectacular. This City is one for those  late nights, when sleep evades you and heartache casts a long shadow under a lonesome moon. You can also stream the single via Spotify, here.

February 2, 2018

19 year old singer songwriter Chappell Roan has been one of our favorite emerging pop artists since the arrival of her debut EP School Nights last year, and we’re rather crestfallen that we haven’t seen her name on any of the SXSW artist announcement lists. We’re still hoping there’s a chance she’ll be making her way out to Austin, because I’d love to take in her deep husky, sultry lulling voice live. The artist from Missouri kicks off the year with Bitter, a poignantly melancholic, gently aching, and hauntingly introspective ballad. I swear her voice seems to get better with every new song, despite how amazing it already was to begin with. Her enunciation and eloquence is unique and distinct, and it’s hard to find any other rising pop voice that rivals hers right now. We’re loving this gut-wrenching new single, and we look to the months ahead with endless excitement for this hypnotic and alluring rising star.

January 25, 2018

Like many of you, I was totally gutted when I found out about Dolores O’Riordan’s sudden passing. The Cranberries music, and that extraordinary voice, will live on forever in our hearts and memories. Many artists and bands we adore were much inspired and influenced by The Cranberries. As expected, many covers and tributes have begun to surface, and we’re truly digging this cover of Linger by soulful Londoner Moncrieff. It’s an understated and austere ode to the classic hit, a poignantly stripped down dirge dedicated to Dolores. Re-visit Moncrieff’s debut single Symptoms via our feature from a few months ago, here.